Hi, guys! I thought I'd try my hand at writing something for Umineko to celebrate the first day of winter (aka my favorite day of the year). Basically, this will be a collection of ten drabbles, written between today and Christmas. I plan to have them all Beatrice x Battler-centric; however, there might be a hint or two of Lambda x Bern in here, or I can always write a requested pairing\character.

"You've gotta be kidding me."

"Aw, now why would I do something like that, Battler~?"

Her hands dipping deeper into the crystals covering her feet, scooping up a large ball and molding it to just the perfect shape in her hands, she grins impishly, showing her teeth. They are as white as the snow dripping down Battler's face from the snowball thrown by Beatrice just seconds ago. His face takes on a pouting look as she lunges forward, taunting him while plotting a precise trajectory.

"C'mon, c'mon, Battler~! Can't you do better than that?"

"Better than wha--" He tries to respond, but Beatrice's snowball smacks him in the face before he can finish his statement.

Angrily spitting snow out of his mouth, Battler glares at Beatrice, who is laughing at him from the other side of the open field they are playing in. The witch doubles over with laughter, cackling louder and louder.

"Ahaha!" She continues to laugh. "Battler, I can't believe you! Just try and win this fight! Ha!"

The snow begins to fall heavier and heavier as the attacks grow more and more violent - er, persistent. By this time, snow is dripping down Battler's jacket and through his shirt. Of course, the first time the crystalline substance trickled down Battler's clothes and froze his skin, Beatrice was amused so much that she swore her face ached from laughing.

"Beatrice, infinity; Battler, zero!"

"Don't count on it!"

Beatrice looks up from the behemoth igloo-style fortress she has been crafting to find Battler charging toward her, snowballs in hand.

"What are you--"

He tackles her to the ground before she can finish her sentence.


She peers up at him to find his face just a bit too far from - no, too close to her own! Certainly not too far... Not too far...

Fighting back the redness pulsing through and coloring her skin, Beatrice wants to squirm away from Battler and the snowballs he has ready to throw in her face, but she finds herself unable to move. It's as though she actually enjoys being hunted down, like she actually desired him to catch her and pin her down like this. Although Battler might get some points on the scoreboard for this, while wounding her ego simultaneously, Beatrice can't help but enjoy the warmth radiating from his body and the diamond dust of his breath drifting across her face.

Smiling softly, concocting a scheme in her mind, she looks up at the triumphantly laughing azure plains in Battler's eyes. Beatrice stifles a cackle as she sees the same red dancing across her face pirouette across Battler's.

"Changing the goal of the game, my snowball fight, now are we?" Beatrice licks her lips as her hands slip through Battler's sleeves, gripping his wrists.

Startled, Battler jerks back away from his position on top of Beatrice.

"Your hands are cold, dammit! Wear gloves!"

But this opportunity is all Beatrice needs. She lets go of Battler's wrists temporarily, rising up onto her knees and tackling the surprised man, making sure she is on top of him this time. Her hands grope around in the now deeper snow, finding Battler's hands again and grabbing on as hard as she can.

"Ha! Now who's going to win again?" Beatrice smirks as she bends over him.

Battler blushes harder at this, and lets out an exclamation of bewilderment as she licks his lips; consequently, he loses his hold on the snowballs in his hands, and Beatrice swipes them up and shoves them into his face.

"Take that, Ushiromiya Battler!" Beatrice laughs as she moves away from Battler and laughs at him as he tries to wipe all the snow off his face.

"I'll get you yet for that!" Battler growls, springing up from the ground and pursuing Beatrice.

Although Beatrice pretends to taunt him back with retorts of her own, she can't help but smile and shake her head inwardly at his foolishness - and all that draws her to him.