Part 5: Full Circle

Harry gave Severus a beautiful smile, as he closed the box and put it back into Severus' hands.

'No,' he replied, and Severus looked utterly devastated.

Harry stood on his toes to softly kiss Severus' lips. 'This doesn't mean I don't want to because I do with everything I am, despite how you've treated me, I love you, so much it's sort of disgusting. But I want you to ask me because you want to not because you think it's what I want.'

Severus nodded as he slipped the small box back into his pocket. He was hurt, there was no denying that but he also understood Harry. They had just had a very serious shift in their relationship and their world. They should acclimatize to this new thing.

'Can I kiss you?' he asked as he gently brushed the hair out of Harry's eyes.

Harry nodded, 'you don't have to ask to do that,' he replied with a small smile.

It was soft and sweet and fantastic and it was everything a first kiss should be, and then Severus hoisted Harry into his arms and they crashed into the wall and Harry wrapped his legs around Severus and the potion master devoured the smaller wizard's mouth in a soul searing kiss that went on forever.

'Oh good they made up,' Draco announced as he entered the living room holding Teddy, 'you don't need to see that Bear.' He said covering the toddler's eyes.

'Dray, we really should give them some privacy,' Charlie said, trying to pull the blonde into the kitchen, when the pair against the wall didn't stop their activities.

Someone moaned, 'why?' Draco asked, innocently. Well as innocently as he could which really bordered on devilish.

Charlie's eyes went wide, 'because I think I just heard a zipper.' He stated pulling the now giggling blonde into the kitchen.

When the door shut Harry was shaking with laughter and Severus was hard pressed to hide his smile.

'Think we scarred them for life?' Harry asked between chuckles.

'Weasley perhaps but not the irritating Malfoy brat,' Severus replied overly loudly.

'Oi! I heard that,' Draco called back from the other side of the door.

'You were meant to, you interfering, nosy busybody,' Severus called back, causing Harry to snicker.

Lucius and Draco came barrelling into the living room, uncaring of the others in the room, and plonked themselves on the floor with Teddy and started to build things only to destroy them. Teddy was giggling madly from Lucius' lap.

Remus and Charlie were a little more subdued, 'Everything okay?' he asked running a hand through Harry's shaggy hair.

'It will be,' Harry nodded as he gave Severus a shy smile, 'we just need to communicate more.'

Severus smiled and kissed Harry's hand that he still hadn't let go of.

'Come on cub, there's a giant puzzle that has our name on it,' Remus slung his arm across Harry's shoulder and steered him over to the table in the corner.

Severus watched Harry and Remus for a few moments, 'Professor?' Charlie asked, tentatively.

'Please Mr. Weasley, it's Severus,' he offered.

'Severus then,' Charlie amended, 'could I interest you in a game of chess?' he asked.

'Don't let his shy demeanour fool you, he's a chess master.' Draco announced from the floor.

'Yes well, I look forward to a real challenge finally,' Severus replied with a smirk. Both Lucius and Draco scowled in offense, both Remus and Harry gave good natured laughs. For all the things that they excelled at, chess was not one of them and both Harry and Remus knew it.

At some point, someone had put Teddy to bed, and then Remus and Lucius had pulled out a whack of presents, than sent everyone to bed. Charlie and Severus were still in the middle of the first game that they had started. Draco, despite his droopy eyes and constant yawning, kept protesting that he wasn't tired. Harry however was already asleep.

Charlie guided Draco up to the room they were staying in and Severus lifted Harry up, holding him tightly to his chest.

'There is something I wish to do with him in the morning, than we shall come back, is that acceptable?' Severus asked, concerned he was ruining their plans.

'We'll try to keep Draco and Teddy from the presents for as long as possible but we can't guarantee anything,' Lucius replied, with a small smile.

Severus nodded, 'we'll return first thing,' he replied.

'Good night,' Remus offered with a small smile as he gave Harry a soft kiss to the hair.

'Good night, Happy Christmas,' Severus offered before he vanished into the fire.

Before Lucius and Remus headed off to bed, they pulled out several stockings, one for every member of their pack, Severus included.


Harry shifted and mumbled something but didn't wake as Severus stepped out of the fire and into the small cottage he shared with Harry during the school year.

Severus carefully undressed Harry and tucked him into bed. Severus gave a yawn and, after changing, crawled in beside Harry, who snuggled into Severus' warmth.


When Harry woke the next morning he was slightly disoriented, he remembered nodding off in the living room of Grimmauld Place, it really needs a new name, he thought idly as he slowly took in the bedroom and the aroma that was coming from the kitchen. Whatever Severus was cooking it smelt delicious.

He sighed, he didn't know whether he should be made at Severus still or not.

As he made his way to the kitchen he slowed as he passed the living room and stopped.

'Harry?' Severus called, Harry had unknowingly called out for Severus.

'What?' Harry started, not really sure what he wanted to ask.

'I am sorry about yesterday,' Severus offered as he stood behind Harry. 'Seeing those decorations I was afraid that something was going to happen, but it appeared that I did it to myself.'

Harry snorted, 'that you did.'

'Brat,' Severus said as he pulled Harry into a tight embrace.

'You love it,' Harry gave him a cheeky grin before giving him a soft kiss.

'Eat up, we have presents to open then more food and more presents and on and on,' Severus replied herding Harry into the kitchen.

The pair spent the morning opening presents, not there were many but most were for Harry.

When they finished they headed back to the Pack Den where Teddy and Draco were practically chomping at the bit to open presents.

Finally all the presents were open and Teddy was asleep curled up in Draco, who was also asleep, as they lay together in the wrapping paper.

Severus watched Remus and Lucius as the blond came up behind Remus and slid a hand across his abdomen and kissed his neck affectionately. The smaller sandy haired man leaned into the blond.

The potions master's hold tightened on the smaller brunet in his arms.

The sun glinted softly of their matching rings.

'I want that,' Severus whispered softly. 'I want you. I want to wake up with you and fall asleep with you, I want to, Merlin forbid, have children with you.'

'Say it,' Harry demanded, tilting his head up.

Severus gave him a look of mild confusion, and Harry gave him a look that told Severus that Harry thought he was stupid.

Then it dawned on Severus and he lightly swatted the dishevelled head, he gave a gentle kiss, 'I love you, bond with me?' he said softly.

Harry grinned, he knew this time, even though it was only a day later, he knew that Severus was asking because he wanted it. Harry gave him a passionate kiss, 'of course,' he grinned.

Severus pulled out the small box and slid the ring onto Harry's finger. A soft glow emanated from the ring, and Severus felt a weight on his own finger.

'Imagine that,' Severus stated, as Harry fingered the matching ring that had appeared on Severus' finger.

Remus and Lucius glanced over, 'What happened?'

'Sev proposed, and he got his own ring,' Harry replied giving the ring a soft kiss.

'That's what happened to us,' Lucius offered.

'Us too,' Charlie offered, he had had to go back to the reserve for a few hours.

'I promise Harry, I won't ever hurt you again,' Severus whispered to Harry.

'You do and you'll experience terrible, terrible pain,' Draco mumbled from the floor.

'My knight,' Harry swooned, causing the others to laugh.

Severus watched the group, and specifically the young man in his arms, he gave a small smile, he had never been one for dream divination but he has glad for the dreams from the night before because he didn't know if he could have survived without Harry, even if he had treated his Harry badly.

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