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Cosmos had summoned her warriors to her throne, for a reason that not even the Warrior of Light knew. All ten stood in front of the throne at which the Goddess of Harmony sat. The fighters all noticed that she seemed a bit more radiant and cheerful than usual, and they all were wondering what had her all worked up.

"Not to be rude," Tidus spoke. "but what's going on?"

Cosmos's smile just grew wider at the question. "I'm glad you have asked, Tidus." She then scanned her small crowd of champions. "For the next three days, we are holding a cease-fire with Chaos's legion."

Murmurs of confusion and surprise were heard for a while, until the Onion Knight said, "That's great and all, but why?"

"Because even the God of Discord doesn't want to fight on my birthday." A stunned silence washed over the group like a wave. Even the Warrior of Light, who was Cosmos's most trusted and loyal fighter, was shocked. "Today is for preparation, tomorrow is for celebration, and the day after is for relaxation. In fact, my previous warriors had even created a little game to play with each other during this time, and I want you all to do it also. For today and the better part of tomorrow, you will be finding a gift for a fellow comrade. You will pick a name out of this hat," she created a white Onion Knight helm out of thin air. "and will set out to find a gift that you think would be worthy for the person you have chosen. You will be free to wander the worlds in search of this gift, and once you find it, summon me so I can hide and wrap it. Just for a little surprise, you know. Then tomorrow evening, after a great feast that I shall prepare, I will hand out the anonymous gifts."

The warriors had various expressions on their faces. Some were excided about the holiday and presents, some were already planning about which gift could go to whom, and some were still pondering over the fact that a Goddess even had a birthday.

The Warrior of Light was the first to speak up again. "As grateful as we are, Cosmos, why should it be us who receive gifts, and not you, as it is your birthday?"

"What the-? Light! Dude, don't ruin it!" Tidus hissed. Bartz and Zidane instantly agreed with the Ace.

Cosmos gave a rare laugh. "Don't worry, my knight. Not only are you fighting for me in a grand war for hardly a reason and you deserve some sort of physical reward, but all of your devotion and strength are the greatest gifts I can ask for. Now," she waved the helm a bit in the air. "please line up and 'pick your poison,' as they say.

Probably by habit, the warriors lined up in the order they were summoned to this world. The Warrior of Light, being first, reached into the helm and pulled out a slip of paper. Squall Leonheart.

He walked off without a word as Firion pulled out a name. Onion Knight. The Weapon Master smirked, as he already knew what to get the kid.

The Onion Knight was next, and Cosmos had to lower her reach a bit for the youngest knight to reach into the helm. Bartz Klauser. The child reached under his helm and scratched his head. What to get the mime...?

Cecil was next. Zidane Tribal. He scratched his head as he walked off.

Bartz walked up to Cosmos with a confident smirk. The goddess smiled as the mime enthusiastically dunked his hand into the helmet and pulled out a slip of paper. Cloud Strife. His grin got impossibly wide at that point, and he walked off with a whoop of excitement.

Terra was up now. Firion Rosenfield. A relieved smile spread across her face. She knew what to get the man of many weapons.

Cloud reached into the helm, pulled out the paper, and stuffed it into his pocket without a second glance. Warrior of Light. Cloud was secretly seething. He just happened to pick the hardest man to figure out.

As soon as Squall read the name, he tried to drop it back into the helm. Terra Branford. Cosmos stopped him with a slightly annoyed glance, and the lion resigned with a sigh and walked off.

Zidane gave the goddess a wink as he pulled out a name. Tidus Sandson. The thief's heart sank a bit when he realised he didn't get Terra, but he was at least able to pick a gift for the second most fun guy there.

Last but not least, was Tidus. Cosmos handed him the last slip of paper with a smile. Cecil Harvey. He made a nervous chuckle at the name. He had no idea what to get the Paladin.

"Now," Cosmos stood up from her throne. "go, my warriors. And remember," she smiled, winked, and put a finger to her lips. "Only you know who you're giving a gift to. It's a secret to everyone else. Good luck!"

Now, here's the thing. I want YOU, the readers, to choose what gifts should be gotten. I have some chosen already, but I am very easily swayed by other's opinions.

As a refresher:


Note that I actually picked names out of a hat at random myself.

Now, tell me what you think everyone should get! The next chapter will be the warriors trying to find the presents, and the chapter after that will be the party. Thanks for reading!