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My name is Deidara. I'm in Akatsuki and love my art more than anything at least that's what I use to think.


I walked Konoha alone looking at the shops. ' All the girls here aren't artistic I guess'.

I walked into a random shop and was surprised when I heard a girl's voice.

" Welcome to the Yamanaka flower shop how may I help you?" The girl asked me smiling sweetly.

' S- she's like a piece of art ,she's really beautiful' I thought when her voice dragged me back.

" I'm Ino and you are?" She asked me quietly with her beautiful angelic voice.

" Deidara un," I replied and looked into her baby blue eyes with wonder.

After a few minutes we got to know each other and I fell in love

------end flashback-----

That was only the first time I met her. The second time wasn't as special as when I looked into her eyes the first time but the second time was when I asked her to come with me to Akatsuki.


" Ino un?" I asked the girl I loved.

" Yes Deidara-kun?" She asked me in that musical voice of hers.

" Would you come back with me to my village un," I said even though I was lying about the village part.

" Y- yes I would," Ino giggled to me.

I took an opportunity and leaned down to kiss her. Our lips meddled perfectly and I rubbed my tongue against her lips begging for entrance, which she allowed. I broke the kiss two minutes later both of us blushing a deep shade of red.

" Ino would you come with me if I told you if I was an Akatsuki un?" I asked quietly.

Ino nodded and I knew she loved me as I did her.

" Yes Deidara-kun I would," She responded.

-----end flashback-----

Today was different though I knew I loved her and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I left her a note in our room saying to met me outside.


I waited only five minutes before Ino came.

" You wanted to see me Deidara-kun?" Ino asked in her lovely voice.

" Yes Ino un," I said and got ready and kneeled down to my girlfriend of four months and asked her " Ino will you marry me un?"

Ino's eyes welled up with tears. I was starting to feel sad but what next shocked me (really really shocked me).

" Yes Deidara yes I will marry you," She said and I smiled the sweet smile I always gave her.

I put the ring on her finger and we took a walk for a little while.

-----Four months later-----

" Hi honey how was the meeting?" Ino asked.

" Boring but my mood changed now that I see you un," I said and rubbed her stomach where our child was.

" What are we going to name our little boy?" Ino asked. " Oh wait how about Dei honey?"

" Dei I like it even though it's close to my name un," I said smiling at my lovely wife.

---- Eight years later----

" Dei hurry up you'll be late for your training session with Itachi!" Ino called to the eight year old who wanted to become the most powerful ninja ever.

" Coming Mom!" Dei cried as he came out of his room and raced outside to meet Itachi.

" Be careful(un)," Ino and I said together and looked at each other and smiled.

" I never knew my life could be this good un," I said to beautiful wife.

" I never knew that either honey," Ino said.

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