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-A collection of AU China/Korea stories-

By Chibi Ra Chan

Rating; T

Set In the 'Bookstore' Universe

Prompt I- Underwear

"Yong Soo, what the hell are you wearing aru?" Yao asked tilting his head to the side and trying to make sense of the sight before his eyes.

Leaning against his counter reading the back of a fruit loops box was his boyfriend of nearly a year, clad only in one of his old shirts and a pair of pink hip hugger underwear that read 'Shut up and kiss me' across the back.

The Korean boy paused his cereal eating for a moment to great him with a smile. "Morning sleepy head. I'm wearing one of your dorky Olympics tee shirts okay?"

Yao's eye actually twitched. Was he the only one who saw something odd about his boyfriend was parading around in girly pink underwear? The fact that it made his already adorable tushy look even more alluring did not change the strangeness of the situation. "I'm not talking about the shirt aru."

His significant other raised an eyebrow and looked over himself trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about. "Oh you meant the undies! They're new. Do you like them?"

Apparently, yes, he was the only one who found this weird at all.

"Why in the world did you buy them aru?" He asked pinching the bridge of his nose, he was going to have a headache. He could already tell.

"Oh I didn't buy them. Kiku gave them to me."

Yao's head shot up quick as lightning at the little bombshell. "He what aru!"

"Yeah, he got them from his friend Francis who works at this Victoria Secret in the mall and he didn't want them because he doesn't have enough junk in the trunk to fill them out so he gave them to me." Yong Soo spoke as if it was completely normal for one's cousin to give you underwear. "They're so cute and they were made in Korea!" He rolled his eyes, Yong Soo thought everything was made in Korea, even if it wasn't.

"You like them don't you Yao?"

The way Yao saw it, there were two ways to answer this question.

He could either say no and risk the chance that he'd never wear them again. Of course that would also mean he wouldn't get to see that adorable little yin-yang shaped birthmark that was visible because of the underwear's low band-

Or he could say yes and see him in them all the time, but have to deal with the fact that his boyfriend wore women's underwear, even if it was yummy to look at.

Being the reasonable person he was he settled for the middle ground. "If you have a pair that aren't that obnoxious shade of pink aru, then they can stay."

"Hey! What's wrong with pin-"

Yao took the undies' advise and kissed him.

Hey guys, so the China/Korea bug hit me again and I've decided to start some drabbles for the pair. I really had a lot of idea floating around in my head after I finished 'Bookstore' so this story was a way to vent those ideas.

I want to stress that each drabble is independent of each other and doesn't exactly follow any order unless stated otherwise.

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