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As evening slowly progressed into night, Emil slowly trudged down the dirt path of Route 102. I can't believe I wasted a whole day. He thought with a sigh. And there's no way I'll be able to make it to Oldale town before nightfall.

Suddenly, Emil's head perked up. I could always sleep at the den. I never let anyone there know what I was planning so there's no shame in going back. Emil began smiling as he thought over the day. Today wasn't a total waste either! I got to meet Alice, and I learned what I have to do to become a champion! Look Out World! Emil Is On A Roll! …Why am I so hap-uff!

Emil's thoughts were cut short as a gray blur slammed into him. After picking himself off the ground, Emil looked to see what he attacked him. It was covered in mainly gray fur and standing on all fours. The fur around its mouth, paws, and stomach was black. The eyes were colored a crimson red, surrounded by a dark yellow.

A Poochyena? Why is it attacking me? As if to answer his question a growl began to be emitted from the Poochyena. To be more specific, the growl came from the Poochyena's stomach. Crap. Looks like I won't be able to 'take it easy'

The Poochyena seems to have gotten tried of standing there because it suddenly rushed at Emil. In response Emil began to focus is power and tried to grasp the Poochyena. It always works on Scat and he's much faster than this guy.

It seems reasonable to believe Emil was shocked when the charging dog was completely unaffected by his psychic grasp on it. The gray hound slammed into him with full force. The impact sent Emil flying, only to be stopped by a tree meeting his backside. Double Crap. And to make matters worse I can't even get that upset about it because that guy is emitting way too much happy.

The grey-backed omnivore let out a Howl before charging at Emil once more. Well, this looks like it's the end for me, he thought as he shut his eyes and leapt to the side is arms up in a last ditch, hopeless attempt at a dodge.


I'm okay? Emil looked up and noticed that he was in a different spot than where he was moments ago. Looking to where he used to be. What the? Why is there another me?

Indeed, for in the spot where Emil was, there was another Emil. Only the other Emil was blurred and transparent. How'd I do that? Wait! What happened to the Poochyena?

Looking slightly pass were the other Emil was, he saw the poochyena up against a tree, buried under a pile of what looked like a white cocoon-like Pokémon that had small holes in the shell that red eyes stared through.

I think I'm going to head home and pretend this encounter never happened.

Unfortunately for Emil, upon arriving to his den he noticed that it was filled with Pokemon. These pokemon looked like brown and white raccoons. Their bristly fur alternated in layers of cream and brown in a zigzag pattern and their heads were brown with spiky ears and a jagged muzzle with a black 'mask' pattern over its brown eyes and a black nose. Their feet had three claws; the forefeet colored cream and the hind feet brown, with pink paw pads on the underside and also had a spiky, bristly brush tail.

"Hey, Sammy!" Emil called out. Suddenly he was tackled from behind by one of the pokemon.

"Emil, ya back!" 'Sammy' said from her position on top of Emil. Why does everyone I know say hello with a Tackle?

"Sammy, why is your family in my den?" Emil asked. He didn't bother trying to get out from under her. He knew from experience she would get off him sooner or later.

"Oh, that. Well, ya see. We figur'd that since ya pa went awol, ya ma pass'd a whay, ya sista been captuya'd and ya goin' on ya journe' ya wouldn't a minded if we a look'd afta da place." Sammy explained.

"So Scat told you all about that, huh?" Emil asked.

"Yup, 'ight before 'e got captuya'd." Sammy answered as she got off Emil.

"What! Captured? How? Scat may have been an idiot, but he was great at avoiding trainers. So how did he get captured?" Emil asked. His outburst drawing the attention of all the other pokemon in he den.

"Well, ya see. 'e wa' makin' this 'hole big ruckus 'bout how ya'll were gonna become da Champion. A trainer done and went got da drop on 'im." Sammy told him. Great, my best friend got captured and its all my fault.

"Now don't ya'll go blamin' ya self for dis. That little rascal woulda ended up captuya'd soona or latera anyhoo." A voice said. Looking around confirmed it belong to one of the older pokemon.

"I guess." Emil said as shifted his vision to the floor.

"Now listen 'ere. Ya'll proly had a long day. So why don't ya go an get som' rest? We's can talk 'bout dis ta morrow." the elder told him.

Begrudged, Emil walked over to the pile of leaves that was his bed and quickly nodded off.

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