The Parallel Worlds Proof

A Big Bang Theory/Doctor Who crossover

Spoilers: Through The Gorilla Experiment for BBT. Vague series 4 spoilers for Doctor Who.

Author's Note: This is something I tried to write last summer, but it didn't flow right and I wasn't sure where I was going with it. Decided to revisit this idea a couple of weeks ago and managed to clean up the dialogue, fix the flow, and (accidentally) add plot. So what started last year as an excuse to have Sheldon and the Doctor argue, turned into, well...this. It's still in progress, but I've got enough done that I feel comfortable posting some chapters. Just a short prelude for now. Chapter 1 will be up tomorrow.


Click, click, tik, tik, click.

Howard's head jerked up. He looked around confused. 'What the hell was that?' He heard the odd clicking noise again, this time farther to his left. He stood up and began to look around and under the tables. It sounded like an insect. An incredibly big insect. Howard crept forward to check the other side of the bookcase. Something black skittered across his peripheral vision, and he spun around. Nothing. He couldn't see anything out of place.

"Howard!!" called Leonard from down the hall. A few seconds later, he and Raj poked their heads through the doorway.

"Dude, what's taking you so long? We've got a killer robot to build!" Raj demanded.

"Right," Howard shook his head to clear it. "Right, just let me grab the servos." He grabbed a bag from his work bench and turned to go. He flipped out the lights as he followed Leonard and Raj out.

Tucked away, deep within the shadows, sat a rather large beetle-like creature. It made no movement. Simply stood and watched and waited. A second bag sat on top of the work bench, forgotten. No one ever returned for it. Finally, the beetle turned and slipped away amongst a flurry of clicks. It's job was done.