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(Nora P.O.V)

Finally! I would return to my perfect family today! It was such a relief to get away from these devil children. I sometimes wonder if they were Satan themselves. Especially Rosalie, that girl has got to have some respect for her elders. My daughters would never address me in that insolent tone. I sighed in content as I closed my suitcase. I went downstairs, expecting to see the children all playing with their electronics, since I had them returned this morning when they were all sleeping, but found the children all arguing. "We are NOT going to do that!" Kate snapped.

"Well we're not doing the other thing!" Bella snapped back.

"You guys, we can't do both," Alice tried reasoning with the stubborn girls.

"I'm with Bella, we can't do the other thing," Rosalie added casually.

"I'm with Kate, Bella's idea is just nuts," Tanya said. I saw Bella shoot her an evil glare.

"You know what, we don't have to prank her today," Jasper said quietly. I was confused, but I stayed in my spot. Prank?

"Aw, is Jazzykins going soft on us," Garrett said mockingly. Jasper glared at him cruelly and I mentally shivered. "No, I just don't want Esme to be disappointed in us when she comes back."

"Yeah, I don't like my mommy being mad at me," Emmett muttered. Edward burst out laughing, "Your mommy? What are you 2?"

Emmett just pouted and glared at him.

"What are you children talking about?" I asked as I stepped out from my spot, my curiosity finally getting the best of me.

"What's it to you?" Rosalie said coldly.

"Since today is my last day, we're all going to have breakfast together before your father and I go meet up with Jeffery and Esme" My lip curled in distaste as I said her name. I saw Jasper jump up and Edward pulling him back down. As I turned to head into the kitchen I heard him say, "Screw not pranking her. No one talks about my mother like that without suffering." He said brutally. "Give me a few seconds to devise a plan and then we-" But by then I was out of their hearing range. I swallowed back my anger and just continued making my way to the kitchen, only a few more hours with these horrible children than I can go back to my wonderful family. I sighed as I started making dinner for my family.

(Rosalie P.O.V)

I watched threw cautious eyes as Jasper planed tactics again the hag. He was plotting this as if he was about to go defeat the enemy in Ground Zero.

Alice put her hand on his arm comfortingly, and he stopped talking almost immediately.

"Don't" She said softly yet warningly. She held his gaze for a few seconds.

"She's right you know, Esme's going to be disappointed if she sees what we have planned." Edward said somewhat disappointed.

Jasper, still looking at Alice's face, nodded reluctantly. She smiled softly and kissed him on the cheek.

Emmett started making fake barfing noises behind them and coughed "Whipped!" Jasper's head whipped up to glare at him menacingly.

The room was silent for about a fourth of a second before everyone burst out laughing. I wiped a not there tear from my eye as I finally stopped laughing. I always knew I loved that oaf of mine.

Carlisle came down with Eleazer and Carmen, and they all gave us odd looks.

"OK, so this is what's going to happen. They wanted to change it up a little this season since we're such a big family. We're all going to meet at (A/N: Let's just pretend I put an address here) at 3 o' clock to meet Esme and the other family." Carlisle said.

"3:00 THAT'S ONLY 5 HOURS FROM NOW!" Emmett said while jumping up and down. Oh god! I looked away and decided to check on the old hag, only to find her making a whole lot of food.

"No one's going to eat that you know!" I said casually before leaning on the counter top.

She turned around and gasped in shock at my sudden appearance, "What?" She frowned. She really shouldn't do that! She had enough wrinkles as it was, I mentally snorted.

"No one's going to eat that," I said slower so that she could catch every word.

The glared at me before saying, "Of course you will you insolent girl!"

I stared at her icily. Just as I was about to give her a piece of my mind, Carmen walked in and gave me a stern look. I sighed and stomped out.

This sucks!

(A few Hours Later)

(3rd Person)

Nora, Carlisle, Carmen and Eleazer were all walking to the Wife Swap headquarters. The children were supposed to arrive in 5 minutes. They walked into the building saw a little girl with golden brown hair and tan skin. There was another girl that was older who was average height, and had the same skin tone as her younger sister, but had black hair. The boy that was standing there was tall and his hair color was a darkish brown. The man who was obviously Nora's husband had a mustache and had the same color hair as his youngest daughter.

Beside them, Esme stood beaming. She ran towards Carlisle who pulled her to him and embraced her in front of everyone. When they finally broke apart, Esme ran to Carmen and they hugged.

Nora looked at their family get together with disgust. She civilly walked to her husband and smiled at him widely before giving each other her children an appropriately long hug.

"Where are the children?" Nora heard Esme asked and turned towards her. She was even prettier than she looked in the portrait.

Esme smiled warmly at Nora and stuck out her hand. Nora glanced at the hand disdainfully, before eventually shaking it.

"The children are on their way darling," Carlisle said with a wide grin towards his wife. He missed hearing her beautiful voice.

"Why don't we wait outside for them?" Eleazer suggested.

Everyone eventually agreed and they all stood outside.

Sabrina stared at Esme's husband and brother and sister in law with warmth. If they were anything like Esme, they were really nice.

Daniel, on the other hand was busy waiting for Esme's children. He heard she had 3 daughters and 2 nieces. If they looked anything like their mother or aunt, then they needed to hurry up.

Diana was too busy gaping at Carlisle to notice anything else. No wonder Esme married him. He was drop dead gorgeous! She was also waiting for Esme's sons and nephew. She heard her talk about them all the time, and she felt as though she knew them all her life.

After a few minutes a jeep sped down the road. Out of it stepped out Garrett, Emmett, Edward, and Jasper.

Diane gasped and her jaw dropped in shock and they stepped out of the car. Jasper and Edward exchanged amused looks. Emmett didn't spare a glance. He ran to Esme, "MOMMY!" He yelled and picked her up and ran around in circles with her.

Esme laughed as she was pulled from Emmett's arms into Edward's who twirled her around and hugged her tightly. "Welcome Back Mom," he whispered. After a few seconds, was pulled from his arms too as Jasper took her and spun her in circles before hugging her. "I missed you mom," he said fondly, before Garrett pulled her out of Jasper's arms and hugged her so hard, she was pretty sure she would have died had she been human. "We missed you Aunt Esme."

She pulled back and turned to Jeffery and everyone else.

"Ok, everyone. These are my sons, Edward, Jasper and Emmett, and this is my nephew Garrett." She pointed at each of them and they nodded to the other family.

"Boys, these are Diane, Daniel, and Sabrina." Diane was blushing as she nodded at the gorgeous boys. She knew all of them were taken of course. But, that didn't stop her from staring at them like an idiot.

"Where are you sisters?" Diane heard her mother snap impatiently.

"Alice said something about a mall," Edward shrugged. He was trying to keep a grin off his face as he whispered to the rest of his family how the girl was swooning over them.

"Didn't I say no one was allowed to go to the mall?" Nora said hotly.

"Since when did we ever listen to what you said," Jasper glared. He still wasn't over what she had said about Esme this morning.

Diane ducked her head in embarrassment. Did her mother really have to be so cruel to such hot boys! She looked up when she heard Edward snort in amusement and saw him mutter something to his brothers and cousin.

All of the sudden they saw a yellow Porsche zoom down the road and stop with a screech. A petite black haired girl jumped out from the passenger's seat and huffed, "Rose! You better not ruin the engine!"

She turned around as shrieked as soon as she saw Esme. "MOM!" She skipped in her in her Dolce and Gabbana heels and jumped into her mom's arms.

An average height strawberry blonde stepped out of the car next. "Don't break her Alice!" She said teasingly. "Aunt Esme!" She squealed. She ran up to her aunt and hugged her tightly.
"Ha-ha, I missed you girls" Esme said with a big smile.

A pale blonde haired girl stepped out next smiling widely at Esme. "We missed you Aunt Esme!" She said happily while walking quickly to hug her aunt too.

A brown haired girl followed her and she too walked to Esme, however saying, "Mom!" She joined the blonde in the hug.

The final girl who stepped out of the car was a golden haired beauty. She walked gracefully to Esme with a huge smile on her face. She gave her a hug so tight that it almost rivaled Emmett's.

"Everyone, these are my daughters Alice, Bella and Rosalie, and my nieces Kate and Tanya." Bella, Alice, Kate and Tanya all smiled at them while Rosalie nodded coolly.

"Girls, these are Daniel, Diana, and Sabrina." Daniel's jaw dropped in shock. These girls were smoking hot!

Edward, having heard his thoughts, pulled Bella closer to him and shot Daniel a look. The others seeing Edward's reaction, guessed what the boy was thinking and pulled their wives closer.

"Children, we're going to talk about the past week, while you children socialize." Carlisle said, before he, Esme, Nora, Jeffery, Carmen and Eleazer walked inside.

"Everyone's going to say what they observed these past two weeks and how they think that these families should improve their life styles" The director said before leaving. The cameras were on, though no one but the vampires were aware of that.

"Ok, well I really enjoyed spending time with your family Nora. They're such a lovely group. I can see you raised your children well," Esme said politely and smiled warmly at Nora.

Nora nodded and considered snapping at Esme, telling her what a horrible family she had. But, she couldn't bring herself to do. Esme seemed so nice and kind. Not even she had the heart to make her feel guilty. It wasn't her fault she adopted such horrible children; she was just trying to do a nice thing for these kids. "I had a wonderful time with your family too," She said kindly, before they went in detail about what happened in each of their weeks.

After an hour of conversing politely, they went outside to get their children.


Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and Garrett were all leaning on their cars; Alice, Kate and Tanya had their heads together and were whispering excitedly, Bella and Rosalie were muttering to each other, Daniel was attempting to look cool to impress the girls, Sydney was standing awkwardly, and Diana tried to catch one of the boy's eyes.

After a few more minutes like this, Alice broke away from Kate and Tanya and turned to the other family, "Hi," She chirped happily.

Diana and Daniel stood in shock. Sydney however, smiled cutely at her and said, "Hi, I'm Sydney, does anyone want to play a game with me?"
Daniel sneered and said, "Why would they want to play-" But he was cut off because Rosalie glared at him menacingly, causing him to flinch back. She walked up to Sydney and bent to her height. "Hi sweetheart, I'm Rosalie. What would you like to play?" She smiled at her with such tenderness that it made the Sydney's siblings stare in shock. Only a few seconds ago, the beautiful blonde pointedly ignored everyone's gaze and glared at the other family.

The little girl however, didn't notice their shock and accepted Rosalie's offer, grasping her hand tightly. "What game do you guys want to play?"

Rosalie smiled fondly at her for a second before turning to Emmett. "Em?"

He grinned widely, before he pushed himself away from the car, and walked towards them. Daniel took an involuntary step back, while Diana ogled his muscles.

He walked over to Rosalie and wrapped his arm around her waist. He looked down at the little girl in her hand before saying, "Close your eyes,"

She reluctantly closed her eyes, and Emmett pulled her into his muscled arms and spun her around in circles. She opened her eyes as she squealed and giggled. Pretty soon, all the Cullens and Denalis were playing with the little girl, alternating between different games.

Right now, the boys were playing football, the girls were cheering, and Sydney was the football.

"WHOOO! GO JAZZY!" Alice squealed as Jasper ran with Sydney past the "touchdown" line.

Bella turned to look at the two dark haired siblings and smiled slightly, "Do you want to play too?"

Daniel, who didn't look like he was going to be refusing anything any of the girls said, nodded enthusiastically and smiled at her warmly before joining his little sister. Diane on the other hand, looked at Bella disdainfully, but she complied as she looked over her shoulder. The guys' shirts were riding up while they were playing.

Bella frowned after her and narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Don't Bella, she's not worth it," She heard Alice mutter gently. When she reached where her sisters, cousins, and the retard were staying, the "adults" all came out.

Each family bid the other goodbye, and Rosalie gave Sydney a hug and a warm smile, and Nora the finger before stalking off to where everyone else was standing.

And as they all embraced and laughed, and walked to the car, they all thought the same thing leaving Edward smiling from the love he had for his family.

"We are never doing this again"

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