Well, the Lost fic has been going good, though don't worry, I'm not quitting on you guys!!!! It'd been busy and long, but there's a LOT of femslash. I love LOST and have been obsessively slaving away, but I'm back to post for you! There's a lot in store for Liv and Alex, and without further ado, we return to their reunion…

…Where we left off…

"I hope not…" Casey was suddenly fixated by something at the door, behind Elliot and Olivia's heads. The two turned around, to see what had caught her eye only to see a man and a woman step into the room. Olivia's jaw dropped subconsciously as she took in the sight, as if she'd seen a ghost. There was no way she was seeing what was before her eyes. It was a hallucination, a delusion, a mirage. It wasn't possible that Olivia was seeing the woman standing before her, smiling shyly at them all. It wasn't possible that she was seeing the beautiful cornsilk hair she'd ran her fingers through so many times. It wasn't possible that she was seeing those blue eyes that could cut you to ribbons, that flawless alabaster skin, those caressing fingers.

"Alex…" Olivia managed, and even then, she didn't believe.

Alexandra Cabot breathed in sharply at the sight of Olivia Benson. Her dark hair was a little longer, her cheekbones more gaunt on her face, her familiar full lips pressed together in shock. She wasn't surprised by Olivia's reaction; after all, they hadn't seen each other in almost two years. But that didn't stop her from wanting to take Olivia by the hand and kiss her right there, in front of Elliot and the gorgeous but pissy looking redhead who was presumably the SVU detectives' new ADA.

Of course, she was interrupted in her staring battle with Olivia, as Elliot's voice broke through, his voice hoarse and low. "You didn't have to come back," he told her, his eyes boring into hers, still unsure whether she was a mirage or was physically in front of him. She could tell, despite his words of warning, that he was unbelievably glad to see her.

Alex cricked up her lip. "I know," she assured him. "But who else is gonna get you out of trouble?" She grinned broadly at him, earning a chuckle from Elliot.

The redhead interrupted. "Before everyone gets reacquainted, they're waiting for us in court."

Suddenly, Munch and Fin were at the door, barging in. "Cragen wanted us to…" Munch stopped, breathless, at the sight of Alex.

"What the…" Fin muttered, staring in wonder at the blonde. The four detectives all continued to awkwardly gawk at Alex before Munch broke the silence.

"Teflon!" he cried, leaning in to give her a quick hug, clapping her on the back. Alex returned the gesture, welcoming the embrace from a member of her past life. Fin and Elliot joined in, whooping with joy that their beloved ice queen Alex was back to kick ass in their courtroom again.

As they parted from each other's arms, Alex turned to Olivia who was still standing outside the circle, looking at Alex as if she were merely vapor. "Olivia," Alex said.

Olivia swallowed hard, watching the beautiful blonde intently. Her stare was neither inviting nor dispassionate, but for the first time, Alex didn't know what to expect from the detective. What if Olivia didn't feel the same way as she had eighteen months ago? What if she had merely erased Alex from her life when she'd gone into Witness Protection?

"Olivia?" Alex said quietly. She didn't care about the male detectives all watching with an air of curiosity, or the redhead who was now looking really impatient. She had eyes only for Olivia, who looked close to tears.

"I can't believe it's you," Olivia whispered quietly.

"It is."

They stood there before each other, until they both simultaneously leaned in to hug each other tightly. Olivia pressed her face against the curve of Alex's neck, breathing in that familiar scent of peppermint she'd missed so much. The blonde clung to Olivia, feeling her soft-feathered hair brushing her cheek. "I missed you," Alex breathed into her ear softly, feeling the tears unexpectedly filling her own eyes.

Casey coughed. "Ahem. Court?"

Alex stepped back from Olivia reluctantly. "Sorry. Back to the old courtroom, huh? Who's the judge sitting on my case? I need to go say hello and let them know I'm not dead after all…"

Being back in the courtroom was a breath of fresh air for Alex. Everything was so familiar, it was like she'd never left, though it felt like it'd been excruciatingly long since she'd sat in one. Though it was odd to walk in and sit in the gallery while watching the defense attorney for Liam Conners, Richard Kressler, demanding the SVU detectives' arrests.

It was unnerving to see Liam Conners. At first glance, he was foreboding. The eyes were coal black and gleaming with unnerve as she danced into the courtroom, infamous blonde hair flying behind her. Surprisingly, Alex wasn't afraid, merely pissed off to see the perp who'd evaded Elliot as he ran after him that dark and horrific night. She leveled a cool stare in his direction and didn't look away. Of course, having Hammond flanking her with his gun half exposed by his suit jacket was a consolation but still. It paid to have a reputation as an ice princess to live up to.

Watching the redheaded ADA in court, whose name, Alex had discovered, was Casey, only left Alex itching to be back up there in the chair, prosecuting the cases she used to thrive on. She'd returned to her world to find it moving without her, and she longed to find her way back into the rhythm she was so accustomed to. She wasn't even used to her life spinning off its axis as it was already, and now, being back with the SVU detectives made it so much more apparent. She'd been gone for a very long time.