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Summary: Sequel of 'Nothing Is As It Seems' by Star Mage1. Dean plans to rescue his brother, Sam, from Lucifer's hands. But there are complications as Who is Sam? And What is the real reason for the Fallen Archangel interest? AU.

I recommend you to read first 'Nothing Is As It Seems' from Star Mage1, because this is the sequel she so kindly allow me to write. She's a great writer!

Warnings: Flashback from Supernatural season four episode 1 and season 5 episode 1. There will be cursing and perhaps disturbing themes along with characters dead. After episode 4 of the fifth season nothing happens, this is an AU of the future Dean and the ideas introduced by Star Mage1.

A.N.: I have no beta, but I'm using the Word so major errors should be avoided but if you see any I would appreciate if you told me along with your opinions of the story. And I formally express my gratitude to Star Mage1 for reading and pointing out many of my mistakes.

Appearances Are Deceitful

Chapter 1: A New Resolve

Sam opened his eyes. He took a few seconds long to adjust his vision, almost as comfortable as he was in his own body. Or should he say the past body? It had been more than five years and he still thought himself as Sam, the youngest son of John and Mary Winchester, brother of Dean and a hunter true to his heart. No matter where his soul reside in, he was still the same… the package was just a little different.

When he was transported to this meat suit in the… Detroit episode… it was uncomfortable and excruciating, seeing, moving, breathing. His soul felt displaced and the flesh tried to reject him. Only after painful hours he could stay conscious enough to move, to search for his real body. He knew who he was but not who the meat he was belong to. He remember the motel he was in before everything began, deciding starting from there Sam stepped forward.

And then… the angel Zachariah appeared.

The angel just came to him like that, for a moment he thought that the body he was in was the cause of the angel's attention but that changed with his first words.

"Hi there Sammy!"

Sam felt his blood run cold and not just a little fear in the pit of his stomach, but he hoped that at least it hadn't show on his face. If the angel knew he was there then maybe he could return him to his body, right? Zachariah wasn't his favorite angel (hell, that's putting it lightly) but what could he do? He must return to his body, period.

"You! Do you know what happened to me? Is this one of Lucifer tricks?" his voice was so, so very, very wrong. It wasn't him, it wouldn't ever be him.

"Now that's a smart assumption. Thinking of the one with power enough to take you completely out of your body and put you… there." He said pointing to him "But no, it wasn't Lucifer that switched your soul. It was me!" he said as if admitting a great thing.

"Why?!" he shouted, not caring if someone heard him. The angel in from of him made a face, tsk'ing lightly.

"Now, there's no reason to be angry like that! We were doing you a favor after all" in a blink he was at his side, putting his arm around his shoulder and teleporting him away.

They arrived in a blink of an eye, a white light… and a rush of feathers? They were on top of a building where Sam could see the people down below. He recognize all the houses and buildings, they were in the very middle of Detroit. Sam got out of Zachariah's hold in order to face him again. But Zachariah wasn't playful any more, sarcastic or menacing he looked empty.

"We are tired of this war Sam. We want the paradise that will be created when this is over. We don't want to watch over the humans or this planet any longer. Have to deal with your corruption and demons all the time." His voice was a dead lagoon, deep and deadly. Sam thought that this was his last moments. He no longer had any use as Lucifer's vessel, fuck, he didn't know why they hadn't bothered to kill him already… but maybe it is because Lucifer would still bring him back and then attack the angels in retaliation.

"I don't understand. What do you want from me?"

"Nothing, at least not anymore, we found another vessel for Michael or Lucifer. This one isn't, by a long shot… adequate… to either of them, but willing to say yes." He looked at him, really looked and Sam understood what was going on.

He knew he was going to die.

"That's why you exchange us. But why me and not Dean, wasn't the idea to take Lucifer down while in Nick's body?" He had to gain time, he had to find this person, in his body and prevent something foolish. Lucifer wouldn't have his victory, or the angels, not like this.

"Yes, but we found you first… Castiel interference, really inconvenient. The Sigils protect you and we could not find Dean either. Luckily someone we know spot you three days ago, a Jehovah witness, half of heaven was looking for you and yet it was a human who succeed in finding you." Zachariah sounded triumphant, however his face was serious and he didn't move an inch from the door he was fucking blocking.

"So this person is going to say yes but wasn't it me who had to decide?" he asked. He never really understood how the vessels were chosen, only that they had to give their consent to allow the dicks with wings to enter.

"It's a question of blood. After all you were suited to be the devils body, as the blood of his children was in you. Thank you for that by the way" he winked having the same expression Uriel had so long ago, as if Sam was a piece of filth.

"So Lucifer takes over my body and then… what?"

"Then… we war. Lacking another choice and with you gone, Dean will say yes to Michael. Don't worry you won't be here to see it…" Zachariah pointed his finger at him, like a gun, but instead of murdering him Zachariah has a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Hmmm, I guess it won't harm you…" Zachariah eyes were full of glee and wickedness, "Seeing Sam say yes."

"Bastard!" he screamed but didn't opposed when Zach touch him on the forehead to transport him away again. He was impotent to do more.

Sam returned abruptly to the present he didn't want to delve further in the past. He thought about what his companions said before retreating, that Lucifer killed his brother, but that didn't make sense. If Sam and the others were a distraction why hadn't Dean taken the chance and end it all at once?

Sam knew Dean, and he was fully aware that they were being fed to the Demons and Croans. What Sam didn't count on was for the fallen angel to appear out of nowhere and start helping his minions; Lucifer didn't have affection for his servants' only contempt.

He should have known it was a trap, not for Dean but for him. And because of his incompetence and stupidity Dean was dead, again. He swallowed the pain. He was long used to the idea that Dean wouldn't live to see the sunrise again one day. After so many kamikaze missions to get the Colt but it still hurt. Looking around he spotted his company but that didn't make him feel better especially in the present conditions.

His eyes followed the devil in his body. It had been a long time since they faced each other. This time however things were a bit different. He moved his hands a little attempting to free a bit of his movements but they were tied above his head supporting most of his body.

"It's no use Sam. I've got you now and I'm not going to let you go. This chase has gone on long enough don't you think? It's time for you to rest. To be at my side" Lucifer said with a pained expression on his face – Sam's face – from the only chair in the room, five feet away from him.

His lips curved in a smirk so easy to do in this strange body. He no longer could smile like the old times; this flesh too alien to Sam.

"No thank you. I like where I was before. How many times are we going to have to repeat this conversation? I'm not going to join you."

The Devil sighed as if aggravated but Sam knew him well. Lucifer was a very patient entity, which was at the moment feeling triumphant and Sam dreads that.

He didn't know what the angel wanted from him… and for five long and wearisome years he ran, from his past, from his future, from his family (he never worked the courage to tell Dean or Bobby what had happened and see where it got him) and especially from himself…

Now all he had run from was catching him up to him.

"Dean I got the list!" Cas said entering the room. Dean was currently studying the map, he didn't know where the damn Devil has Sam but by God he would find out.

"Show me!" he turned to him practically seizing the paper.

"I have ten names. Some of them were dead but if one was really Sam Lucifer would have him brought back."

"Yes he would but that doesn't explain what he wants with him if already has Sam's body. Do you have any idea?"

"No sorry."

"And about the fucking angels?"

"That's complicated Dean. They broke rules, indispensable rules, and what's worse is that all of them were aware of the plan to trick Sam and you into saying yes. That's why we don't see one angel. All were punished."

"But by whom... God left the building right? Don't tell me that Michael…"

"No, or else he would have come to get you when you agreed. It's in our… their nature, a part of what they are. The rules are in us like brands and it doesn't matter if there isn't anyone to punish us. If we break them we are punished. Even if they can see us from Heaven the angelic host is powerless now…"

Dean mumbled a curse he didn't have any idea on what to do. They could try to find a ritual to locate Sam but if Sam escaped Lucifer for so long they had little chance of success. Either way he had to try; he wouldn't leave Sam in Lucifer's hands.

In the meantime Castiel was lost in his own thoughts his face bended to one side and his expression far away. He had the look that screamed 'I'm having an epiphany'.

"What is it Cas?" Dean knew him far too well. He looked more and more like the old Cas but had that bit of saucy humor.

"I'm wondering about something. Lucifer did tell you that Sam was the one who made the camp as impenetrable as a castle right?"

"Yes." Where did Castiel want to go with this?

"The means available to do such thing are not done lightly. The art is black and forbidden to men and none of these missing persons had the knowledge to do such. At least that we are aware of." His face was dark with concentration and his eyes calculating.

"What are you trying to tell me?" his tone was darker than before. Castiel had a wary attitude and that brought back bad memories. Memories of the times he suspected Sam's true motives were still fresh and burning like a brand.

'…hex bags. No way the angels will find us with those, demons either for that matter.'

'Where did you get it?' always suspicious, the only person he knew that could provide them was Ruby and she was a demon, a dead demon but either way…

'I made them' Sam made them? What the fuck…


The slight pause made Dean edgy.

'I learn it… from Ruby.'

He was so distrustful, so angry. He blamed Sam back them… no more! After Lucifer's little talk

It was his fault. He should have tried to understand Sam, to talk with him. But it didn't matter now. He only hoped that his past self of 09 did a better job than he did. He had his own problems to worry about.

Like reading the damn list.

"It doesn't matter what Sam did it worked didn't it? This topic is over, we have to concentrate on which body Sam is in and where the Devil took him. So who the missing are: Misa Smith, Butt Talb, Carl Weasley, Sebastian Montgomery – dude what name the guy got –, John Suit, Jasper Lost, Darren Clirk, Irina Black, Mark Brand Jr. and Maria Frankie… hmm. Cas do you think we can cross the girls?"

Castiel stared at him with a you-are-a-dumbass look.


"At least past you had some sort of intelligence… Of course we can't cross the girls Dean. Unless Lucifer specify the gender of the body Sam is now in – and you didn't tell me he did – so we don't know if Sam is male or female. For all we know Sam could have a little girl's body!"

Jesus! Cas needed to cut off on some orgies and drugs; he was starting to have the PMS thing.

"How should I know? Sam was a man for god's sake and now you tell me he could be a chick?"


"What a naughty thing."

Castiel mumbled something that Dean wasn't supposed to hear. Unfortunately he was far too close…

"Castiel!" he said with a bit of the last 5 years steel.

"I'm checking the wards. We have to know how to keep Lucifer of our trail. Even if he is focused on Sam he could very well smite us in a blink of eye for the simple joy of it. With you 'dead' and Sam in his hands, there is no longer a reason for him not to destroy the camp." Cas says before walking away.

After the former angel left, Dean thought about that list of people. Probably all were dead except for Sam. That makes things easier to find out who he was but the others… Well better dead than being a Croatons, and his brother was immune either way or at least he used to be.

Dean looked at the names yet again. How could Sam be so close to him, be one of these persons, and he didn't notice? Misa and Butt he knew somewhat better than the others. Smart mouth Misa and playful Butt, none of them like the Sam he knew…

How did you know he would use that name?

Are you kidding me? What don't I know about that kid?

It seemed what he didn't know about Sam could fill a lot of books. Then there were Marie, Irina and Carl the shooting trio (they were the ones that called themselves that, Dean always thought silly). Always covering each other's backs and killing anything in 10 miles radius when hunting. Some hunters had to be really cautious around them or else getting shot by friendly fire.

Sebastian was a bastard full of money till the time his family was killed by the croatons and his estate burned down.

Dean cheeked him out and everything was as he told him it should be. The guy wasn't a hunter in the first place… but then again Sam could have faked the story. Even if that was true…

Sebastian had come from Europe, somewhere near Rome, to America four years before. Thinking he could escape from the hell in his home. Only problem was that America was far worse due to the great number of supernatural creatures. But after they united under Lucifer's leadership the demons woke with a vengeance. Most of towns were whipped out. Vampires, Shapeshifters and other creatures that were almost extinct came out full force.

Most hunters were doomed: hunted down, isolated and killed brutally. Once the rest found out it was too late. A third of worldwide hunters were dead and half of the survivors were critically injured.

What could we have done? They were few since the beginning; the only thing left was to refill their numbers to fight a lost war. The first 6 months were really bad. There wasn't a way to check if everyone wasn't possessed or infected. Some camps (the hunters thought better to avoid small cities or towns and starting to sleep in the middle of nowhere; the virus was just spreading in the small communities and heading to the big cities) were totally trashed down: Pilled bodies, rotten flesh, salt and silver everywhere, a few devils' traps and the stench of sulfur. Sebastian had struggle and survived in 6 camps before meeting Dean, and oh boy, for the first year he was a traumatized son of a bitch.

John, Jasper and Darren had come from different cities. In groups of survivors that joined the first rebellious force they meet. Most of that people hadn't endured the first month. Hunters were trying to put an end to the plague before things got of hand but end up with many deaths and even more turned Croatons. After so many defeats, Dean's camp was one of the few of the continent. And that's how they joined him. First things were tricky and there were a lot of internal fights. But each of them proved their dedication in battles and managed to join in Dean's elite force.

That's why he had taken them into that trap… to gain time to face the Fallen Angel and kill him. Even with the world a mess if the leader was gone then the structure would fall apart. Everyone would fight for dominance, especially the Demons, and then the humans would have a chance to rebuild everything… to organize a new resistance and repopulate the Earth.

Dean reflected once again. One of them was Sam. I had my brother at my side for years and I didn't notice. Sam was with me and I didn't care, not even once did I try to find out why he had said yes. I sent Sam to his death. Things could have been different…

"Dean? Dean you have to come here close to the main gates. There's something I have to show you." Chuck's voice came from the walkie talkie in his pocket. Could he have Seen something?

"On my way"

Walking – almost running – Dean allowed himself to grow a bit of hope. Something he didn't have since that day when he heard the news from Bobby 'bout Detroit. He could hope because Sam hadn't given in five years. He was sure he could go on for a few more days…

Don't worry Sammy, I will get you. And then… then we will kill the Devil.

A.N: I know. I'm evil… I didn't reveal if Sam was a girl or a men, but that's all part of my plan, in the next chapters you will understand more about Sam and his relationship with Lucifer, their past encounters and what Sam is really capable of. We will also see Dean, returning to the old Dean, but with a bit of hardness, he has seen too many horrors to be that cocky 'innocent' hunter he was before.

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