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With grief I turned to my friends, who were also grief stricken.

"NO! it can't be! Lord Kronos can't be gone!" Victoria hissed.

I whirled around, realizing that the danger wasn't over. While Victoria was still alive we were all endanger. Her red hair was all over the place and her red eyes flaming.

I Stepped out in front of everyone with my sword, "Fight me, or else you want to run away because that's the only thing your good at." I could feel the others getting ready for a fight.

Nico, get them out of here, back to Chiron. Anywhere but here, I discover a mental connection with my brother.

He sighed mentally, alright, but they won't go.

He grabbed Percy, whispered something, but Perce just shook his head.

They want to stay, just in case something goes wrong.

Fine, I thought.

Victoria looked at me and said in a sickly sweet voice, "Now why would I run from an opportunity like this."

In the same voice I answered, "Because when James died that's exactly what you did, run."

She glared and lunged, but I was ready.

But she had a longer fighting experience.

She knocked me to the ground and, thanks the gods, I had my shield ready. "You can't beat me give in." she whispered.

"No," I hissed "I am the above you, I am the daughter of Hades, you give into me." With that I put my sword in her stomach. She gasped in pain, but suddenly she smiled and said, "I will come back, and when I do you will be sorry. All of you will finally see what I can do once up to full power."

She melted into golden dust, and I cried. They were tears of all kinds: sorrow, happiness, pain, relief and realization. The last line of the prophecy wasn't about me, it was about Victoria. I didn't really kill her, just like Greek monsters, she will be back. I didn't tear her apart and burn the pieces; I simply got rid of her for a while.

Behind me all were celebrating, and Edward was back. He smiled my favorite smile and embraced me.

"I love you, and I'm sorry for what I did to you in the woods. I went so long thinking you were dead…" his voice trailed off.

"Shhh," I said putting my finger to his mouth, his topaz eyes boring into mine, "what is done is done. It's the past, over with. Let's just look onto the future."

"Awwwww" a voice said. I spun around to see Aphrodite with the biggest smile on her face. "I knew it was true, you too were meant for each other! And I have a gift for you too!" she smiled mischievously and shooed the other away.

"You too will be gifted with a child; this child will have Bella's eyes, Edwards's hair and ohhhh you will just have to wait! This child will only take a month to grow, and in the end Bella-

"Aphrodite! Leave the child alone. I must speak with them, alone."

"But Uncle Hades!" she whined, "I know why can't I stay?"

Hades smiled, "because ever since Isabella found Edward you haven't left me alone."

Aphrodite huffed but left in angry pink smoke.

"Now, I will not have you leaving my daughter again, especially with a child on the way." He directed his words to Edward.

Edward looked hurt, but his words came out strong, "I ask you this one thing, may I have Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Hades, hand in marriage?"

I stood stunned; did Edward really still love me that much, over 97 years, to marry me?

"There is no one else for me," I whispered, "please father, let me marry Edward."

His smile told me his mind was made up, "Of course."

"Thank You!" I cried. "We have to tell everyone else!" I pulled Edward and shadow-traveled back to Camp-Half Blood where there was celebration.

One week later

I watched as Annabeth walked down the aisle, I was next. Annabeth, Thaila, and Rose were my braids maids and Alice was my maid of Honor. Percy, Nico, Emmett and Jasper were at the altar next to Edward.

As the music began Hades took his arm in mine. All the gods were there, even Artemis, although she didn't look too thrilled. We got there and Hades sat down. We were on the beach at Camp Half-blood. It was the one place we all felt safe and serene.

Edward and I exchanged vows, then finally the faithful words came, "you may kiss the bride."

As the kiss deepened Artemis could have stood up and announce that she had a child and I wouldn't have noticed.

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