Title: Spring Break

Author: Jenn11

A/N: This is the 3rd in my Magnificent 7 / Batman crossover series. Takes place after Dark Knight in Denver and Gotham 7.

Summary: Dick invites Vin and JD to spend Spring Break in San Diego with him… You know something's gonna go wrong…

Chapter 1

"Hello," JD answered his cell phone.

"Hey, JD. It's Dick. Think you and Vin could get some time off next week?"

"We're just finishing up a case, so probably. What's up?"

"I have Spring Break next week. I'm planning to spend the week in San Diego. I was thinking Bruce's jet could stop for refueling in Denver. . . and pick up a couple more passengers, if you and Vin are interested."

"One second," JD said, getting Vin's attention he motioned him over to his desk. "Dick is on the phone. How does a trip to San Diego next week sound? Think we can talk Chris into it?"

"Sounds good. I'll talk Chris into giving us the time off," Vin said with a smirk. Most of the time Chris' tendency to act like an over-protective-big-brother was a pain, but sometimes the brotherly love was useful.

JD grinned back, knowing that Vin could usually talk Chris into anything he wanted, just like JD could with Buck.

"We're in," JD reported to Dick.

Five days later the three young men were settling into the comfortable seats of Bruce Wayne's private jet.

"I can't believe you get to fly around in a private jet," JD said.

"Being Bruce Wayne's son does have its perks. But this is nothing. I wish I could take you guys flying in the BatPlane. Now that is a rush. You wouldn't believe the stunts you can pull in that jet."

"As long as Bruce isn't around to see how you're flying," Vin guessed, a smirk curving his lips.

"This is Batman we're talking about. Of course he knows what I do in the plane." Dick smirked and continued, "but then I remind him that he's the one who taught me how to fly that plane, so he has only himself to blame."

Vin and JD laughed at that, and soon they were swapping tales, only slightly exaggerated, of things they'd been able to pull over on Bruce, Alfred, Chris, Buck and the others.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Forty eight hours later Chris' desk phone rang.


"Chris, it's Bruce. Have you heard from JD or Vin since they flew out of Denver?"

"No. Why? Is there a problem?"

"I just received a ransom demand saying that they have Dick. He isn't answering his cell phone or my page." Over an open line Bruce didn't want to say that the page was to Dick's BatCommunicator. He trusted Chris to figure it out. He'd run a trace on the communicator, and it locater at the hotel Dick was staying at. He'd then run a trace on Dick's cell phone and found it was several miles away, at an address listed as a club.

"Hold on a second. I'll try calling my two," Chris said, putting the hand set on his desk and pulling out his cell phone. A moment later he put it away and picked up the hand set to the desk phone again. "No answer from Vin or JD."

"I have to stay here in Gotham, but I'll have tickets waiting for you at the airport, and Malone will meet you in San Diego," Bruce said, having no doubt that Chris and the others would be heading to San Diego. "It's possible that the kidnappers don't yet realize exactly who Vin and JD are."

Chris agreed, and wasn't sure if that was good or bad. If the kidnappers found out they had two ATF agents they might keep them alive, afraid of the consequences of killing Federal Agents; or they might want to get rid of them as soon as possible. "We'll just have to be careful working around the FBI. Technically they'll have jurisdiction over a kidnapping case," Chris answered, wanting to warn Bruce that the FBI would likely be involved.

"Don't worry about jurisdiction or the FBI. I'll make a couple phone calls and take care of it."

"Thank you, Bruce," Chris said, once again reminded what a formidable combination the other man's double identities made. Bruce Wayne had the power and influence to make the law work for him, and Batman had the ability to work freely outside the law. Something Ezra had said weeks before echoed in his mind. 'The Wayne fortune is quite possibly Batman's greatest weapon, and it is most certainly Bruce Wayne's trump card.'

Ezra, Josiah, Buck and Nathan looked up from their desks as Chris came out of his office.

"Just got a call from Bruce. From all indications Dick has been kidnapped - for ransom. Vin and JD were presumably with him, and aren't answering their cells. We're heading to San Diego. Bruce will have tickets waiting for us at the airport and deal with the FBI about jurisdiction."

"Will he be joining us in San Diego?" Josiah asked.

"Bruce Wayne has to stay in Gotham. But our 'mutual friend' will be joining the hunt in San Diego."

They all nodded in understanding.

"I'm going to talk to Travis. Meet at the airport in two hours," Chris ordered.

As the members of Team 7 headed home to get the things they'd need for the trip Bruce was also busy preparing to leave, having made a quick call to the director of the FBI. The man had dated Martha before she'd met Thomas Wayne, and he still had a soft spot for her son.

"Bring our boy home," Alfred said as Batman opened the hatch to the BatPlane.

"I will," Batman promised. He knew that if he was going to do this he had to think and work as Batman, the Detective - not as Bruce Wayne, the worried father. He also reminded himself that Dick was more than capable of taking care of himself, as were JD and Vin.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7