Đ a ỹ ş

-A collection of AU China/Korea stories-

By Chibi Ra Chan

Rating; T

Set In the 'Bookstore' Universe

Prompt XV: Party

The social event of the season was the annual all night drink till you drop, pass out, then wake up and drink some more, party hosted by the Zeta Pi Pi fraternity, called The Bad Touch Trio Ball.

Despite the term 'ball' being used, it was hardly such. The all out shindig was thrown every year by the aptly named 'Bad touch trio'; a group of juniors who had become infamous for their wild ways. It made them questionable students but insanely popular among the student body.

After getting kicked out of the dorms last year, this years party was being held in Gilbert's grandfather's winter home and if the rumors were correct they would have complete access to the liquor cellar which included some of the best German beer that money could buy.

The stories about the drama that went down at the ball were almost as legendary as the booze.

Two years ago, at the first Bad Touch Trio Ball, Arthur Kirkland apparently made it all the way to third base with a particularly lucky lamp before dancing around in a apron until dawn. Yong Soo, who was then in high school heard the story about how his usually conservative cousin Kiku had woken up in the morning wearing nothing but a toga with a sprained wrist and receipt for three dinners at IHOP. The Japanese man had vowed to never go to another BTTB again.

When he was finally a freshmen, and able to go to the fabled party of the century at last, he was unable to because he had fallen down a flight of stairs and broke his arm.

No one wants to party with a guy in a cast.

Imagine his disappointment when he went back to class on Monday to hear that there had been a fist fight between Sadiq Adnan, a junior professor of anthropology (whose class he was currently taking) and Gilbert Beilschmidt over one Miss Elizaveta at the ball.

He had even heard that shy, sweet Toris had gotten off his ass drunk and practically had sex with Ivan's youngest sister Natalia on the dance floor. Not that he wanted to see them do the naughty naughty to questionable Ke$ha songs, but he would have liked the option to if he so desired.

In short nothing good ever came from a Bad Touch Trio Ball. So naturally it was all anyone could talk about come rush week.

Anyone who was anyone was going.

Except them.

Because they were lame.

"This is ridiculous! How are we the only ones not invited aru?" Yao vents while pacing their living room with heavy steps.

From his spot on the floor Yong Soo shrugs dejectedly. "I heard that Feliks wasn't invited this year either."

This does little to soothe Yao's wounded pride and he directs his ire towards the Korean. "OH! That changes everything! At least we have the cross-dressing idiot to keep us company in our social outcastdom!"

Yong Soo rolls his eyes at his boyfriend. "Why is this so important to you? I thought you didn't even want to go. If anything I should be the one sulking, I was looking forward to watching shit go down this year da-ze. Did you know that Antonio rented an adult bouncy house and it's shirt optional?"

Yao only glares harder and returns to pacing.

Until a few days ago the Chinese man had no desire to go to the bad touch trio ball. He had made that mistake three years ago when he drank so much that he let an equally inebriated Belgian exchange student braid his hair and sang a few bars of 'I kissed a girl' with Eduard from his IT class.

He NEVER wanted to repeat such an incident again, and truth be told he didn't want to see what kinda of trouble his boyfriend would manage to get into with that much freedom and alcohol .

It was the fact that they specifically said that the two of them weren't invited that irked him. How dare those bastards not invite him to a party he wouldn't be caught dead at.

Yao angrily plops on the carpet next to Yong Soo and crosses his arms over his chest. "Tell me exactly what they said again aru."

"This is like the billionth time Yao!" Yong Soo whines but relents when he sees the steel in his boyfriend's eyes. "Fine, fine. Geez. Okay so…. I asked Francis on my way to Tech Theater 114.I said 'Hey! Can't wait for Saturday night man! It's going to be so cool!' or something like that. I might be paraphrasing a bit, but that's not the point. So then Francis does that quirky eyebrow thing that he does and pats my head, like I'm a puppy for something. Which is not cool at all."

Yao blinks at him and he takes this as 'I don't care, get to the point stupid.'

"Again, not the point. So, he pets my head and says in his weird French accent. 'Oh mon cheri 'az no one told you?' So I was all 'Told me what?' And he is all 'You and Yao are not invited to ze' party.' I'm shocked because this is news to me, so I say 'What! Why not!' And he smiles at me like a puppy again and pinches my cheek, which is still not cool, and says 'Not to seem rude, mon petite, but our party iz a bit wild and crazy.' I must have looked lost because he continued to explain. 'How do I explain zis to you. Our party is going to be loud, full of liquor, with skinny dipping in Gilbert's pool, and topless bouncy houses. It will go on until ze' morning. We, Gilbert, Antonio and I, are not sure that 'zis is ze kind of party for you two.'

At this point I was pissed, so I asked what kind of party was suitable for us. And he said that a party with 'tacky colorful streamers, a piñata and juice and cake' was more our scene. Then he walked away all gay like and that's it. The End."

"Juice and Cake! Who does that asshole think he is!"

"Well, lets not get crazy Yao, I do like juice and cake."

"That is not the point! Do you not get that they think we're lame aru? That we're not 'cool' enough for getting piss drunk and making fools of ourselves!" Yao was beyond furious. "That is bullshit aru! We're hip! We're edgy!"

The Korean snorts. "Yao, no one who says that they're edgy is actually edgy." He pulls the tinier man towards him. Yao relents slightly, but still sulks in his lap. Yong Soo smiles warmly and takes his face in his hands. "Okay so they think that we're lame. So what? We'll have our own party. Just you and me."

He rolls his eyes and speaks while Yong Soo is squishing his cheek, making the words sound babyish. "Its not the same."

"Why not? We can break out the booze, take off half our clothes, dance to Ke$ha and make out inappropriately here. It's nothing that they won't be doing over there, well theyre won't be a bouncy house, but that's okay. We'll be the party." Yong Soo says excitedly pulling himself and Yao to their feet, taking his hand and sprinting toward the liquor cabinet.

Yao is skeptical, but there is a hint of interest in his tone. "We're the party?"

"Yes. You are the party. I am the party. Together we are the party."

And tomorrow morning when they wake up smelling like bad wine and sex, hair askew and cranky; himself only wearing a necklace of Rio beads and Yong Soo with a Ravenclaw tie tied around his head like a headband Yao decides that, yes, indeed they were the party.


"So how was the party?" he asks Matthew on Monday morning. The man in question looks haggard and sleep deprived, which spoke volumes in it of itself.

Matthew lays his aching head on the cold surface of desk, but he sighs contentedly. "It was, for lack of a better word, Epic. You should have gone."

Yong Soo leans back, laces his fingers together and cradles his head in a relaxed manner. "Maybe next time da-ze."

"I don't get it, The Bad Touch Trio Ball was all you could talk about since you missed it last year. So they said that Yao was lame and couldn't go, you still got invited. You could have gone with me and Alfred, like old times."

Yong Soo smiles good naturedly. "I couldn't just let him sit at home while I was out at the greatest party of the year. That would have killed him. Besides we had our own party. We were the party."

Matthew raises a blonde eyebrow in question. "What does that even mean?"

The Korean boy only grins and that is answer enough.


I always wanted to do a college frat party chapter, but then I realized that I couldn't because I've never been invited to a frat party. Also because I am lame. This chapter was inspired by that and by my good friend Domo who 'is the party'. I'm still not entirely sure what that means. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will leave a me a review telling me your thoughts!

Forever and Eternally,