Hello. Long time no see. Not that I think anybody know me. I used to write some fan fictions for three, four years ago. But stopped when I lost the inspiration and I got into a new school. But lately I have felt like I want to start write something again. And now I have started to write something! Well many things have happened here since I visited! Hope I do things right…

I hope you can read it as my grammar and my spelling is not good because I'm from Sweden and my first language is not English. But it has improved in recent years. But if you find some terribly wrong spelling or grammar mistake in the story, do not hesitate to contact me and correct me. And pleas tell me where it is.

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Old summery:

Hinata gets kidnapped. But she is not the one they wanted... Kiba and Shino are searching for but can't find her. And a girl gets catch up in it and she has no idea what is going on. Still, she seems to be involved in it... ShiXOC KibXHi.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Meeting Shino.


It had almost past two year and a half since Naruto left the village along with Jiraiya. None in the village had heard from them since then.

Hinata, Kiba and Shino where walking on the road after their mission. They hade been given some free time for now. Hinata suddenly broke the silence.

"Umm… Kiba what are you going to do today?" She asked him. Kiba looked at her and said with a grin.

"I will train with Akamaru! We have been slaking of to much, so for the rest of the day we must train hard!" He looked at his dog and Akamaru barked happily as a reply.

"Okay Kiba-kun. Umm what about you Shino?" she looked from Kiba to Shino.

"I will try to catch a special bug today in the forest." He replied and looked at her behind his shades.

"What will you do then?" Kiba asked Hinata. She looked at both of them "I will train some I suppose; maybe Neji- Onee-san will help… me…" She said a bit nervously while looking down. The thought stroke her that maybe he wasn't home or didn't have time for that or didn't want to.

"That sound like a great idea! He needs somebody to kick his ass sometimes!" Kiba said happily to try to sheer her up. Shino agreed with a nod. Hinata smiled to both of them and nodded as a reply.

"Well I and Akamaru will go this way now. So we meet you guys later! See ya!" Kiba said and turned around a corner with Akamaru behind him.

"See you later Kiba-kun!" Hinata waved goodbye to him and turned to Shino. "Well I think I will go to now Shino-kun, have a nice day." She said and bowed to him.

"You to Hinata." Shino replied and nodded as a goodbye to her as he saw her disappeared to the other side of the street and as she also turned around a corner.

Shino kept going down the street until he reached the woods and jumped up in a nearby tree and went further. The forest was silent and only the birds and the wind were singing and the hum from the bees was hearing.

When he reaches to an isolated part of the forest he landed on the ground and started to search for the bug he was looking for. He was looking for a special lantern bug; it had green wings with gradual turned to a dark reddish purple with yellow spot on them and it had a blue nose pointing upwards. It also had an orange spot behind its eyes. It was an easy bug to recognize if you found one. But finding one was the hard part. "Well if I want it in my collection I better find one."

The sun was high up in the sky when he hade began his search. He looked around the environment for hours without any luck and the sun hade turned the sky to an orange color when he sat down on a rock to rest for a moment. "Seems like I didn't have the luck I wanted today."

He sighed and got up from the rock and started to walk out from the forest. He found the path and followed it. When he was walking he went into his own, and his insect's mind and philosopher about today's adventure. When he hade walked for what felt like 20 minutes he saw somebody sitting on stub with his back against the road and was wearing a blue long jacket with black strip from the shoulders down to his sleeves and black bars at the bottom of the jacket and what look like a leather-colored fishing hat with a red band around it hade some pens attach to it. He was also wearing some earphones and was listening to music and what looked like he was holding a notepad in his knee.

"…Wonder who that is, never seen that guy before… what he is doing?" Shino wondered and was look at him while he was walking.

It didn't seem like the person hade notice him. The person with the earphones nodded lightly with the music's beat and was concentrated on his notepad.

"Aren't MP3 expensive? Never seen anyone her around in Konoha that has one…" When Shino hade past him he notices the person turned of his MP3 and took of his earphones. Shino stopped. Thinking that the unknown person might hade noticed him.

"Well then little friend, thanks for being so nice to me." The person said and looked up a bit from his notepad. Shino looked confused at him. "Who is he talking to?" The person continued. "But you can fly home to you're friends now." The person looked up and was holding a pen in front of him. But what Shino notice was that on his pen; just that bug he had been looking for was sitting on just that pen! And to his bad luck he had that day he saw the lantern bug fly away.

"NO! WAIT!! DON'T MAKE IT FLY AWAY!!" He called out and moved fast up to the person in a failed attempt catch it. But the bug flied away into the dissents and Shino felt that he had lost his chances for today to catch one. He didn't want to use his kikachū bugs because it would be too easy and they could maybe hurt it. The person got shocked by Shino's call that he jumped up and gave out a loud shriek and dropped his purple earphones and the MP3 on the ground and look at Shino really surprised and back away some steps from him. "What the hell are you doing!?! Are you going to give me a heart attack!!?" He yelled at him. "Whoo! This guy dress really weird… is he dangerous?... I can't see his face."

Shino glance down on the ground and picked up the earphones to give them back and to apologies for his behavior and looked at him.

"… I'm sorry." He said and stretches out his hand to give back the earphones. But he got a surprise.

The unknown person wasn't a guy that he had thought from the begging. It was a girl, maybe only a year older than him. She had short ruffled chestnut brown hair and green shocked eyes and a small beauty spot under her left eye. Her jacket was open and she was wearing a light brown T-shirt and a simple necklace. It was made of leather, spun around a piece of polished bone. Two red plastic gems where attached to two leather strings hanging against the bone, "…She look like a guy from the behind when se was sitting down."

The girl looked suspicious at him but took the earphones back. "Thanks… Why did you shout at me?..."

"The lantern bug." Shino replied short. "I was looking for that one."

"Lantern bug?... You mean that bright coloured insect that flied away. It's called that?"

"Yes" he said, nodding his head slightly.

"You where looking for that one? Why? " She asked him.

"I collect insects."

"Okay… an unusual hobby... Well better luck next time I guess." she smiled a bit nervously. "Have you been looking for a long time for just that one?"

"You ask allot." Shino answered only. She looked at him a bit surprised. "Well sorry then! I was just curious." She replied back a bit annoyed. "Not the talkative type is he?..."

"Sorry. But yes, it's a rare one." He said short.

"Okay… " She said and looked at him a bit suspicious and was holding her notepad closer to herself like she wanted it to protect her. "I can't se his face so much… and that long coat. I don't really like it… and it's getting dark…" She was getting nervous. She didn't know him and she thought he dressed weird and she couldn't see his face cause of the coat and his round shades. Shino look at her and saw her reaction and turned away. "I will go now. Goodbye." He said and walked back to the path and followed it like he did before.

The girl got surprised but a bit reviled. "Okay… bye." She said and followed him with her eyes and waited a moment. "He was a weird one… Hope he wasn't a "bad guy"…I think I will wait a bit before I will go home I think... just to be safe." She grabbed her black bag that was leaning against the stump and put down her notepad and her pencil and put her earphones around her neck.

Shino followed the road and as it turned around he glanced back at her. "She seemed a bit weird… never seen her before I think…" He thought and followed the road out of the woods. He walked into the market streets of Konoha the way home. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice.

"Yo! Shino!" The person was of course Kiba. He walked over to Shino and pounded him on the shoulder. "How did it go!? Did you find it!? This bug of yours" He asked happily. Shino looked at him and slowly shake his head. "No I didn't."

"Maaan! That's sucks! Better luck next time!" Kiba said. Shino simply agreed with a nod. "Where do you have Akamaru?" Shino asked when he couldn't se Kiba's dog.

"I left him at home. He was tired."

"You are not then?"

"Of course I am! But my mom nagged me to buy some grosser before they closed. So I left him to get some sleep. I wished I could sleep too now you know!" Kiba complained and was holding up a bag with what look like some vegetables inside. Shino simple answered with a hum and looked at it.

"Well I'm going home now! You can tag along a bit. You're going the same way as me aren't you?" Kiba asked him. Shino nodded and they started to go along the road. After a while Kiba started to talk again. "You know Shino, that small house that is on my road that has been empty some years now."

"Yes. What about it?" Shino asked.

"Somebody moved in while we where away on our latest mission. I don't know who has moved in. Maybe we can see now when we are going to pass it. I'm a bit curious."

"Sure." Shino answered. Not as enthusiastic as his friend, but he didn't have so much to do more today.

They walked the rod and saw the small house up ahead. Some lamps where light in the windows and certainly it looked like someone hade moved in.

"See! I told you!" Kiba said as he grinned. "Yes I can see that." Shino simple agreed.

"Wonder who has moved in?" Kiba asked himself and look as the past the entrée to the small garden in front of the house. And to his happiness he saw someone by the door and stopped. "Hey look. It's a girl." He whispered to Shino.

Shino look behind Kiba and to his surprise it was the same girl he hade meet in the forest.

She was standing by the door. Looking for her keys in her bag and she hade her earphones on and was humming to the song she was listening to and was swaying to the music. She found her keys and unlocks the door and opened it and went in. When she was about to close the door she noticed someone in the eye of her corner and turned around and she saw only Kiba. She looked surprise and turned of her MP3 in her hand inside her pocket. She smiled a bit and nodded to him as a hello before she closed the door. Kiba smiled back and waved with one hand.

"Did you see her? She looks nice." Kiba said to Shino and to his surprise Shino had already continued the road forward. "Maybe." He replied short and continued to walk. Kiba walked up to him. "Do you think she lives there al alone?" He asked Shino while he was looked at him. "I don't know. No ones where home now cause she had to unlock the door herself. Or maybe her parents will come home later."

"Well maybe." Kiba agreed. Shino thought a bit before he continued. "I did actually meet her in the forest."

"What??" Kiba looked at him surprised. "Why didn't you say anything!?"

Shino stopped when the road split. "I didn't know it was her until now and I think she got afraid of me."

"Afraid of you? Why?" Kiba asked.

"I think I scared her when I was looking for my bug. Ether way, I will not bother her. So I have no need to say anything to her." Shino Said and was about to walk the other way.

"Maaan Shino you are complicated guy!" Kiba said as he saw he walked away. "Well see ya!"

Shino raised his hand and waved a simple goodbye as he walk home.


Naruto characters © Masashi Kishimoto

The "unknown person/girl" and the story © Velka (Me)


The MP3? – My thought for it, is that; in my fan fiction about the "Naruto world" MP3 exist but is extremely expensive and many don't have afford with one. for this girls case it wile be clear in chapter 6,(I think), why she has one.