Does Rosalie Lillian McCarty ever shut up?! I mean seriously I'm sure I could like her if she didn't run her mouth so much. I could see through Bella's calm facade Rosalie was really upsetting her.

"...I mean Bella! seriously! How could you give up such a fabulous life?! I mean all your memories of your childhood? Your treating it like garbadge!" Rosalie shouted at her.

"Rosalie thats ENOUGH!" I shouted at her infuriated. Rosalie hissed at her.

"No! I don't think she gets it! Those memories should be precious to you!" SHe hissed again to Bella. A tear slid down her cheek.

"Maybe my life was garbadge?! Huh?!" Bella shouted as she got up in Rosalie's face.

"Oh whatever! Daddy and mommie split up! Sorry but that doesn't really make my top ten list of bad things!" How dare she?!

"Firstly you don't know anything about me! Which reminds me none of you all do!" She said adressing the whole room. "So how dare you Rosalie try to get up in my face about my decisions! I'm not scared of you! I'm not scared of anybody! So I appreciate what your trying to do but never tell me what to do! Just so you know my parents didn't split up. MY real dad is in jail! CHarlie's my uncle! And Renee's not my real mom! So sorry to burst your bubble Rosalie! But well! My life wasn't a fairy tale my child hood up til I was 15 is garbadge! Yes I'd love to forget that! Of course I would!" Rosalie's eyes widened. Bella....i mean I was so proud of her for standing up to Rosalie but she'd never told me about her childhood. Maybe this is why.

"Bella I-" Rosalie started.

"No screw you!" Bella shouted at her. She grabbed her coat off of the coach and stormed out slamming the door. Of course I was right behind her. I grabbed her gently by the arms,

"Bella...sweet heart...what-?"

"I'm sorry I blew up but I really really can't talk right now I have to go." SHe said as she hopped in the cab of her truck. MAybe she needed some alone time.

"I love you!" I called after her.

"I love you to." She sniffed as she shut the door and drove off. I raced back into the house.

"Rosalie when will you ever learn to shut your mouth!" I shouted.

A/N: Okay sorry this is sort of in your face!!! He he no pun inteneded. This is basically about ROsalie taking what she says to Bella way to far. Umm so Bella reacts badly of course and ends up telling the CUllens about her crappy child hood. Um I think that;s it.