Waiting-Bella POV

This was totally frustrating. I stomped around my room, moving things from here to there, and sighing heavily. I was supposed to be going out with Edward Masen tonight, a guy who had started out as my biochem partner, but had ended up being my make-out partner for the last three weeks. We were going out for a romantic dinner and I was confident that tonight would be the night. Confident, that is, until he had called fifteen minutes ago to cancel. I had such high hopes that he would be the one to help me forget.

Of course I had felt that way about Emmett Cullen, a football player, who had proven to have bigger muscles than brains. His most impressive attribute was his ability to do push-ups with me standing on his back, a trick he had pulled out at more than one drunken frat party.

I'd also had high hopes for Jasper Whitlock, a southern gentleman from the great state of Texas, but he had spent our entire first date looking like he may devour me before dessert and that just freaked me out.

I had spent almost a month dating harmless Mike Newton, but I couldn't bring myself to even kiss him, much less contemplate what came next. I shuddered remembering that one.

All these guys were really just a substitute for the one that I knew I couldn't have; my best friend and roommate, Jacob Black. We had been friends since ninth grade English, and practically inseparable since then. We had been together through many boyfriends and girlfriends, him more so than I because he was so gorgeous. With his dark exotic looks and broad shouldered build, he stood out at Washington State University, where we were both sophomores. I paused by my mirror and took a critical look at my reflection. My dark brown hair was loose and flowing tonight and I had on a sexy black bra and panty set, complete with black garters and hose, which accentuated my trim athletic figure. I made a face and turned away in a huff. I had been sure that I was getting lucky tonight. It had only happened one other time in my life and I was determined to forget that.

It had been senior prom. Jacob and I had attended together, citing the reasoning that we would have more fun going as friends than being on some awkward date. It was supposed to be a night you could remember forever, right? He had looked dashing in his tuxedo, and when I saw him it was like seeing him with new eyes. I remember my heart thudding out of my chest as he complimented my dress and presented me with a corsage. I don't remember much about that night, from the dance I mean. I couldn't tell you what the theme was what kind of music they played, but I do remember what it was like to be held by his arms. Heaven. Like we were the only two people in the room. He took me home after the dance and walked me to my door as always, but before he turned to leave, he wrapped me in a fierce hug. I'd pressed my lips to his neck, and the rest as they say, was history.

Jacob ended up staying on my couch that night, and I told my dad he was too tired to drive home. The next morning, I was so nervous that I had wrecked our friendship; I rushed downstairs to talk to him. He'd been eating cereal at the table with my dad and we acted like nothing had happened. Our relationship had continued the way it had always had with neither one of us ever mentioning that night again. It was like we had never had sex at all. I was grateful to have my friend, but my body remembered. My body burned for touches exchanged in my darkened bedroom and hushed endearments murmured into my hair. I could feel my face flush at the memory.

Every guy I had dated since then had been instantly compared to him, and no one had measured up. That's why there had been no one since then. I didn't know if the same were true for him. He'd been out with several gorgeous girls on campus, the latest of which was Rosalie Hale. If you looked up bombshell in the dictionary, the notation says see Rosalie Hale. I had seen the way she fawned all over Jacob, and I knew if their relationship wasn't already physical, it was headed there fast.

That just left me right where I started; alone and so….frustrated. I sat down on my bed. Jake wouldn't be back for hours, and Edward had ditched me for the night. I had the house to myself and I needed to relieve some tension. I turned on some soft music and reclined against the pillows of my bed running my fingers teasingly across my skin. I caressed the swell of my breast with one hand, letting the other drift down between my legs. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back as my pleasure began to build.

I tried envisioning Emmett's washboard abs and sexy smirk. He definitely had a physique to be admired.

Then my mind drifted to Jasper's piercing eyes and full lips. He was so intense; sex with him was bound to be amazing.

Finally my thoughts drifted to Edward and the times we had spent together recently. I thought of how his green eyes burned with lust every time we kissed. I found myself panting with desire right on the edge of release.

Then, almost unbidden, a rush of images from the night with Jacob filled my mind. Deep bronzed skin glowing in the moonlight. Strong hands wringing pleasure from my body. Husky voice whispering naughty words into my ear. I shuddered and came with a keening wail and I couldn't stop myself from screaming his name.

I was breathing heavily, and my heart was racing. I knew that I couldn't get over Jacob. Until he came home, I would be here.