How can love be so painful, yet so beautiful all at once? That was what Usagi thought as he watched the computer screen flicker in front of him. Today was one of those days…where the ideas just wouldn't come naturally to him. Usually, his fingers flew over the keys as if they were birds taking wing. However, he was disoriented from allowing Misaki to go off on this class trip of his. His fingers hovered over the keys, desperately trying to conjure something out of thin air. And as most of us know, that never works. With a childish sigh, he let his head fall on the keyboard lightly, staring at the wall with the look of an abandoned puppy in his lovely magenta eyes.

"Misaki…" He muttered, longing rich and thick in his voice.

He shouldn't have let him go. He should just lock him up where no one could see, where he and he alone could partake in the joys only Misaki could give to him. Every time. Every time Misaki left for somewhere, he felt like this. Dejected, alone, broken. These dark, brooding feelings built up until he just couldn't stand it anymore.

But he let him go anyway. Why? Because it made Misaki happy. And when Misaki was happy, Usagi was happy. He loved seeing his lover's face brighten with childish joy at the prospect of something new and exciting. The wonder in his face, the happiness that just exuded from him. A content smile grew just by thinking of that warm glow.

"Misaki…" He sighed, his tone sweeter, and much more loving than he would ever dare to show anyone other than the one he longed for.

Then again, others noticed this adorable attitude of his and tried to take advantage of it. His smile faded into a scowl as he recalled that boy Misaki went to school with. Words did not even begin to describe the hatred he felt for the boy, especially since he was able to be so close to Misaki. Every time he gave that smug smirk…it just drove him insane! That was when Usagi knew he had to take him away, and fast. And he always did. It didn't matter how much Misaki complained, or yelled at him. He couldn't bear the thought of him hating him, but just the idea that Misaki could be taken away from him by that boy made him want to commit murder. He didn't care how much Misaki hated him…he had to be near him. It was just how it was.

"Misaki…" He groaned, now projecting his worry and crushing desire into a strange guttural sound.

Then…he heard the click of a key in the door, and a voice called.

"I'm home!"

The feelings overwhelmed him as he heard Misaki, but he couldn't stand and go to him. He couldn't show him how much he had truly missed him. Not yet…not until he made sure Misaki had missed him just as much. And how would he do that, you ask? Well, you've seen enough episodes to know how Usagi communicates his love, my reader. He was going to strengthen the love between them, and get some revenge of his own for being left behind. He smirked, before assuming a bored expression.

"Up here." He called back.

He heard the footsteps on the stair, and licked his lips in anticipation. The fun was about to begin. The door creaked open and Usagi stood, not bothering to keep the joy and need from his face.

"AH!" cried Misaki, as he was taken to the ground.

"I missed you."


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