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Chapter 4

After walking around the outside of the club, and finding the 3 cell phones dumped in the gutter, the group went inside. It was still early, for a club, but people were there. Including a few that looked underage.

"Can I help you?" asked the bar tender.

"We need to see the manager. But first, did you see these three guys last night?" Buck asked, holding out a photo of Vin and JD and one of Dick.

"Don't answer that," said the manager as he walked up.

Chris showed his badge. "ATF. We need to find those men."

"It appears you have some under age patrons here. If we have no leads on our friends, we have nothing better to do than stay here and check IDs. This club will become our new pet project. However, if we had some information that might help us find our friends, we'd have better things to do than worry about this club," Ezra said in his smooth, southern drawl.

"Answer them," the manager told the bar tender. The last thing he wanted was the ATF making his club their pet project.

"Yeah. They were in last night. Got themselves three hot girls, and very, very drunk." The bar tender paused for a beat.

"What is it?" asked Josiah. The profiler could tell the young man has just remembered or realized something.

"I don't remember serving 'em more than a couple drinks. I mean, maybe one of the other bar tenders did…"

The group looked at each other. This seemed to confirm that the boys had been drugged. A few minutes later they left.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

When the four guards opened the door, the thee young men inside were ready. As planned, Dick dove for the two outside the door, grabbing their knees and knocking them off their feet. A couple fast, hard punches and the two were out. Dick grabbed their guns and ejected the ammo, tossing it away. He then dropped the guns.

Months ago, at Buck's urging, Chris had ordered JD to take martial arts training from Vin, so JD was able to use the skills Vin had taught him and take down his guard. Vin also made quick work of his. They grabbed the guns the guards had been holding, and followed Dick out of the room.

The noise had drawn attention. Vin led the way down the stairs. At the bottom he saw a couple guards approaching and shot them. They three then hurried down the hall the other direction. Seeing the front door they raced for it. JD opened the door while Vin sent a last blast of fire through the front room to discourage anyone following them.

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

They were about to get back in their SUVs to leave the club when Bruce froze at what Oracle had to say.

"Bruce. I have a report of gunshots fired in the Balboa area. I don't think you're too far from there."

"You think it's them?"

"The address matches Richard Sykes. He was John Kincaid's top man. Kincaid is one of the names on all 7 lists."

"What's the address?"

She quickly gave it.

The others had been curiously watching Bruce and listening to his side of the conversation. They hadn't even noticed the tiny communicator he had in his ear, disguised as a hearing aid.

"We're on our way," he told her.

"I'm working on getting some images from one of your Wayne Communications satellites. I'll let you know what I find," Oracle said and then fell silent. But Bruce heard the fast tapping noise as her fingers flew across her key borard.

"Shots were reported at Richard Sykes' address," Bruce told the others.

"He must have moved here once we busted Kincaid," Buck commented. Chris nodded in agreement.

They piled in the two SUVs and headed off. As they drove Nathan pulled out the well stocked first aid kit he'd brought, and prayed he wouldn't need to use it.

A short time later Vin, JD, and Dick saw headlights approaching and ducked into the shadows of some trees.

Driving the lead SUV Bruce was listening to Oracle. "The three heat signatures I found just ducked behind some trees a hundred yards ahead of you."

Bruce pulled over the SUV, and the SUV behind his also pulled over. The men quickly got out.

"It's them," JD said, relief evident in his voice. The three hurried to meet their friends.

Nathan was pleased to see that none of the three seemed hurt. They were all moving easily, and he didn't see any blood or other evidence of injuries.

"Hey, Chris. Miss us?" Vin asked casually, grinning.

Chris scowled, but his happiness and relief at finding Vin, and the others, safe showed in his eyes.

"How many times do I have to tell ya to quit scaring me like that?" Buck growled at JD.

JD put on his most innocent face. "But, Buck, I've never scared you by being kidnapped before… I always find new ways to scare you…"

Buck pulled the man he considered a little brother into a quick hug. "Find a new hobby, will ya?"

"So, Bruce, long way from Gotham," Dick commented.

"Alfred was worried," Bruce replied.

"Alfred was worried, huh?" Dick teased.

"Yes, he was… And so was I," Bruce admitted. "And expect an ear full from Barbra. She was also worried." Bruce suddenly grinned as Oracle spoke in his ear. "In fact, she wants to talk to you right now." He pulled out a spare communicator and handed it to Dick, taking his own out of his ear and putting it away.

Dick made a face at his father and put in the ear piece. "Hey, Babs. Look, I'm sorry…"

"Fraid we left a bit of a mess," Vin said, looking completely unrepentant.

"Let's go clean it up," Chris said. The others began to get back in the SUVs.

Dick was relieved to have the excuse to end his conversation. "Look, Babs. I've gotta go. There are some loose ends to tie up."

"We'll talk more when you get home," she assured him.