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"I hate you!"

It hurts, listening to her say those spiteful words over and over. I wish she'd stop.

"I hate you!" she screams, her arms and legs thrashing about. "Freddork – let me go!"

I don't want to.

I just want to hold onto her tightly and never let go, as cheesy as it sounds, because it's true.

She flails wildly in my arms, looking for a possible escape. "What is wrong with you?" she demands, shooting me a deadly glare with her blue-green eyes. I stare at them blankly.

Look into my eyes, Sam. Look into my eyes and read them.

"Fredward!" she continues to try pulling away from my stone-like grasp. She slaps my fingers, and I realize my nails must be digging into her skin. She bites her lip. "You're hurting me," she admits feebly, but I don't loosen my grip. I keep staring at her eyes.

Her pretty blue-green eyes.

They're blank, full of confusion. She doesn't know why I keep holding her, nor when I got so strong. The last statement makes me chuckle, but the stare remains.

Read them, Sam. There's a message in my eyes and I need you to read it!

She knows I won't let her go, so she gives up and glares at me again. The anger returns. "I hate you," she whispers with as much hate she can muster. My arms drop, and I frown. She watches me carefully, and I look at her with pleading eyes.

Please understand, Sam.

I'm begging you.

"Just.. just go back to Carly and dream about your soon-to-be perfect future," she snaps. "Stop.. don't look at me like that!"

Just look into my eyes!

I love you.

I love you.

I love you!

She blinks and nods before leaving the hallway. I'm not too sure what that could mean.

She'll never understand, will she?


His eyes are confusing.

They're a dark brown, maybe even black. They're full of seriousness and a deep emotion I can't stand.


Why is it there? Why is he staring at me with love?

I nearly gasp. He can't love me. He loves her.

"I hate you," I whisper meekly. He blinks and drops his arm, defeated. The love in his eyes is hurting me – they won't leave.

I want to scream out the words; I love you too. But I shouldn't, and I can't...

He deserves better than me. He could do so much better...

"Just.. just go back to Carly and dream about your soon-to-be perfect future," I mutter coldly, looking away. I wish I didn't have to say those words. My heart pounds harder and I squeeze my eyes shut to somehow ease the unbearable pain. "Stop.. don't look at me like that!"

I want to cry, because I can read his eyes like a book.

He loves me.

He loves me..

Please.. don't.

He looks like he wants to cry too.

I give him a small nod before leaving, and then I run.

Faster and faster until I'm out of the building.

Then I burst into tears.


They're complete idiots.

The love in their eyes is unmistakable.

She loves him.

He loves her.

They're meant for each other, and somehow they've found reasons why they shouldn't - because they're two, stubborn idiots.

Stupid.. stupid, stupid-

"Kiss her, Freddie! Just.. do something!" I cry, unheard on the other side of the door. I wish this peephole was larger.

And I wish they could hear me!

I can barely make out their words, but once Freddie lets her go, I want to slam the door down and smack some sense into them.

A frustrated sigh from Freddie, another from me. "Together yet?" Spencer asks. I shake my head slowly, watching Sam turn the corner and leave. Freddie stands and watches her with hopeful eyes.

"Maybe tomorrow." he doesn't seem too bothered by it, but I am.

Maybe not. Maybe so.

Love wins in the end, right? It does, doesn't it?

I hope so.


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