Maelstrom's Rise

Part 2

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He was floating that much he was sure of it felt so good to be spread eagle like this and feel as thought you're on a cloud, just letting go letting nothing get to you …………. the feeling of being free was "So good" he mused and still he dare not open his eyes as soon as he did he thought that this feeling would go away. "Naruto……… Naruto… open your eyes come on kid open your eyes" an feminine angelic voice rung through his head it sounded so soft and delicate so sweet…… he knew he could not ignore the voice and decided to open them.

He was a mountain more precisely he was near the edge below him was just an endless expanse of water, looked like he was looking out at………. sea. He stared out at the sea for a moment then turned around.

In the middle of the clearing on top of the mountain were three figures all of them shining brightly, so brightly in fact he could not look at them deciding to see if being closer to them would help him to see them he moved forward cautiously then stopped in front of them and he asked "Who are you three?".

At this the three figures chuckled and a male voice answered "You don't know?........ then we'll show you". At this the three of them started to glow brighter and brighter until they exploded in a flash of light momentarily blinding Naruto.

When the light show died down Naruto opened his eyes and blinked them rapidly to get use to his surroundings again and what he saw was a completely different landscape than the one he game into. Right now it looked like he was in a cross between three worlds, one part consisted of a raging storm roaring over the sea, it was massive all the poaring rain, hail, the thunder and lighting…… he was in awe turning to were the storm seem to have faded into a different world.

The sun seemed to be shining brightly over a tranquil forest as he looked he could feel the heat from the sun increase and slowly……. ever so slowly, to him the heat started to increase as it did the forest instantaneously seemed to have caught on fire. The fire continued to raze the forest……… but even though it continued to burn, the heat still seemed to rise and suddenly a small dark spot appeared in the middle of the raging forest fire. It continued to grow until all the red-white flames seemed to be over taken by the dark ones and the forest was over taken by the dark flames. As he seemingly came to the end of this world it faded into another.

It was a breath taking scene of the moon over a calm sea. It's rays were sparkling over the calm water of the sea, he moved closer to the edge he saw his reflection on the tranquil water, as he continued to look at his reflection he saw himself as he found out about his parents that day in the Hokage's office, he continued to look on in amazement as he saw his entire life……. his training in the years following after he had left the village after he got out of his shock he immediately raised his head towards the sky or more specifically the moon and found nothing. He turned his head back to the surface of the water and saw the reflection of the moon as he continued to look at it the moon faded away showing him his face he looked as he seemingly started to age until he was about he went from his current age of nine to about to round about fifteen then his own face grinned at him…….. he scrambled away from the edge of the water not wanting to see anymore.

He turned around and saw that this part of the landscape had seemingly faded back into the storm raging over the sea as he looked around more closely he saw that he was standing in the center of the three worlds which were surrounding the clearing on which he was standing on. He stood there trying to make sense of what had happed to him but he could not make any sense of where he was right now. He was practically ready to pull his hair out in frustration when that same angelic voice that woke him up called out to him again "It seems that you saw everything in the scenes before you hmmmm…… Naruto-kun?".

At this he looked around startled at the sound of the voice he saw nothing……… deciding to call out he said trembling "Who's out there?". All he got to his question was a small chuckle before he could shout again he could hear the sound of footsteps though he could not tell how many he definitely knew it was more than one……. He turned to the sound of the footsteps and his jaw dropped in amazement.

The storm over the sea seemed to warp and come down into the clearing that he was currently standing in all the elements of the storm swirled around forming a human figure as the figure was finished forming the storm blew away from the figure revealing it to Naruto. It was a man, he looked like someone who belonged to a noble house he wore a pure white regal kimono which was decorated with a storm that was raging above a sea. On his feet he had on a pair of wooden getas his eyes then traveled to his face the man had long and sleek black hair that reached down to his shoulder he had a thin nose that looked good on his slightly angular face which was devoid of any kind fat and he was clean shaving and his eyes were black and slightly wild but were filled with warmth.

Naruto was about to speak but another set of footsteps cut him off he turned and saw the moons ray creating a sort of walkway to the clearing that Naruto and the man were currently standing in and on the walkway a figure was forming and even as it was forming it continued to walk making the footsteps sound softly when the figure finished forming it revealed itself as a woman. She was, if Naruto had to count one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his short life. she had an hourglass figure with perfect hips, and long luscious legs, her skin was pale creamy white, on her feet she wore a pair of flat silver slippers. Her kimono was black with silver moons and stars embroidered upon it and her face was perfect, with luscious lips, long lashes and warm black eyes as she stepped into the clearing she nodded to the man who nodded back at her then turned to Naruto they both seemed to be waiting for another person so Naruto decided to just wait to see what they had to say.

There was another pair of footsteps coming to the clearing in the middle of the three worlds as Naruto turned he saw another woman. Unlike the woman from before she had smooth lightly tanned skin, and a hourglass figure most women would kill for. She had on a white kimono which had on designs of a sun with burning red-white and black flames on her feet she had on a pair of small flat red and gold slippers. Her sleek and shiny hair was done up into a elegant bun at the back of her head, her face was smooth and breathtakingly beautiful her lips her golden colored eyes her cheeks and lashes everything on her was perfect. She stopped and stood in between the man and woman in the clearing and after nodding at them both turned her attention to Naruto.

She was the first one to speak after a moment of silence "I suppose that we should introduce ourselves to you I am Amaterasu the man you see next to me is my brother Susanoo and the woman next to him is my sister Tsukuyomi and as I'm sure that you've guessed it by now that we're the ones the writing under the sword spoke about". At the sound of the voice Naruto knew that she was the one who was calling out to him from before and his eyes widened then stared at them in slight confusion "Not to be disrespectful or anything but what would three God's want with me?".

At this Susanoo spoke up "The blade that you drew holds powers that all three of us here have bestowed upon it those powers are what you've seen and experienced when you came to this realm. The Blade in essence became a part of you soul itself it will only obey you….. only allow you to wield it and it will protect you". At this point Tsukuyomi choose to speak up "War is coming Naruto-kun……. The small bit of piece that the elemental countries have at the moment will be shattered in an instant………. many lives will be lost this was will make all wars that have come before it pale in comparison to the destruction that it will cause. You have been chosen as the wielder of our power to stop it". At this Naruto looked at them in alarm "Why would you entrust a task as important as this to me isn't there someone better out there someone stronger?".

At this Amaterasu smiled "You were chosen because of your heart, the fact that you are the descendant of both the Uzumaki's and the Namikaze's……. the descendant the "winds and waves" along with the "great whirlpool" it is in your blood….. combine them to bring the great Maelstrom which you were named after to stop the war before it starts".

At this Naruto became silent and bowed his head to the three Gods on front of him for a moment then raised his head to reveal his eyes burning with determination "I thank you for bestowing upon me these gifts…… I promise you that I will stop the war before it begins and causes the destruction of the elemental nations".

At this Susanoo grinned "We knew we could have counted on you…… we can't become involved in the affairs of humans and tell you why it will happen but this much……. the warning and the gifts to help you stop the destruction we can do….. now it is time for you to go……. remember learn as much as you can about your sword and the Guardians those summoning contracts you have now, also we've had to increase the growth of your body to handle the strain of wielding the blade…….. so you should look at least like you're fourteen years old and one finale thing try to make peace with your prisoner if the two of you can work together you will have a greater chance to accomplish stopping the war before it starts".

At this Naruto bowed before the three Gods before him "I thank you again for the gifts and everything that you've helped me with and I will to everything in my power to stop the coming destruction and war" with that he faded out from the plane he was one and disappeared.

As he left the combination three world began to shine brightly and Susanoo turned towards his sisters "Do you think that he can stop the war from coming" at this question they both looked at each other and nodded and Amaterasu spoke up "I think the he can after all he is a testament to the piece between us and if the peace between us has kept for so long I think that he can establish a permanent peace across the elemental nations that will last forever". Then with a blinding flash they along with seemingly combined worlds disappeared.

Kiri Rebels Camp

With a groan Naruto opened his eyes and tried keyword tried to sit up when he failed he decided to instead lay back and observe his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a tent, and that he was bandaged up from head to toe with a groan he raised his hands up to his head to try to ease the pounding in it. Just as his hand touched his forehead the tent opening moved straining to look and see who it was he barely caught a glimpse of someone with glasses before the vanished running out the way that they had come in.

He laid there with thousands of thoughts running through his head "Where am I? I know that I'm not on the island so where am I? Am I being held prisoner? If I am by who?". His thought however were cut off when a group of people walked into the tent as they came through he saw that they were being led by….. a Goddess.

It was the only way to describe the woman in front of him, she had red russet colored hair which was pulled up into an elegant topknot on the top of her head a small bang came down from the top of her head to cover her right eye, said eyes were a beautiful jade green, she had long lashes, a small nose and luschious lips which had blue lipstick on them, all of which were perfect for her face, she had on a full body fishnet suit he could tell because they were showing out at her legs and her arm, over that she had on a dark shirt and over that she had on a blue standard jounin jacket, as his eyes traveled down her frame he saw that she had long sexy legs that seem to go on forever. All in all with her hourglass figure and all her other attributes Naruto knew the woman in front of him was the epitome of beauty.

As he was surveying her she was also surveying him deciding to break the silence she decided to speak "Who are you?" she asked.

"Even her voice sound like it should belong to a goddess" he mused. Deciding to use his full name he answered "My name is Naruto……… Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze".

The effect was instantaneous everyone became silent and the tension began to rise "Uzumaki-Namikaze?" an old man in the back whispered. "Who are your parents child?". At this everyone made sure that they listened.

"My mother was Kushina Uzumaki she was from Whirlpool and my father was……….. the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze". At this all the ninja young and old in the room stared at him in shock. Any shinobi worth their salt knew who the Yondaime Hokage was.

The deeds of "Konoha's Kiroi no Senko " (Konoha's Yellow Flash) were well known in the ninja world especially his technique the famed "Haraishin no Jutsu" (Flying Thunder God Jutsu).

At this the beautiful red haired woman in front of him spoke up "And what would the son of the famed Yellow flash doing all the way out here especially near Kiri hmmm?".

At this Naruto looked up at the and spoke "Can I speak to your leader I'll tell him what he wants to know as long as it's not too personal". At this all eyes turned towards the woman in the front of him as though they were waiting for an answer, she looked at Naruto for a second before motioning them out.

"Now that they're gone what are you doing here" she spoke, her voice was filled with authority and firm, and Naruto knew from her voice that she was not someone to be toyed with so he spoke up.

"Can I at least know your name before we start and are you really the leader of this group?" he asked.

"Yes I'm the leader of this group and my mane is Mei…… Mei Terumi and now I'll repeat the question if you really are who you say you are what are you doing all the way out here in Kiri".

"Shining Beauty huh? That's a perfect name for you….. as for why I'm here-". From there he proceeded to tell her everything that had happened to him minus the fact that he held the Kyuubi and his summoning contracts and his blade which he noticed was braced up against the wall next to the futon that he was currently on of coarse.

All the while he was telling his tail he noticed that Mei's face was frowning and he knew that some part of his story did not add up and she would either force him to tell her the truth or leave it alone.

As he finished his story Mei looked at him unflinchingly and spoke "You're not telling me everything are you?".

At this Naruto inwardly cringed and spoke "What makes you say that, what would I have to hide from you?".

She looked at him for a moment to see if he was just pulling her strings before she answered "The fact that if you story was true then you would be what nine years old now…… not looking like a fourteen year old….. that and the fact that what you just told me had nothing to do with the huge light show that lit up the sky yesterday so are you going to come clean with me or are you just going to tell me some other set of lies again?".

Naruto's eyes widened he had completely forgotten what Susanoo had told him about his body he then signed and asked her "What would you have done? I don't even know you along with the rest of the people outside how can I know that whatever else I tell you won't be used against me? How can I know that you won't just give me up to Konoha? Moreover I doubt you'll believe what I tell you".

Mei looked at him for a few moments then spoke "All I can do is promise that whatever I or anyone else here hears about you they won't say anything………. and further more I give you my word as the leader of the rebel forces of Kiri that I won't turn you in to Konoha or use you as a bargaining chip in any way".

At this he looked at her for a moment, he looked directly into her beautiful jade eyes to see if he could find any trace of lies or any sign of deceit seeing none he decided that he would tell her everything about himself and he did. He told her all about him being the Kyuubi container, he told her all about the loneliness all the glares, the hatred, he then told her about his training his meeting with Susanoo, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi along with everything about himself.

After everything she heard Mei looked at him closely then right into his eyes they met in a stare down that lasted for a few minutes until she broke it and stood up and walked around the fuuton until she was right in front of him and she knelt down and sat with her legs folded under her in front of him. After a minute she spoke "I believe you……… I don't know why but there's something in me that compels me and makes me believe you…….. and I am going to trust that feeling……. And that leads me to a request that I would like to make to you".

At this Naruto looked at her "A request? What kind of request?".

She looked at him then spoke "To make you understand my request I'll have to tell you why we are Kiri's rebel forces and exactly why we are going against Kiri's government or more specifically the Mizukage".

Seeing that he was paying close attention to every word she had spoken so far she continued.

"In his last years as the Mizukage, the Sandaime after the ending of the Third Great Ninja War started something that would lead ultimately to the genocide of many of the bloodline clans of Kirigakure. He said that "The bloodline clans all have the urge to fight it's in their blood, they'll never be able to live in peace as long as Kiri has the bloodline clans in it's village it will never experience peace" it was only a few years later that speech that he disappeared no one had ever seen his face because of his mask, it is said that only his most trusted individuals could see his real face so no one ever knew what he looked like".

"The reign of the Yondaime Mizukage his name was Yagura, started in peace he was a man that was soft spoken and we know that when he started as the Yondaime he really wanted peace, he was also a jinchuuriki much like yourself, he was the container of the Three Tailed Turtle. But shortly two years into his reign he changed and suddenly he began to order the killings of all the bloodline clans in Kiri and with the shinobi along with the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist backing him he began an all out genocide against the bloodline clans".

As she continued her story Naruto's heart went out to her and to the rest of the clans and the people who were more than likely innocent who were caught of in the senseless genocide that the Yondaime Mizukage started.

"As the clans soon went into hiding he started the Bloody Graduation exams in which the ninja's who were of graduation age had to participate in, in the exam the gennin's were forced to slaughter their classmates without mercy and only those that were left were given higher training, the kids their forced to butcher their own teammates their friends but no one had any power to go against anything that the Yondaime Mizukage did".

"As this became routine the mist began to be known as the "Bloody Mist" and as the ninja's became more battle hardened and brutal the village became just as it's nick name suggested "The Village Of The Bloody Mist". Soon many the shinobi council could not condone the brutality anymore and began to seek out the hidden clans to help them end Yagura's reign. They along with any shinobi who were against the brutal ways joined them and pretty soon we started stealth tactics against Yagura and the ninja's who were loyal to him but it was no use".

"They were just too powerful……… we had decided to do an all out attack on him……… and everything seemed to be going with us because the day before Zabuza Momochi a member of the Seven Swordsmen had attempted along with some of his followers to kill the Mizukage but he failed and fled the country with the hunter squads hot on his trail……. We decided that now was the time for us to strike when they were they weakest and we attacked them with all the force that we had. We backed them into the corner and it looked as though we could win until Yagura began to call on the power of his bijuu".

"With the full force of the Three Tailed Turtle with him he along with the shinobi he had left defeated us and forced us to flee along with the council which had supported us, and soon afterwards the hunter squads returned he had not been able to catch Momochi. With the hunter squads returned and their shinobi recuperating Yagura put the village in lockdown…….. the last news that we heard from inside of Kiri was that the Kaguya clan had attempted to massacre the village but they ended up being wiped out".

"All this leads me to the request that I want to make of you…….. will you help us bring back Kiri to it's past glory will you help us against Yagura?".

Naruto looked deep in thought for a moment "I will help you……… to massacre innocent lives like that is not right I will do all that I can within my power to help you stop Yagura".

At this Mei looked at Naruto happily "She had hoped that he would accept her request to help them and the fact that he was handsome was a bonus in her book "Who knows maybe at the end of this we may we can be more than acquaintances" she mused. She got up and kissed him on the cheek causing him to blush heavily then walked towards the tent opening then looked back at him "When you're rested and at your full strength I want to see just what to can do in terms of battle".

At this Naruto looked at her in interest "And how are you going to be determining that" he asked her. At this she smirked at him "Why by fighting me all out of coarse".

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