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Still featuring (Dark)Jak in heat, an amused Torn and Daxter, a not so amused Jak, and a generally confused Keira. Because I don't have much else to say, just have this in mind as your fun-fact for the day:

Murphy's Law: Everything that Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong at the Worst Possible Moment

Heat: typically describes an animal that is in a state of... 'excitement' and ready to breed.

Hey girl, move a little closer… ;D (Too SHY SHY, HUSH HUUUSH how do you not know this sooooong?)

Yes, Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)and Too Shy (Kajagoogoo) were listened to well writing this. (Don't judge meee… D;)Can you tell what parts they influenced?

In which Green means Go, Red means Stop, and Purple means…Oh Crap.
Rah rah rah –a-ah, Gaga…Oh
la la.

The next thing he knew, Jak was being restrained by Torn, who was keeping him trapped within the small confines of the booth, blocking what brief access he had to Keira, who in turn had been pulled back by Sig with an utterly bewildered look on her face.

"What's going on?" The petite woman exclaimed, trying to fight her way out of Sig's rather large arms. Jak blinked uncomprehendingly at the man holding him back, chancing an innocent smirk he hoped would convey some sort of apology. Or simply just confuse or irritate his elder.

"I wasn't going-" He swallowed, suddenly feeling out-of-place under Torn's narrow-eyed scrupulous gaze. "Look, you, you've gotta believe me- I swear I-"

"Yeah, sure," Was all the tattooed man said in his reply, not noticing that behind him both Ashelin and Tess had come closer to Keira, forming a small shield of sorts, composing half-human, half-ottsel. Along with the large man holding the mechanic away from the hero, they struggled to remove her from said boy's gaze while she fought back.

Of course, Jak's eyes had zeroed in on her again, and in the moments that followed, well, it would be easier to say everything all but hit the fan.

Seeing his 'crush' –or, more or less, his 'claim' as she could be called at the moment, given the circumstances- in what part of him perceived as eminent peril did not bode well with the young man. In fact, Torn hardly knew what hit him when the blond boy abruptly leapt forward, shoving the former out of his way before making a beeline in Keira's general direction.

Not that it was hard to ignore nearly being tackled by man roughly his size, but the tactician wasn't going to let Jak get at the poor girl who had no idea in the slightest as to what was happening. It just took him a while to regain his focus as a result.

With a war cry of his own, Daxter made his existence known once more as he leapt at the slowly darkening boy, landing on his head and clamping his furry hands over the normally cerulean eyes that had once more gone black.

Letting out a roar in response, Jak halted in his tracks, his hands flying his face. The normally small nails had begun to grow into the claws that had once caused a few grown men to wet themselves, something Daxter soon found himself face-to-face with.

"Yeesh!" He muttered as he flattened his ears against the top of his head, narrowly missing the talons that swiped the air just above him. He blinked in shock as a few strands of fur landed on his nose before drifting down into his friend's now grayish-purple hair. "Okay, not cool buddy."

The momentary pause in Jak's hormone/dark eco/unknown substance/whatever the hell it was-fueled march was all the time the others needed. Although, they probably would have been more successful in getting Keira out of the vicinity, had Daxter not almost dropped off of Jak's head for fear of getting clawed in the face or unwillingly shaved. His small fists held bunches of purple hair in order to keep his furry body from plummeting to the ground, letting out his own snide remarks under his breath.

Torn, having finally come to his senses after being smacked square in the face was frowning at what was often referred to as 'Dark Jak' while the other three had managed to move Keira to the other side of the communications board opposite Jak.

Now completely ignoring the fact that his best friend was clawing at his scalp, the aforementioned boy was beginning to make his way toward the girl once more, his eyes narrowing at the one-eyed man holding her a few inches off the ground defensively.

Jak had been making somewhat decent headway until his forehead cracked against the hard floor of the bar.

"Ow! What the-!"

Torn had resorting to tackling the half-witted hero, succeeding in bringing him to the ground and knocking what sense he could back into him. The horns and claws had receded, so there was some sign of improvement. He was still lavender through, which may have served as a problem were he ever to go out in public again. A portion of him wanted to breathe a sigh of relief and assume that this whole ordeal was over, but his logical and more battle-hardened side told him this was no where near over, and in fact, it was just the opposite.

Jak was hissing on the ground and clutching his forehead when Torn got up and crouched down next to him, placing one of his thin hands on the other's shoulder-guard protected joint.

"And stay down." He muttered, having gotten some compensation for being hit in the face. The response he got was a grunt.

And then, as per usual, it was all shot to Kingdom Come.

"You can put me down now!" The uncertainty was clear in the girl's voice, revealing her confused wonder and slight fear. The others had yet to fill her in on what was going on, so she was frustratingly out of the loop.

"Let her go!"

While garbled as Jak flitted from his normal self to his darker self, the fury in that voice served to widen the eyes of everyone in the bar; their minds attempting to quickly reassess the situation. Purple electric lines crackled around the figure as he stood, casting the place in a purple hue that any other time would have been breathtaking. Now however, it only served to heighten the panic felt by most in the room.

His black eyes narrowed as his hands clenched into fists, increasing the amount of raw power felt radiating off of him. He'd taken a few angry steps around the large circular board his comrades had circled, all too paralyzed to move. Torn had no plans to tackle the Dark Warrior again -instead he remained on the floor for the time being, his arm extended to where the other boy had been just moments before.

Sig's good eye seemed to have been the only one truly watching Jak –he was a Wastelander and knew just how to fully assess a fight, after all. He'd seen Metalheads practically the size of the Naughty Ottsel, but like the others, he had no idea how to proceed with the man coming at him. Daxter picked his head up off the floor from where he'd been thrown after Torn had tackled Jak, letting out a groan.

"Well that wasn't pleasant," He muttered as he shook his furry head, the straps of his goggles smacking his neck. He scrunched up his face a few times to get feeling back into it when he noticed the dark boy now making decent headway toward his target, who was being carried around the circular table. "Okay, not good."

"I said let her go!"

Tess just about peed herself at the contorted face of the man who had only recently saved the world. His lips were pulled back in a snarl, and Sig was seriously debating dropping Keira like a hot rock and hightailing it out of there. The girl in question was still squirming slightly, eyeing her childhood friend warily and still wanting to be put back on the ground, rather than being held up nearly two feet in the air.

"Um, maybe you better do what he says." Torn said with uncharacteristic uncertainty. Ashelin nodded curtly at this as she and Sig took another few steps back as the Dark Warrior continued to approach. He paused in his movements as Sig momentarily released his hold on the wriggling girl and nearly dropped her on the ground. She let out a slight 'oof' as she hit the floor, grabbing the edge of the circular table to maintain her balance. Jak just about to reach for her when a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Regarding Sig with his flickering black eyes, the corner of his lip rose in an angry sneer once more. His clawed fingers flexed, almost as if he were prepared to attack the man that he been recently holding his claim hostage.


A small shot glass that had been tilted precariously on a shelf beneath the bar fell to the ground and shattered as a result of the sudden -and loud- outcry. No one even flinched, focusing completely on the once amusing notion of Jak being in 'heat'. Taking another miniscule step toward Keira, Jak and the others turned their attention to the furry ottsel. His chest heaving from his outburst, Daxter pointed his finger accusingly at the Dark Warrior.

"Didn't…Didn't I tell you," He took a deep breath along with a pause before continuing. "Jak, we talked about this, remember? The real way to hit on a woman and win her heart? Corny pick-up lines that hardly ever work? Making a complete fool of yourself? Hey, I'll give you props for looking like a pretty big idiot right about now, but you're losin' points for that whole 'being in heat' excuse you've got going." He shook his head, squinting at the purple boy who merely narrowed his eyes in response. "Look, if you were really in heat, this woulda happened a couple times over the past few years, and wouldn't just be starting right now." He paused. "Or maybe it did happen a few years back, and I just didn't notice it."

Jak gave him a pointed look of sorts.

"Holy-" Daxter gaped as his arm fell loosely to the side. Tess plopped down on the hologram table and Torn blinked as the three processed the information Daxter had just received. "It did? When?"

Jak blinked.

"…Last year? During the…" Daxter studied Jak's expression for a moment, before his eyes flicked to the teal-haired girl and back. "During the races? Really? But I thought-" How Daxter understood his friend was a wonder in itself. "You mean…What, when she said-?"

Jak's chin tilted downward. Either a curt nod, or a silent sneeze.

"And then you-? And you walked away-? But then after I raced you came back and you-?" The purple man tilted his head to the side and narrowed his ebony eyes, clearing displaying his annoyance with his best friend's extended revelation. "I thought you were just mad about what she said, but I guess that wasn't all, was it?" The eyes narrowed a bit further.

Torn was the first to break to extremely short silence that followed. "How the hell did you understand any of that?" He hissed at the ottsel who was giving his friend a dumbfounded look.

"He was mute for a long time. You'd have to figure out a way to communicate with someone who doesn't talk, Torn." Daxter muttered, keeping his gaze leveled with Jak's.

Pleased with the fact that the interruption had ended the Dark Warrior turned around swiftly, beginning to close the gap between he and the confused girl. Daxter protested, claiming that his work wasn't done, though he was dismissively ignored by Jak.

"No! Bad Jak, bad! Stay! Heel! Stop moving!" Daxter's shouts obviously had little impact on the purple boy, as zeroed in on his... 'target,' as it were. All Keira could do was stare as her childhood crush strode closer with each breath they all collectively took. "Jak! Listen to me dammit!"

"Freeze! That's an order!" The ottsel's mouth hung agape along with just about everyone else's, save for the one being yelled at by the Commander's stern tone. Torn now stood to his full height, his back stiff and gaze penetrating the front of the purple boy's skull. Ashelin almost smirked.

"Don't you take another step."

As if purely to antagonize him, Jak's foot inched toward Keira.

"Dammit! Stay. Put!" The corner of Jak's mouth inched into a haughty smirk, but quickly dissolved when Torn jabbed an accusing finger at him. The others all froze in place in muted shock, quietly observing what had been coming for a long time. To be honest, Jak partly deserved the reprimand he was getting.

"I have dealt with enough crap for the past few months, let alone years, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you add more to that heap. You and your excuses –hell, I don't care if you were mute for most of your life. I don't care that you just started talking last year, but now is definitely the time to start! Use your words dammit!" Torn swept an arm across the scene to emphasize his point.

"You are an annoying little twit, do you know that? Too damn stubborn and thick-headed for your own good, which yes, I'll admit that that's a good thing, but only once in a blue moon." He slammed his fist down on the communication board, causing Tess to leap off it and collide with Ashelin, who only just managed to catch her before she hit the ground. "Right now, yes you have to be a bit persistent to get what you want, but this is not the way to go about it."

"I've put up with enough of your crap. Either you cut it out right this minute, or the next you'll be on the floor wondering what the hell you were thinking in the first place."

It was silent for a moment, save for the angry panting sounds Torn was making. Jak's head cocked coyly to the side out of pure spite.

"That's ah…That's really helpful Torn." Daxter muttered as Jak slowly backed toward Keira with an animalistic and haughty look on his face.

"Figured it was worth a shot. Just a whole bunch of BS, but I thought it could do something."

"Oh it's doing something alright," Ashelin stated, highlighting the fact that Jak was closer to an increasingly confused Keira than ever before.

"Knock it off. You're not in heat." Torn shot at him, Jak staring him dead in the eye- though in all honesty it was quite unnerving when he looked at someone in this state –what with his eyes being pupil-less making it difficult to tell just what he was looking at.

Daxter's eyes shot up to the ceiling as he shook his head. "No, he actually kind of is."

"How would you know that? For all we know it's just so excuse for what he's doing now." Torn glanced at the ottsel out of the corner of his eye before his gaze shot back to Jak, having froze the moment Torn had said the dreaded and embarrassing H-word.

"Because I'm a magical leopluradon," Daxter said sarcastically, keeping an eye on his two friends while waving a rude gesture at the Tattooed Wonder. "How the hell do you think? He's my best friend, and I'm an ottsel. Put two-and-two together. I know these things."

No one really wanted him to elaborate on this. The image itself was enough.

While Daxter had a somewhat decent argument, Torn was still fairly fed up with the situation and how it was going. Not that he wasn't still somewhat freaked out by the fact that Jak had 'gone dark,' but he figured he ought to put an end to this. By force if he had to.

Because that plan worked out so well.

The moment he moved toward Jak, the latter interpreted it as a threat, releasing a low snarl and shifting into a defensive position, Keira now standing, bewildered, behind him. Her eyebrows creased as she processed what Torn had just said about Jak just as he prepared to take a swing at the Commander.

"Jak, no! Don't!" With a worried cry, Keira flung herself as Jak's back to keep him from participating in the smack-down about to occur, instead finding herself with her chin on his shoulder and her arms wrapped around her childhood friend's –along by now it was pretty obvious that some part of him wanted more- neck, once more suspended in the air due to the four inch height gap between them. "That… didn't quite go as planned," She murmured into the fabric of his shirt. Loosening her grip she plopped back down to the floor.

Unfortunately, that hardly seemed to faze him. Her next action however, did.

Letting out a startled yelp that morphed into an annoyed grimace, which quickly evaporated into curiosity and confusion as Jak whirled around to face Keira. Because she couldn't exactly reached over one shoulder and then easily touch the other side of his face from where she stood, she's meant grab his chin and turn him to her in order to reprimand him for whatever the hell was going on.

But she hadn't meant to grab the ashen goatee jutting from his chin.

"I'm sorry!" She sputtering, granting him an apologetic look. "I didn't mean to do that, I just didn't want you to…you know, kill Torn." His pupil-less eyes blinked at her. "Because we shouldn't kill Torn, and I'd appreciate it if someone told me what was... going...on…"

Lips trembling at an alarming rate as she formed unspoken words, Keira suddenly found herself with her face mere inches from Jak, hushed by the fact that he seemed to be leaning closer to her out of curiosity. Oh, and by the fact that well, it was Jak.

Staring blankly at the bridge of his nose, Keira felt him gently press his forehead to hers, seemingly letting out a quiet sigh of relief as his eyes slid closed. His nose twitched softly, taking in her scent as she froze, the only sound in the room being the clack his nails as they came into contact with one another.

Jak's nose twitched again.

As slowly as they could, Ashelin and the others began backing away from the two, leaving Sig to essentially stand guard. Tess whispered something into Daxter's ear, and in turn he watched his friend for a moment before shrugging. Torn shook his head at Ashelin who only rolled her eyes.

The silent exchange of thoughts through gestures was abruptly interrupting by the shocked gasp that put them all on edge, their attention immediately snapping back to Jak and Keira.

Jak's hands had shifted to carefully hold Keira's arms just above her elbows, seemingly intent of exploring the side of her neck with his nose. Her eyes widened as her face contorted, another sound escaping her mouth.

"Did he bite her? What happened?" Tess hissed to Torn, who shook his head, just as clueless as she was. Keira let out another 'eep.' Sig subtly shifted his hold on the Peacemaker so that the butt of the gun was in the air to be used as a club, while its mouth gawked at the floor.

It took them a few moments to realize that Keira was giggling.

"Knock it off!" She stuttered through laughter –though Jak seemed to have other plans, despite her attempts to shift out of his already fairly loose grip. Her head tilted to the side and raising her shoulder, and she was successful in squishing Jak's face into the crock of her neck. A low rumble resonated from his chest, resembling a chuckle as his goatee brushed against her collarbone was more, resulting in another giggle. "J-Jak! Stop it!"

"While this is…slightly awkward." Tess murmured. Daxter draped an arm across her shoulders while the two ex-KG folded their arms simultaneously.

"Nah, it's only awkward if you let it be." There was a pause, and he was given a blank look by the four currently not involved with the scene on the other side of the room. "Holy crap, this is awkward."

"We should probably leave them to it…" Torn muttered, waving his hands for the others to follow him out the door. Shuffling quietly behind him they all congregated at the door, watching for Sig to finally make his way over from where he stood closest to them. They all nodded to one another, agreeing on the idea that they would all remain somewhere in the Port if Jak got too out of hand.

The door slid shut with finality and a gentle echo, snapping Keira back into reality.

"They left." She murmured, almost with a hint of loss or betrayal at being left alone in her confused little bubble with Jak, who only mumbled into her neck in response.


The claws and horns slowly receded as his pale complexion darkened into the tan and scarred skin she'd grown up with. One arm had snaked around her waist in an attempt to keep her from pulling away. Instead she leaned back slightly, her hands now resting on his shoulders. He blinked as his body jerked and his stumbled while reverting back into himself. He blinked a few times as the darkness faded from his eyes. One of Keira's eyebrows quirked.

"Mind explaining what that was?" Jak's head ducked as he chuckled shamefully in embarrassment. As a side note, he had actually called Keira in the first place due to the JET-board acting up, but, beggars couldn't be choosers for moments like these, could they?

"Ah ha…I was in heat?" Keira frowned slightly, though he could see the laugh in her eyes. She shook her head, as if recalling a memory, which Jak observed with an amused expression.

"Well that's funny…" She shifted closer to him as his arm tightened, pressing his lips to her forehead.

"How so?" He muttered against her skin there with a growing smirk, already knowing what was coming. He pulled away and replaced his mouth on her forehead with his own in order to look her in the eye with his bemused grin.

"Isn't that what you told them last year?" She gave him a coy smirk of her own, both amused at the situation and partly in awe of that fact that the others still hadn't figured it out yet.

Jak let out a chuckle and gently pressed his lips to her for the first time in months, but of course not without muttering,

"Hell, they'll never know the difference."

A/N: Jak is liar! D:

So just so he knows: "Liar, Liar Pants On Fire" translated into French and back comes back to say "Teller of Untruths, Your Trousers Have Combusted". (Or so says MLIA. xD)

This obviously wasn't the original ending, but by the time I got to it, I wanted to put a little twist on it, just throw you all off it. All…five of you that read it at least.

And it is a bit ambiguous I suppose. You can decide whether or not they've actually done anything like this before, though, well, keep yer mind outta the gutter. I'm not trying to imply any of that stuff, unless that's how you interpret that.
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