It had been snowing for more than a week already and whole Soul Society was covered under a big layer of snow. Shunsui was walking toward the captains meeting when he saw Jyuushiro crouching behind a wall. As soon as Jyuushiro spotted Shunsui he moved his finger in front of his mouth to keep the bigger man silent. Carefully he looked over the wall to see if anyone was coming. Shunsui saw a pile of snowballs next to where Jyuushiro was sitting. Suddenly Jyuushiro jumped up to throw snowballs toward someone. Curious Shunsui came closer to see who had been the victim. On the other side of the wall he saw Kuchiki Byakuya laying on the ground completely covered in the cold snow. "Quickly Shunsui run before he gets up!!!" Before he knew he was being dragged away from the scene. In the distance they felt the spirit pressure of one very furious Kuchiki.