"So say we agree to this alliance," Endu began once Sirius had finished outlining their battle plans, "What do you have to offer us? Other than your assistance with the Wraith and Achnids, for hopefully they will not be around much longer." He didn't notice the glares that were sent his way from the other Preliums.

Hermione stood. "We're living in the Ancestral City, aren't we? We have access to information that's been lost to your people for thousands of years. We've already answered some of the riddles held within books at Brooklan Castle. We can offer you a trade of information."

"Sounds like a good deal to me, Endu." Maren said. "I move to vote."

"Seconded." Jikara said, echoed by Kish and Yatuli.

"All those in favor of an alliance with the Brotherworld?" Marcus asked. Nine of the ten hands (including Marcus's hand) rose into the air. Sirius smiled approvingly. If the vote stayed the same, they'd have more than enough to approve the usage of soldiers for the battle. The room erupted into applause when they saw that they had enough. Even Starslite decided to side with the alliance, much to Endu's dismay.

"Motion to vote on the battle plans," Yatuli said after the applause died down. "We should just get it all done now." The others nodded, but Endu looked incensed.

"You wish to rush through something as important as this?" Endu spat to them. "We need to think this through."

"We don't have time, Endu." Maren argued. "It'll take hours to get the Berniens together, and Merlin knows how long it'll take them to train the Brotherworlders. Not to mention all the other things that need to get done."

"So we'll postpone until night after next." Endu suggested."I don't want to waste lives needlessly."

"Should have thought of that before you sent us on the Hantel Raid six years ago, Endu." Sirius growled. "Don't forget that I was one of the Berniens you sent there." Hermione sent him a questioning glance, but Sirius shook his head ever so slightly. He'd explain it to her later, if she really wanted to know.

"That wasn't my fault!" Endu retorted. "That was Gadshaw's fault. He was the commanding officer at the time."

"Blame a dead man for your own mistakes!" Kleit shouted at him as he stood. "You were the one who pushed for the Raid."

"Enough, Certus, Kleit." Marcus stood. "That is enough. You are not helping anything right now." The properly chastened Berniens lowered their heads and sat back down. "Now, we've had a motion to proceed with voting on the battle plans. Is there a second?"

"Seconded," nearly everyone in the room said at the same time. Predictably, only Endu remained silent. "All those in favor of the battle plans?" Just as predictably, all of the Preliums – except for Endu – raised their hands. "All those opposed?"

Endu raised his hand, and Marcus met his eyes. "Your opposition is duly noted in the records." Endu's nostrils flared as he realized what Marcus's words meant. That record could either be a blessing politically or a curse. If the mission went south, like Endu believed it would, then he'd look like the only Prelium with half a brain. It'd give him trust in the eyes of the populace. If the mission went well, he'd look horrible for fighting against something that effectively crippled the Achnid and Wraith.

"Now, Preliums, by your leave, the four of us will gather the Bernien forces we require and depart for the City of the Ancestors." Marcus said, motioning for the others to stand. They followed his command and stood before the Preliums.

The other Preliums nodded, and the four took their leave. Hermione said, "Thank you," as she left the room with the others.


"Stage Dummy – Test mode," Thompson heard Potter say as the man pointed his wand towards the dummy in front of him. Suddenly the dummy spurred to life. In a flash, it'd lifted its wand and started firing spells at the unsuspecting muggle soldier. He just barely managed to dodge the first spell, but the second burned a small hole in his bulletproof vest. "Shit!" He screeched, poking his finger into the hole. The next spell the dummy cast sent him flying on his rump to the other side of the room.

"Exercise concluded," The dummy intoned, and the room erupted into applause and laughter. Harry went over to where Thompson had fallen and offered the soldier a hand up. Thompson grudgingly accepted and was pulled to his feet by the Auror.

"That's the first lesson of the day. Never underestimate your opponents. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it isn't capable of defeating you." Harry looked around, and the more veteran soldiers in the room were nodding in agreement. "Major Thompson did something that most of my Aurors fail to do the first time they go against a dummy. He dodged a spell." Thompson looked in surprise at Harry, who just smiled back at him. "You can go back to your team now, Major." The man wandered over to where his comrades were standing. "Any other questions? No? In that case, each of you will be going against a dummy so I know where everyone's starting. If you survive two minutes against your dummy or succeed in neutralizing it without using projectiles, you'll be helping me train the others."

"Sir," another soldier raised his hand. "Why can't we use projectiles?"

"Magic shields can't stop them." Harry explained. "I don't have enough dummies for everyone to shoot one and get it over with."

"If shields can't stop projectiles," Thompson began, "then what are we doing here?"

"Muggle technology, even things like pens, doesn't work in areas of highly concentrated magic." Harry answered. "So you need to be ready to fight a magic user without your weapons, should you come across one. That's why you need to be able to neutralize a dummy before you can go. Or at least be able to dodge the spells long enough to survive an encounter with a magic user." He got back up onto the stage and moved towards the dummy. "Most of you won't be part of the group that attacks the Achnid base, but our reports suggest that there are Achnid soldiers on the Wraith hive ship in the area. They will be just as good, if not better, than these dummies. The dummies are set to Auror level. If you can beat them, you could beat one of my officers."

"We couldn't beat you, then, huh?" A girl cheekily asked, grinning.

Harry shook his head. "Not to sound conceited, but no. You couldn't beat me without magic."

"Unless we shoot you." Thompson amended.

Harry smirked. "You're really asking for it, aren't you?" The room rumbled in laughter.

"Prove it and maybe I'll stop." Thompson challenged, and his fellows groaned around him.

"You don't have to, Mr. Potter," Jack said. "Thompson's just a knucklehead."

Harry shrugged. "If it'll make this easier, I don't see why not. But I'll wait until the Berniens arrive. It'll be much more realistic if I can demonstrate my abilities against other magic users." He smirked. "Maybe I can get Certus to show me how good Lorenians train their Bernien commanders." Jack, SG-1, and SGA-1 chuckled. It would be interesting to see the godson fight against the godfather. "For now, I want you to break into groups. Let's see… There're fifty people in this room, so groups of ten. Try to match up with people outside your normal teams as much as possible. Once you have your team, have everyone gather 'round a dummy."

Teyla and Ronon immediately grouped themselves with Daniel Jackson and Vala MalDoran from SG-I. John and Rodney paired themselves with O'Neill and Teal'c. Mitchell went with the commanding officer of SG-3, and the other teams spread themselves amongst the groups the two lead teams formed. Soon enough, they were organized into the teams Harry had called for. "Good." Harry said when everyone was situated. "Sonorus," he said, pointing his wand at his throat again. "Now, each dummy has a red spot on its head. Neutralize the dummy by hitting that spot with your fist. You have one minute to come up with a battle plan. After each round, I'll be pulling one soldier from each group to test them against the Stage Dummy. I'll also be shortening your planning time and rotating your groups every five minutes. We're trying to make this as realistic as possible. Your minute starts… now." Harry cancelled the Sonorus charm and cast a spell that heightened his hearing over his ears.

At the dummy on the right closest to the stage, Daniel immediately took control of his group. "All right, here's what we'll do. Treat it like a game of Kick the Can." The three aliens around him drew blank expressions. They'd figured it out soon enough. "While everyone else distracts the dummy, three or four people should try to go up and hit its face. That group can rotate every couple of tries so it doesn't catch on." The others nodded, and they proceeded to designate the smaller attack groups.

It was an interesting idea, Harry had to admit, but it was one that all of the trainees came up with. Normally, though, it took them a few tries to come up with it. Harry turned his attention to the group on the left of the stage, where John and Jack had taken charge.

"Who's the best at dodging bullets in this group?" John asked, raising his own hand. O'Neill raised his, too, as did Teal'c. "Here's the plan. Teal'c, General O'Neill, and I will try to neutralize the dummy by sneaking up behind it. Everyone else needs to distract it from what we're doing. Is that OK with you, General?" The older officer nodded, and the group broke their huddle. Harry turned away so they wouldn't know he'd been watching them.

They had another theory that most trainees didn't think about until a few attempts into the training session. This might go quicker than he originally thought. Harry smiled to himself. It was nice to work with people who've had combat training. Unfortunately, the other three groups were too far away for his charm to work, so he took off the spell and just watched. Mitchell had taken command of his group, and Thompson had taken command of his. The third group's commander was someone from Atlantis Harry had yet to meet. Harry wished they had just a little more room, so that the groups could have spread out a bit more. Ah well, it would have to do for now.


"So your commander decided I wasn't trustworthy enough to go with them, did he?" Sari asked. She hadn't spoken the entire time they'd been in the Bernien Headquarters. She'd silently been fuming to herself about the injustices of Lorena and how much she hated the planet. But then she saw Darien in the picture on Cally's wall of her team, and she remembered why she was doing this in the first place. There was no doubt in her mind that they'd made the right decision. If nothing else, the two could have their relationship without hiding it.

Cally had just walked back into the room. She'd been reporting her intelligence to the squad leader of the Spy Division. She also added that Darien was now an Achnid working for them, and explained the situation behind that. Before she left, Cally had put an alarm on the door, so if Sari had tried to snoop about Cally would have known. It went a long way in Cally's mind that Sari had stayed put the entire time she was gone. "Certus is slow to trust, Sari. Remember that he didn't see what I did of your relationship with Darien."

"This is true." Sari grudgingly admitted. "He did not see the Patronus." She grinned despite herself.

"How long have you been together?" Cally asked, curious. She'd seen Darien's Patronus not long before the betrayal. It'd been the same as it always was. She took the seat at her desk, and Sari sat down opposite her.

"Only two days. He met me just after he turned." Sari said. "He spoke to the Emperor as soon as we were done talking. I heard about this discussion, and I went up to him later that day, even though I knew the Emperor wouldn't want to 'share'."

"He must truly love you, if you are the embodiment of his happy thoughts." Cally remarked. That was what a Patronus form was – it wasn't an embodiment of a Witch or Wizard's personality, like so many believed. It was an embodiment of that Witch or Wizard's happiest thought. Cally's was a wolf because her happiest thought came from having a family willing to send their children to Brooklan just so they could all be together. Her brothers hadn't been accepted to Zard's Academy of Magic. So, the pack mentality that Cally's memory exhibited was perfectly embodied by the wolf form.

Sally nodded. "This is true."

The door opened, and a Bernien stood in the archway. "Second Derv, you are requested at the Portal. Your guest's presence is requested as well." He used her formal title as one of Certus's 2IC's.

Cally's eyes narrowed. "Who is making the request?"

"Commander Calhoun and Prolium Ventrius." The Bernien – Cally thought his name was Hansel Janen – replied. "They need your presence immediately. We are departing for the City of the Ancestors." His skepticism was eclipsed by the excitement in his voice."

"How many Berniens are gathered at the Portal?" Cally asked. She knew there were a little over a hundred living in Tara, and nearly three hundred living in Zard. Merlin only knew how many there were in the other cities.

Janen seemed to hesitate for a second, casting a glance in Sari's direction. "Nearly two hundred. Commander Calhoun and Prolium Ventrius hope they'll be enough. Another two hundred are on hold." She gaped at him – never, in her seven years as a Bernien, had something of this magnitude taken place. Even the Hentel Raid had only been one hundred Berniens. What was Certus planning?

Cally turned to Sari. "Come on. Bernien Janen, this is Mage Chinsen. She will be assisting us during the mission. Do not ask questions about her past – that is a direct order. Spread it around the other Berniens."

"Yes, Second Derv." Janen replied. "Shall I Apparate Mage Chinsen to the Portal?"

"No, I'll do it. Tell Commander Calhoun that we're on our way." Cally replied. Janen Apparated out of the room and Cally turned back to Sari. "Let's go." She grabbed Sari's wrist and Apparated to the Portal. She started fighting her way through the horde of Berniens surrounding the Portal. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to reach the Portal, she pulled her wand from her holster. Shooting red sparks into the air and adding a popping noise for show, Cally effectively got the attention of the Berniens surrounding them. "I am Second Cally Derv! Clear a path!" Dutifully, the Berniens stepped aside and formed a path to the Portal. Up at the end of the path stood Certus, Marcus, Kleit, and the diplomat from the City of the Ancestors. "Thank you," she said to the soldiers before walking down to where Certus and the others stood. Soon enough, everyone had gone back to jabbering like crazy. Cally shook her head. "Can't we ever get them to stop jabbering?" She asked over the buzz of noise.

"You just did." Certus sounded impressed. "Good job, Derv."

Cally smiled at the praise, but immediately went into a smirk. "So what's this all about, Calhoun? Got a girl on Achnia you're trying to impress?"

"As vulgar as that would be," he said, adding a quick "Sorry, but it's true," to Sari, "No. This is the End-Time Army, mate." Dr. Marshall started laughing, but the others drew blank expressions.

"End-Time Army?" Cally asked, not familiar with the term. "What in Merlin's name is that?" Dr. Marshall started laughing harder, and Certus's expression turned to one of shock.

"You're not a true Believer?" He asked. "Have you taken the Mark of the Beast? Have you fallen from God?" Dr. Marshall was beside herself now, clutching her stomach as she slid to the grass-laden ground.

By that time, Cally had figured out that he was joking. Dr. Marshall's condition was proof enough of that. She played along anyways. "Yeah. They got me by promising Gergals." Now the Lorenians started laughing, but Dr. Marshall looked confused. A glance behind her and Cally saw that Sari just looked bored with the whole thing.

"They're baked goods like cookies," Certus explained to Dr. Marshall, still chuckling. "Seriously, though," Dr. Marshall snorted and started laughing again, and this time Kleit and Marcus joined in. "Shut up, you lot, you know what I mean. Anyways, this is the army that will End the Battles of Old, if you get my drift." The others were still laughing by the time he finished his explanation. "Will you shut it? By Merlin's name, you're worse than Peter!" Certus's face fell.

Everyone was deathly quiet. Only the buzz from the other Berniens filled the silence that fell upon the small group by the Portal. Even some of the Berniens nearby had stopped their jabbering and watched now with interest.

Cally and Sari were confused. Who was this Peter? What had Certus been referring to with the 'Seriously' jab? Neither had any clue, but Cally knew Certus well enough to know when he was upset by something. Certus's eyes were staring off into space, and he wore an expression of deep sorrow. The odd thing, though, was the fact that his eyes were narrowed dangerously. She'd only ever seen that when he was absolutely livid about something, and that happened rarely. "Certus? Is everything alright? What's going on?" Cally asked after a long silence. "What's wrong, Certus?" She got no answer.

Dr. Marshall moved closer to Certus, and said, "Sirius, Sirius, it's all right." She turned to Marcus. "Watch him. I'm going to dial the 'gate and see how we're getting everyone over to Atlantis." That just confused Cally even more. Who did she think she was, ordering the Prolium of Lorena around like that?

Marcus nodded. He moved in front of Certus and looked into his eyes. "Sirius, you are on Lorena, not Earth. Remember – on Lorena, you are Certus Calhoun, Bernien Commander. Now is not the time for mourning." He held Certus's shoulders until the Bernien commander snapped back to himself.

"Wait, Marcus." Cally interrupted, gripping Marcus's shoulder. "Are you saying that Certus Calhoun is from Earth? What's going on here?" She was whispering, so the Berniens around them wouldn't hear. She turned to Sari and the listening Berniens. "Whatever's said or done here is not spoken of, ever. That's a direct order from a Second. Understood?" The Berniens nodded. A few of them turned away without another word, but three still watched. Cally recognized them as Taran Berniens.

Marcus shifted. "That is a long story we will discuss with everyone. That way Certus only has to deal with the memories once. For now, suffice it to say that Merlin's Prophecy will soon be fulfilled."

Cally's stomach dropped, the pieces finally falling together. She nodded in agreement. Behind her, Sari inclined her head towards Marcus in concordance.

Dr. Marshall, in the meantime, had gotten the Portal running. She'd been talking to her people, but now she wandered over to Cally and the others. "We're ready. They said to come in teams of fifty."

Certus nodded. "That's easy. We'll just have them rank up in their platoons." He pointed his wand at himself and said, 'Sonorus'.

"Wait, Certus," Marcus stopped him. "We don't have them in normal platoons, remember? For this mission, a platoon is twenty people. You'll want two platoons instead of one. We'll just go in groups of forty until we get everyone over there."

Certus turned back to the soldiers, saying "Tara One and Zard One, fall into four lines. Stay in your platoons. Keep straight, and head directly into the Portal. Once you arrive at our destination, follow the instructions of those on the other side. Second Korit will lead you through. The rest of you, be prepared to do the same." Certus watched as the Berniens hastened to do what he'd asked of them. Soon enough, Tara and Zard One were both filed down, and they followed Kleit through the Portal.

"We're ready for the next group," A voice crackled in Hermione's ear. She relayed the information to Sirius.

"Opherxies One and Tralla One, you're next. Follow Prolium Ventrius through." And so it went, with Coreil One and Darben One following Opherxies and Tralla, Ethillia One and Frigia One following them, and Yukaru and Bindi One following them. Sirius himself lead the last group through the Portal.

Once on the other side, Yukaru One was immediately taken by 'jumper to the Eastern Pier, where the whole of the Bernien forces would be spending the night and training with the Brotherworld forces. Sirius stayed with Bindi One until they were lead onto a 'jumper and flown to their temporary quarters. Sirius had everyone group up into fives for the rather large apartments on the Pier so they wouldn't take up so much room. Carter had assigned an Atlantis soldier to lead the groups of five to their quarters and then through the halls of the Pier until they reached the training room.

Sirius had arrived at the training room a bit early, as had Harry. Together with the help of some other early Berniens, the wizards managed to expand the room to be three times as big as it originally was. Sirius also helped Harry conjure fifty more dummies and other obstacles like trees, walls, rocks, and hills. Sirius stood back and admired their handiwork. "Now that's a training room," he said, smiling at his godson.

Harry nodded, grinning broadly. "Wish I had this for the Aurors back home. Hell, I wish I had this for my personal training back home." He looked at Sirius. "Speaking of which, I promised the Terrans earlier that I'd show them what I could do with a wand. Mind if I see how good Lorenian battle training is?"

Sirius smirked. "You won't stand a chance, Potter. 'Specially not if I can knock off your glasses." He motioned to the pair his godson was wearing. "If you're anything like James, you're as blind as a bat without them."

"Just try and see what happens." Harry said, smiling. He'd thought of that when he became a Bernien, so he'd gotten a few… enhancements… put into them. One of those enhancements was a strong repelling charm for anyone who tried to take his glasses off during a battle. It'd come in handy more than once during the Restoration.

By that time, everyone was gathered in the room. The Terrans were looking around in awe. Just this morning, the room had been much smaller and much less occupied. The Berniens eyed the Terrans warily, not quite sure what to make of their outlandish outfits and mannerisms.

Jack came up to the stage, which was now in the centre of the room instead of in the back. It was also lifted high enough that he could see the entire room from any position on the stage. Sirius and Harry followed him. "Okay, campers, let's get started." He shouted over the noise, and the Terrans grew quiet. The Berniens weren't far behind. "I'm General Jack O'Neill (two L's) of the United States Air Force. I, along with my comrades here," He motioned to the Terrans, "am from Earth."

This caused a stir amongst the Berniens. They were now staring at the Terrans with wide eyes, glancing between them and Sirius. Sirius nodded to show that, yes, what Jack said was true. He decided it was his turn to take over. "As rumors have spread," He had cast the Sonorus charm on himself, "I am sure by now you would all like to know the truth. Why are we here? What are we doing? Who are these people, living in the Ancestral City? I will – briefly – try to explain. I was born Sirius Black, on Earth." Sirius fought to keep his face straight when the others were utterly shocked by the information. "Some of you have probably deduced that, because I've lived on Lorena for the last thirteen years, I am both Brotherworlder and Lorenian. This is true - just as it's true that I'm the prophesized Protector of Lorena. We are here to End the Battles of Old once and for all, one way or another.

"My godson from Earth," he motioned to Harry, "Will be helping us train the Brotherworlders to fight against magic users. None of them have ever experienced magic before today. We need to get them ready, just in case they come across War Mages in the battle tomorrow night."

The room was silent. No one was quite sure what to ask first. For the Lorenians, they were questioning why the Brotherworlders had never experienced magic before today – besides Certus's godson. For the Terrans, they were wondering what in Hell this 'Sirius Black' guy was talking about. He'd lost them at 'I was born… on Earth'.

"Right now, my godson and I will show the Brotherworlders what is possible when two Wizards of Mage caliber cross paths." Sirius said, and cancelled the Sonorus. He turned to Harry. "Help me expand the stage. We'll put shields up around it so they can view us without getting hurt."

Harry nodded. "Right. Wish Hermione were here. She's got a wicked Expanding charm." He and Sirius got to work, making the stage wide enough that everyone could get on it and see what was going on with no problems. That left about three quarters of the room for Harry and Sirius's demonstration.

"Everyone up onto the stage," Sirius commanded after the two had left, and he and Harry stepped down. He cancelled the charm, figuring he could talk loud enough for everyone to hear. He cast shield wards around the stage that he remembered using during his Auror days before Azkaban. The wards prevented anyone from getting hurt, but still let everyone watch what was going on. "Now, we'll do our demonstration. I think we'll limit this to fifteen minutes, so we don't waste too much time with it. Agreed?" He asked Harry, who nodded. "Right." He jogged to the other side of the room from Harry and looked up at Marcus.

"Wands at the ready," Marcus said, using the traditional approach. "May the best Wizard win." And the duel was on.

"Expelliarmus," Harry shouted at the same time Sirius said,"Protego." The shield went up right before Harry's spell hit its target. Sirius was pleased – Harry was much faster than he'd been. But he was still using his signature move. A mistake on his part, especially against someone who knew him as well as Sirius did.

They circled each other, each giving their opponent wide berth. Neither took their eyes off of the other. Suddenly Sirius smiled. "Who taught you to move so fast, Harry?"

Harry smirked. The oldest game in the book – try to distract your opponent. What Sirius didn't know was that Harry was, most definitely a master at that tactic. "Nice try, Sirius." He said. He discreetly pointed his wand ever so slightly in Sirius's direction, but the older wizard noticed the move before Harry could even blink. Thankfully Harry was watching Sirius like a hawk, or he'd have missed the blur his godfather's arm became as it moved. He dodged the Tickling curse Sirius had used just in time, rolling onto his back and casting "Reducto!"

Sirius erected another shield wordlessly before the spell hit. It bounced off the shield and flew into a nearby tree, which promptly exploded on impact. He and Harry dodged falling debris from the tree. "You'll have to do better than that, Harry. Come on, man, have they gone soft at the Auror office since my day?" He laughed at his own joke, giving Harry a window of opportunity. He ran to the other side of the stage and crouched behind it. By the time Sirius had stopped laughing, Harry was long gone. "Running, eh? What kind of Gryffindor are you?" He jabbed, trying to pull Harry from his hiding spot.

As Sirius started circling around the stage, Harry stepped about to face his godfather's back. Pointing his wand, Harry whispered, "Expelliarmus." Sirius, yet again, managed to dodge the spell and cast a curse of his own. "Protego," Harry said loudly, erecting his shield before the spell hit. "Locomotor Motis," Harry thought, pointing his wand directly at Sirius's legs. The spell hit before Sirius knew it was coming, and he fell upon his back.

Sirius was shocked Harry had gotten a spell in on him. In his 13 years as a Bernien, no one had yet managed that feat. Glancing briefly up at his soldiers, he saw that while some were staring wide mouthed, others were laughing, and still more were watching Harry with newfound respect. Good. That was what this was for, after all. He wrapped himself around and thought, "Rictumsempra," pointing his wand at his godson. Harry started laughing as soon as the spell hit his stomach. "Expelliarmus," Sirius said aloud, casting the spell quickly. Harry, unable to pay attention to Sirius's motions thanks to the Tickling jinx, lost his wand. Picking up Harry's wand – the same one he had when he was a student, Sirius noted mildly – Sirius cancelled the jinx and helped Harry to his feet. He handed his godson back his wand before turning to the stage.

Then, in the next second, Sirius felt the effects of the full body bind curse take over his body. His hands snapped into place and he fell to the floor. Harry stood over him, grinning. "That wasn't illegal. Duels are called to a finish by the referee, which obviously was Ventrius, since you had him call the start. Marcus never said the duel was over." Harry looked up to Marcus. "So we're done now, right? Sirius is neutralized – he couldn't do anything even if he wanted to."

Out of the corner of his eye, Sirius watched Marcus and most of his Berniens nodding in agreement. "He's right, Certus. Now the duel is finished. Potter's won."

Harry cancelled the curse and lifted his godfather to his feet. "Don't take it too hard. Least you lost against the Head Auror and not one of my trainees."

"That was a fluke and you know it, Potter. After all this is over, we're getting a rematch." Sirius declared. "Now to business." He turned back to the waiting soldiers. "I think we'll start by putting the Berniens through their paces, so the Brotherworlders can see how it's done. Tara One, over here…"

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