Snape reacts to Sirius death…

Spoilers for OoTP.

Sorry, but I couldn't think of a title. Takes place post OoTP. Snape POV.

"I killed Sirius Black… I killed Sirius Black," Bellatrix sings as she dances around the room.

She's so proud of her accomplishment. And she deserves to be, I suppose. Much as I despised him, he was a talented wizard. Killing him was no mean feat.

She pauses and looks at me. "Aren't you going to thank me? I know how you hated him."

"Thank you," I tell her, no emotion in my voice – because I'm not sure what emotion I feel.

I did hate him. He tormented me all my years at Hogwarts. But I was also jealous of him. In same ways even more so than I was of James. I was never jealous of James until he won Lily. Sirius… He was a Pure Blood, from an old and noble family. I was a Half Blood. The Half Blood Prince, I called myself. He was popular – with the students and the teachers. Oh, he and the others got in trouble often enough, but they were always forgiven their pranks, because the teachers liked them. He was handsome and could have any girl he wanted. None of the girls ever looked at me with anything but pity or revulsion.

He was godfather to Lily's son. Lily… He pushed the thought away. This was about Sirius, not Lily.

Sirius, who'd done 12 years in Azcaban for a crime he didn't commit. Snape realized his hatred didn't go that far. 12 years of Hell, for he knew Azcaban was Hell, more than made up for the 4 years of Hell Sirius and the others had put him through. And besides, Sirius had died protecting Lily's son. Lily… Why did it always have to come back to Lily…

"I killed Sirius Black," Bellatrix began to sing again.