A Secret Admirer: The Stalking of Severus Snape

Note: This fic also ties in with my other stories. Snape's owl also makes another appearance in this fic. He is very much his master's owl…and possesses qualities that would surely make Slytherin proud.

Chapter 1: The Piece of Rubbish

The owl hesitated before swooping into Professor Snape's office. Charon's master would not be pleased with the message residing in his beak. Of course, Charon was not supposed to open the parchment, but he couldn't help himself. Females never sent Professor Snape messages. There was always the old lady that settled his accounts at the Apothecary in Hogsmeade, but that didn't count. The message he was carrying was not of a business nature.

Professor Snape was sitting at his desk while marking essays with fluid strokes of his quill. The red ink was barely dry as he began reading the next piece of rubbish. He could not comprehend how Weasley even managed to dress himself in the morning for breakfast. This many newt eyes would make the draft of living death irreversible. Maybe during the next session of Double Potions he would inform Weasley of this and suggest a quick demonstration.

Professor Snape looked up as Charon approached his desk He reached over to take the piece of parchment held fast in his beak and then began to read silently….

My darling Severus,

We kiss in my dreams…

through many plots and schemes…

I will have you as my own.

Your Secret Admirer

The Wise Owl

Professor Snape had to ask himself… What the hell is this?

Snape raised an eyebrow and looked from his owl to the parchment in his hands several times.

"From whom did you receive this parchment, Charon?" he asked softly, as he looked into the owl's eyes.

Charon explained that he was returning from his delivery order to the Apothecary and he was approached by a figure in a dark cloak. He discerned it was a female from her voice, but the figure's face was covered by a large hood. They were near the Hogwarts grounds.

"This is rubbish," exclaimed Snape

Charon agreed. That is what he thought, so he didn't even bother to inquire into the figure's identity further.

"Well, if she was wearing a hood, she is certainly not a muggle."

Charon nodded and added that it would also be very difficult for a muggle to acquire parchment, unless they had their kind ( wizards and witches) in their family. Difficult… but not impossible, however.

Snape nodded at the owl and did not concur.

"Now, a female, you claim?" Snape asked the owl.

The owl nodded.

"Tall or short?"

The owl stated that she was of medium height.

"You did not view hair color or a face due to the hood. Correct?"intoned Snape.

The owl nodded and said that no distinguishable features were visible.

"The voice…did it seem, youthful or older?" Snape asked the owl.

The owl couldn't tell. He did not tell his master that he wasn't paying attention due to the shock he had sustained.

"You may go, Charon. That will be all," said Snape smoothly.

Snape decided that he would ignore it. It could be someone's idea of a foolish prank. They will thank Merlin that he did not look into this further. They would never have a chance of regaining the amount of House points he would have deducted.