So this is my obsessive montage, as true to the plot of Law and Order: SVU as I could make it. I'm somewhat addicted to Alex Cabot, played by Stephanie March, who is the love of my life, though she doesn't know who the hell I am. Ha. Well, enjoy this (as much as I enjoy Alex and Olivia :D)

Olivia Benson, SVU detective, was easily the most masculine female in the whole of NYPD. Maybe even the most masculine in New York, as Elliot would certainly agree with. Her hair was cropped boy short to keep it out of her face whilst on the job, her clothes were always loose and comfortable, and she never wore jewelry, except for the man's watch that encircled her wrist. She was tough, passionate, and emotional about the victims she saw every day that plagued her sleep. Anyone could tell you about Olivia Benson, except for maybe Finn.

Alexandra Cabot, ADA, was driven, beautiful, and commanding. She was well known for her perfectionism and her determination to have her way. Alex was as feminine as they come: blonde, slender, and always gorgeous, even beneath her button down shirts and formal clothes. Alex was no angel, but even though she was known as an ice princess in court, her cold exterior was the only way to keep her head out of water in a field dominated by men and older more experienced women. Alex never let her emotions show if she could help it, sticking to relationships based on the most superficial of terms. Despite this, she was much loved by the SVU detectives who worked with her.

When Alex was first introduced to the Special Victims Unit as their official Assistant District Attorney, she was positive she'd stick out amongst the well-seasoned detectives who'd seen more horrific things than she'd ever dreamed of. And while at first, she was wary and held back, eventually they accepted her for her. They began to share both the joys and the downfalls of their jobs with her, and listened sympathetically to boring stories from court. Before she knew, she really liked the detectives.

Especially Olivia. Though they had different ideas on how the system worked (Alex was a cold realist whilst Olivia sympathized the victim) the two had something, and Alex liked it. She didn't know how to become closer to Olivia, though, what with Elliot Stabler, her partner, always taking her out for coffee in between shifts and walking her home after work, and it wasn't really her place as new blood to impose a friendship on Olivia. But she felt a considerable pull to the strong, kick-ass detective who was as driven as Alex to find the answer.

Alex eventually got her courage up to talk to Olivia after a particularly grueling day in court. She'd spotted the whole entourage – Olivia, Elliot, Finn, Munch, and Cragen – in the back of the courtroom, nodding her on in encouragement, as she delivered her closing statement. The defendant, a serial rapist who Alex had prosecuted with three firsthand witnesses to his brutality and lack of regard for humanity on her side, was convicted after a stretched out trial. As Alex was shrugging into her long black coat, she caught a glimpse of Olivia out of the corner of her eye.

Ordinarily, Alex would have smiled quickly, looked down at the toes of her shoes, and shyly walked on. But today, filled with exhilaration at another win for the people, she halted at Olivia's desk.

"Hi," Alex said brightly. Olivia looked up swiftly to face Alex, and smiled.

"Hey, Alex," Olivia said warmly, gathering her things. "Congratulations on the trial; you did good today."

"Thanks." Alex shifted in her heels. "I was wondering – well, you're probably busy, but if not, I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat."

"I'd love to," Olivia told her, slinging her bag around her shoulder. "Where to?"

This thought hadn't struck Alex yet. "Wherever you want to go. You'd probably know better than I do."

"All right," Olivia Benson answered. With a sweeping gesture, she motioned Alex ahead. "Lead the way, Ms. Cabot."

Alex blushed under the fall of her soft blonde hair where she thought Olivia couldn't see. She was wrong on that one, however…

"Thanks for coming with me." Alex paused, brushing back a loose strand of blonde hair. "I had a really good time tonight."

"Me too," Olivia agreed. "We should do this again."

"We should."

The two of them stood there slightly awkwardly for a moment, until Olivia leaned in to hug Alex. Alex's head rested against Olivia's neck for the briefest instant until the two parted.

"Goodnight, Alex."

"Goodnight, Olivia." Olivia slipped into her apartment with one last warm smile directed at Alex. Alex could feel her heart beating flutteringly against her ribs, dripping with happiness at the way she and Olivia had hit it off. It had been long since Alex had felt the kind of easiness she'd felt with Olivia. It felt good to have that kind of connection again with someone.

Alex was the kind of person who didn't really have a life outside of her job. Her friends were limited to fellow prosecutors and the detectives she worked alongside. She was introspective and quiet while she was around other people, and she knew she came off as cold and stuck up. But deep down, Alex was shy. When she took off her legal clothes and stepped off her soapbox, Alex was downright afraid.

Olivia had thoroughly enjoyed her evening with the quiet and inexplicable Alex. She'd always thought Alex wasn't ever going to be comfortable around SVU but it looked like the real Alex was slowly emerging. There was something elusive about Alex Cabot, and Olivia wanted to spend more time with the blonde beauty.

Both felt the strangest pull towards each other. It was as if each saw in each other what they lacked in themselves, a captivation so bright they couldn't bear to look away. Unknown to them both, this last look between the two was when they stole each other's hearts.