He was thrown across the dark, red hazed room, landing in a heap against the concrete floor holding the overflow water from the water tower. His head hit the concrete with a resounding thud before he blacked out, unconscious.

Eventually Jack found a way to get to Ianto, though that wasn't the original plan. Distracting Lisa so that Tosh could escape was risky for everyone. The volts of electricity she sent flowing through his body were not the most painful of his deaths, but the pain he felt was excruciating just before his vision blurred and he died. The second lot of voltage that Lisa sent through his system, after he baited her, hurt a lot more than the first, as he was weak from healing. But the confrontation with Lisa brought him directly adjacent to Ianto's limp figure.

Though he felt heavily betrayed by his colleague's behaviour he couldn't let him die. Sliding down the concrete to Ianto's side Jack heaved him into his arms out of the water, turning him so that he could see his face. Jack slapped him on the side of the face a couple of times, trying to wake him. Ianto had stopped breathing. His chest was deathly still. Jack cradled him and could see a small amount of straw coloured liquid drip from one of Ianto's eyes – shit, he had a skull fracture.

Jack was thinking hard, trying to figure a way to wake Ianto, so he pressed his lips to the young man's and wished the life back into him. Strangely, after 30 seconds or so Jack felt Ianto struggle in the kiss, trying to breath properly. Jack moved his head to see Ianto open his eyes, and placed his fingers to his lips to command silence from Ianto.

Later that day when Lisa had been dealt with, Ianto had cleaned himself up and the hub had returned to its former glory, Jack forced Ianto to see Owen about his suspected head injury. Owen ran scans confirming Jack's theory that Ianto had sustained a skull fracture. According to the scans the fracture looked like it had happened several weeks ago, as opposed to several hours. But Ianto hadn't sustained any other injuries in the last few months.

Jack left Owen to watch over Ianto while he went to his office.

Owen had been shocked by Ianto's actions to help his girlfriend, and angry that Ianto had willingly put all their lives in danger, but he felt some sympathy and a kind of bond with Ianto as he had suffered when his fiancé Katie had tragically died from an alien buried deep in her brain. Once Jack disappeared Owen spoke quietly to Ianto.

"I'm sorry you had to see Lisa like that. I'm sorry for what we had to do."

"What would you know about how I feel or what I saw?"

"I lost my fiancé to an alien brain tumour, that's how I met Jack. The alien released a toxin that killed every surgeon and nurse in the room, as well as Katie. It left me in pieces, until I joined up here. Then I had something to work towards, trying to stop aliens doing things like that to other people."

"You weren't told to shot her were you? She wasn't shot by your boss and the people you work with was she? Her blood didn't cover you when she died did it?" said Ianto getting progressively louder with each sentence.

"No, but I blamed Jack. I thought that if it hadn't have been for that man then she might still be alive. If he hadn't turned up then she would have survived her surgery. It was an accident but I blamed Jack!"

"Well, we all know what happened to Lisa it wasn't an accident. It was cold blooded murder."

"She was trying to kill us and convert us into one of the universes deadliest aliens! She stopped being human the minute she was taken by the cybermen. It wasn't your fault she was there."

"She was my girlfriend. I thought Torchwood could help her. And now she's dead. I wish it was me that had died. I have nothing left. What do I do now?" said Ianto in a whispered tone.

"You fit in here Ianto. Jack... he'll forgive you, given time. We all survived, to fight another day you destroyed the trust we had in you. You need to stay here, to continue to work for Torchwood, but you need to earn everyone's trust again. Jack won't fire you, but you'll probably be put on probation for a while."

Ianto nodded accepting that he didn't really have much choice in the matter. There was the option of retcon, but he knew that Jack would never allow him to take any and disappear away from Cardiff, as that would mean he would forget about Lisa. And he didn't want to forget about her completely, just at the end of her life.

"Will you be okay?"

"I'm not sure."

Owen sighed and said, "If you need to talk you can call me whenever. Anytime you need some company just phone me, no matter what time of day it is. Okay?"

Ianto nodded again.

Owen looked at Ianto. He had no idea how Jack had managed to fix Ianto's skull fracture, but he was glad he had. Owen had extended the hand of friendship to Ianto but he still had a forlorn look about him, so Owen pulled him into a one armed hug.

Ianto closed his eyes and let himself be held. It was strange that he felt comfort with the one person that had ridiculed him since he'd started at Torchwood, even if he had tried to be nice about what had happened. Ianto pulled away and stepped down from his seat on the autopsy bench to stand next to Owen.

"Am I alright to leave now?"

"Physically you're fine, but you need to rest. I don't want to see you any earlier than the day after tomorrow. You need to go home. Now!"


"No! Ask your Doctor I'm telling you that you need to go home and get some sleep. I'll deal with Jack. Leave through the garage and I'll cover for you. See you in a couple of days." With that Owen turned to sort his medical equipment out on the table behind him.

Ianto turned to leave. As he walked up the steps he looked over his shoulder saying quietly, "Thank you."

Owen wasn't sure what had prompted him to pull Ianto into a hug but he had thought they could both use some comfort at that moment. For over a year Owen had had a dislike for Ianto that he couldn't explain. He had called him names; bitched about him to Susie when she had been around, and typically tried to make Ianto's life very hard. But Ianto had taken that all in his stride. He had retorted with a sarcastic comment here or there, but had tolerated Owen.

Once they had been bound in that physical connection of the hug, it dawned on Owen that the reason for his dislike of Ianto was because of his attraction to Ianto. What a kicker! Thought Owen. The one person that he could never, should never have was the person that he felt a connection with because of a past event involving girlfriends. It was wrong to want to hold someone who had almost gotten you and your friends killed wasn't it? All Owen could do was hope that Ianto didn't call when he needed a friend to talk to, or some company. Because he didn't know what he would do if he ever ended up alone with Ianto Jones.