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The first song is Aram Khachaturin's Masquerade Waltz. You should youtube it and listen to it in the first part.

The next song is "Un Giorno Per Noi" sung by Jonathan Ansell and Hayley Westenra. Youtube it as well, it's worth the listen – take the one uploaded by hwivid because it was the one I listened to as I wrote the piece.

The final song is Jan Kaczmarek's Piano Variation in Blue.

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La Libertà Di Amarci Qui Senza Limiti


The assembly of strings played the playful yet haunting Masquerade Waltz composed by Aram Khachaturin. Chandeliers hung gracefully from the loft, spreading light over the magnificent Victorian style ball room.

Arms coupled, hidden smiles and shadowed eyes filled my vision. Exquisite music of the finest quality echoed off the walls, leaving behind an eerie effect in its wake. Bodies moved in unison, almost symbiotic and innocent, yet flirting and suggestive glances were exchanged on the dancing floor. We were not humans. We were just dancers, moving and twirling in accordance to the music, played by firm hands, led by the maestro. In the dark we all looked the same, no light to differentiate us from other human beings. We were anonymous individuals while wearing our masks, letting us be who we are, yet we aren't who we are. In one way we could be as we wanted, and nobody would remember us for doing it, but would there be consequences? Really, it's almost like physics… One action leads to a reaction, it was inevitable. Yet I couldn't bring myself to care as I got lost in the haunting rhythms of the music. It was hypnotic. We moved to the steadily rising crescendo. It was a dangerous world of organized chaos. The air of mystique intensified the world of madness in which I didn't want to be a part of. Yet I felt myself strangely drawn to it.

I looked my dancing partner dead in the eye, he had stunning eyes and his usually long and blond hair was neatly pulled back into a ponytail. He was elegant and was graceful that was enviable to many of the dancers present in this hall. It wasn't a surprise that he was so poised, I knew him, how he grew up. We knew each other well. Normally I would have been relaxed in his presence, but now was not the case. The song ended, finally. We broke apart and clapped, appraising the orchestra hired for this masquerade ball. I sighed in relief and took his hand. He smiled at me and then nodded. His face neared mine and I placed my lips close to his ear. When he was close enough I whispered.

"Jasper, seriously! How the hell did I end up here and can we leave soon?!" I hissed. The man next to me chuckled as he led us outside. It was quite cool outside, but it was slowly turning spring. Flowers blossomed everywhere and the air around us had changed from the cool, depressing winter to a nicer and welcoming spring atmosphere.

"Oh, we're having so much fun!" a petite woman squealed as she pulled a more dark-skinned man. She walked briskly toward us and I watched in pure fascination as her long, purple gown moved in the almost non-existent breeze. I looked down at myself and scrutinized my blue gown. I looked so… average next to Alice.

"Hold it, I know what you are thinking" another female voice said as another couple approached us. She was the definition of pure beauty and she walked with the grace of a thousand Julliard dancers. Her staggering beauty was second to none. Her blonde locks were pulled into an enticing up-do. She was dressed in an elegant emerald evening gown.

"Rose…" I sighed and sent her a smile.

"You are beautiful and don't let anything tell you otherwise" she said as she finally reached us. Her partner next to her sent me a warming smile as he swept me up in a bone crushing bear hug.

"Emmett, if you ruin her make up or hair, I'll castrate you!" Alice threatened as he pivoted on the spot, leaving me in a state of dizziness. He let me down and I wobbled, trying to regain my balance. Jake was by my side in an instant, steadying me in his strong arms. I sighed again and absentmindedly touched my messy bun. Alice had done a great job beautifying me for tonight's occasion. Having a friend as an intern in the fashion industry certainly had its perks. Alice had been invited to attend this ball, but had vigorously dragged us along. Naturally we to pay for ourselves, but we didn't mind. A trip across the Atlantic was welcomed adventure even though it was only for the weekend. We had spent the entire Friday walking the streets of London and later that night, we found ourselves dancing our hearts out. I had for years told myself that I possessed no such thing as a heart, for my heart belonged to him. Every time I thought of him, my non-existent heart ached. Phantom pain it was, but it was just there. For years I kept him in my heart that wasn't there.

I tried not to sleep at night, afraid of hearing his voice in my deepest state of slumber. When I finally succumbed to the tiredness, it was a lost battle. I won't say his name. I refused to do so, because if I said it… I didn't have the opportunity to finish my thought, as Jake slipped an arm around my shoulders. He looked down at me with admiration in his eyes. We had grown quite close over the course of the long years since I got my sight. But then again, we'd been close since we were children. He confessed his feelings for me, but I kindly told him that I couldn't return them. That didn't bring him down, we still got along as friends, but there was an air of determination radiating from him.

I couldn't wait to get out of here. This wasn't my element. I didn't do dancing, mainly because my coordination, or lack thereof, would have me stumbling even on a flat surface. Emmett surely enjoyed my being accident-prone, but he had always watched over me. He was the big brother I never had and so was Jasper.

"Are we having fun tonight?" Alice asked as she waved a waiter over to us. He gave us glasses of the finest French champagne. We all nodded, while my nod was slow and careful. She quirked a delicate eyebrow at me.

"You know I don't do dances, Alice…" I admitted, while that wasn't a confession as we all knew it. Jasper just happened to be a marvelous leading partner. We clinked our glasses and drank. I wasn't fond of alcoholic beverages, but gulped the contents of the glass in one go.

"Impressive… Now we have to be more careful" Jake joked, making me blush. Or maybe it was the alcohol. It was my default reaction to everything.

"Be nice" I muttered as I placed the glass on a table nearby. They all laughed and I had to join in. I couldn't be serious for long in this company.

"Ooh! Come on! Let's head inside! Jonathan Ansell and Hayley Westenra are about to take the stage!" Alice said enthusiastically. We went inside as the ensemble of strings began playing. The masked people gathered around the large stage as two people circled each other on stage. I leaned against Jake's hard body as I enjoyed the musical wonder taking place in front of my undeserving mortal eyes.

"Un giorno sai, per noi verrá
la libertá di amarci qui senza limiti.
E fiorirá il sogno a noi negato
si svelerá l'amor ce l'ha t'ormai.

Un giorno sai, per vivere
la vita che ci sfugge qui,
Un giorno sai, per vivere
la vita che ci sfugge qui

A delicate cello played in the haunting silence before the woman began singing.

"Un giorno sai, per noi verrá
la libertá di amarci qui senza limiti.
E fiorirá il sogno a noi negato
si svelerá l'amor ce l'ha t'ormai"

"Un giorno sai, per vivere
la vita che ci sfugge qui,
Un giorno sai, per vivere
la vita che ci sfugge qui"

"L'amore noi supererá
Io stacco lí e le maree dell'avversitá
E ci stará anche per noi nel mondo
Un tempo in cui l'amore vincerá
Un tempo in cui l'amore vincerá"

The duo received a staggering ovation that lasted so long, I lost track of time. I even felt tears prickling in the corner of my eyes. Music had a certain way with me and affected me greatly. Whenever I would hear this song, I would think back to this moment in particular.

The orchestra went back to playing again and people around me started to dance again. One particular song emitted from the many instruments. I recognized it from one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It was Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's "Neverland – Piano Variation in Blue" from "Finding Neverland".

I wanted to sit down to enjoy this beautiful piece of music, so I hastily retreated to the tables, but before I could go any further, I was stopped. I gasped as I felt a tingling sensation spread in my body, like an electric current. I felt the urgent pull as I turned to face the person who had stopped me. He was tall and fairly muscular built. His hair was slickly combed back, dark and reflecting the lights from the expensive chandeliers dangling over us. His was wearing a mask, but I was drawn to his beautiful eyes. I stopped myself before I could continue admiring his… beauty. I thought of him and that was it.

"Excuse me, mademoiselle, I just couldn't let you retreat to the corners, while they played this beautiful piece" he spoke in a light British accent, velvety and woven with silk. I reminded myself that it was rude to just stare at him.

"Errr…" words had left me and I found myself drowning in his emerald eyes. This was painful, I had to get away.

"I beg your pardon?" he asked with a playful smirk. After some time in awkward silence he finally figured that he couldn't get a word past my tight lips, sealed by the kiss from long ago. He sighed and took my other hand.

"Can I at least have the honor of dancing with the room's most beautiful creature?" he asked. God, he was good at this. I nodded meekly and he smiled. It was a crooked smile, a seldom one I rarely saw. Maybe it was customary in Europe? He lifted my right arm and then he snaked one arm around me, resting it on the small of my back. We got lost in each other and drowned in the pianos' haunting tones. I felt light, almost featherlike.

"I should warn you… I'm a klutz" I said honestly. He chuckled and nodded, then lifting me up, placing my feet on his.

"But your shoes, sir!" I objected.

"An angel wouldn't be able to stain them…" he whispered in my ear, leaving goose bumps on the back of my neck. We stayed close for a while. I was enjoying the warmth emanating from his body. He was so handsome in that suit.

"May I ask what your name is?" I ventured. He froze slightly, but regained his composure as he continued dancing.

"It's best if you don't know, darling mine" he whispered. I was slightly disappointed.

"What if I tell you mine? Like… I show you mine and you show me yours- kind of things" nice Bella… Way back to kindergarten we are. He chuckled.

"You are absurd… innocence untainted. I'm no good for you, sweetheart" he said, gazing intensely into my eyes.

"My name is Isabella Swan. Come on, I'm going back to America in a few days. It's not like I'll be able to track you down or anything. What harm could it do? I only ask for the name of my talented dancing partner" I urged.

"You're right, what harm could it do not knowing, even though you're leaving?" he asked.

I was getting slightly frustrated with him, but luckily it didn't show on my face.

"I'm frustrating you aren't I?" he drawled and I blushed.

"Am I that easy to read?" I asked.

"No. You are quite difficult to read. Only your blush and eyes give you away, darling mine" he said smoothly. I frowned and stepped down, making him frown as well.

"You seem like the perfect gentleman, yet you don't give me the privilege of knowing your name?"

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" he uttered under his breath.

"Shakespeare? Why are you suddenly citing Hamlet?" I asked curiously.

"Because I can" he said arrogantly.

"Oft expectation fails, and most oft there. Where most it promises; and oft it hits where hope is coldest, and despair most fits" I said. I knew my Shakespeare well. His eyes widened and the playful smirk returned.

"It's just a name…" I plead.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" he replied as his gaze grew more distant.

"Did you just refer yourself to Juliet? What a piece of work is a man" I asked in disbelief. I knew that actors from Shakespeare's time were men, but he was just getting more and more absurd.

"You're well-read, aren't you? Your eyes shine with wisdom, yet you haven't seen enough. Forget me if I'm being too bold: So wise so young, they say do never live long" he said with a finality in his tone. My breath was caught in my throat as he muttered the painful quote from King Richard III. I felt like the earth had opened up and swallowed me whole.

"That was too bold…" I whispered and hurriedly stepped away from him, desperately trying to hide the tears. I wouldn't cry for him in front of him. Nobody should see the tears I shed for only him.

I left him standing in the middle of the floor, but he quickly reached out to me again.

"Forgive me, Bella-" there it was. I swiftly turned to him with wide eyes, red from crying.

"Bella?" I turned back to find Jake fast approaching me. I felt his hand slipping away from mine and I quickly turned back to him, but he was gone. For the first time in years, I felt it.


There it was! I enjoyed writing it, so I hope you enjoyed reading it as well. Please leave comments and feedback. All the quotes were Shakespeare's plays.

The title is from the song "Un Giorno Per Noi" and the title means: The liberty of loving here without limits. I thought it fitted.

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