Christmas in Arizona

Okay, this is my first time actually writing a Tekken fanfic. I love Tekken since I was 2, but seriously started playing since I was 9. So this is an AU-ish, Christmas Special centering around Julia, Christie, Asuka, Lili, and Leo.

Summary: Julia is college honor student who has come home for Christmas. She is working on a 1000 word report for an experiment she's working on to save the enviroment. But across the street, Zafina is throwing a Christmas party. Will she be able to put a stop to it.

The door opened revealing a young woman, about eighteen. She had earthy colored brown hair pulled into a long braid. She had a rather babyish face for a college student, with leafy green eyes, now wide with excitement. She wore a white t-shirt with a greyish blue sweather over it, and jeans. She also had cowboy boots.

She was lugging a suitcase in one hand, and a backpack in the other.

"Julia!" exclaimed the woman who opened the door. The woman had dark hair pulled into a sloppy ponytail. She had a heart shaped face and wore a denim jacket with jeans. She held a duster in her hand (since she was cleaning).

"Hello, mother." Julia said, before her mother pulled her into a bone-crushing.

"You made it. Right before Christmas too. come in." Julia entered her small house. "Here I'll take that." Michelle (Julia's mother's name) said reaching for her suitcase. Julia pulled it back quick.

"No, I got it Mom." Michelle raised an eyebrow.

"Alright." The mother and daughter headed towards Julia's old room, where all was left was a bed, dresser, and desk with a computer on top. Julia plopped the suitcase and backpack on top. She let out a loud sigh.

"That was a tiring plane ride." she said, plopping next to her stuff on the bed. Michelle sat next to her daughter, smiling. She missed her. She liked having an extra hand for the firewood and the cooking and the dusting. As you may probably know, the Changs don't live a modern lifestyle.

They do everything themselves. With barely technology (except for the computer, which is used for school) but no television, video games, dishwashers.

Why, you ask? Because the Chang's are ethusiastic about the enviroment. Ever since Michelle was a child. She passed it on to her adopted daughter and now she's going to college to become a scientist, to stop these terrible nature haters.

But, since Julia has been gone so long. She told her to forget all about it when she comes here and spend the time with Michelle. But...

"Julia, let me help you with your bags."

"That's okay mom, I got it."

"Don't be silly," Michelle said as she grabbed the first bag, Julia grabbed hold of it from the other side. "Julia, it's fine."

"Mom it's okay, I g-"

"Your tired, hon, you had a long plane ride."

"It wasn't that long, I just came from Massachussets."

"That's four hours sweetheart. Are you hiding something. Let me guess, you got a boyfriend an-"

"Mom~ it's no-AH!" Julia stopped mid sentence as she toppled over (they were tugging on it) the backpack ripping open, papers flying everywhere. Julia gasped, since her precious papers were scattered. She hastily tried to gather the pages until Michelle grabbed the one on her head.

The Biodegradable Studies - by: Julia Chang

"Julia!" Michelle groaned. Julia looked up with a face that was similar to a child caught doing something wrong. Michelle held up the page. "You promised."

"I'm sorry, mom. But, I just got so excited." Julia stood up. "We could be this close to saving the enviroment. We can save mankind."

"So your telling me that saving mankind and the enviroment is more important then spending Christmas with your own mother." Michelle said with a slightly hurt tone in her voice. Julia's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Um...when you put it that way..."

"Julia..." Michelle said with a scolding tone.

"Alright, I won't do it." she said.

"Promise?" Her mother asked. Julia hesitated.

"Promise." Julia said.

Throughout the day Michelle and Julia prepared for the holiday. They put up the Christmas tree and decorated it with all sorts of ornaments, decking the halls, baking cookies while singing christmas songs.

Unfortnately like all good days it comes to an end. Michelle let out a huge yawn.

"What a day." she said, stifling another humongous yawn. Julia glanced at the clock.


"Mom, why don't you get some sleep." Julia asked her. Michelle shook her head.

"But it's Christmas Eve." She yawned again.

"Don't worry, we still have tommorrow." Julia assured her. Michelle gave a tired smile.

"Alright, what are you going to do?" she asked. Julia rolled her eyes.

"I'll finish my novel. I might crash later too."

"Alright." Michelle gave her a quick peck before heading towards her room.

Once Julia was sure her mother was asleep, she closed her book and logged onto her computer. She grimaced at the sound of her computer groaning, hoping it wouldn't wake her mother up.

Once she got situated she got to work.

-four topmost,students including I, have created important and large experiments for plants and wildlife and how dry life is becoming for mankind. However it must-

Julia's train of thought was interupted by the sound of blaring music. Julia looked warily at the window by her bed. She headed towards the front of the house and saw the house across the street practically glowing. It was huge! It looked like a palace. Julia glared at the house that stood before her, but just closed the curtain.

It is Christmas Eve, she thought. She sat back down by the computer ignoring the sounds outside and letting her fingers dance across the keyboards.

About two hours past since and Julia was in a middle of a temporary writer's block. While she was pondering she realized that the party was growing louder. She tried to block out the sound and began chewing on her nail impatiently. She froze when she heard movement coming from her mother's bedroom. She shut off the monitor (before she saved) and took one of her blankets and cover the computer. She heard her mother's bedroom door open and she hopped on her bed grabbing her book.

Moments later, her mother entered the room in her night clothes, face groggy. They looked at each other for Ten solid seconds then she trudged to the window at the front of the house. Julia followed her. Michelle groaned.

"Ugh, it's that new woman from across the street, I should have known." Julia quirked an eyebrow.

"She's always causing trouble?" Michelle nodded.

"It's almost one o'clock in the morning." Julia looked at her mother's exhausted face.

"You want me to talk to her. Maybe she can turn the volume down a little." Michelle looked at her daughter.

"You'd do that for me." Julia nodded. Michelle carressed her hair. "Thank you, Julia."

"Just head back to sleep." Michelle smiled at her daughter and trudged back to bed. Julia grabbed her sweater and headed out the door.

Julia trotted across the street towards the fancy house that was causing alot of trouble for her dear mother. Julia stood in front, hesitating. There were alot of people here, a crowd almost.

She didn't do well with crowds. She walked towards the house, people bumping into her along the way. When she got inside, her head was throbbing with the music. People were dancing and yelling was just chaos. Julia almost fell as she entered and a drink splashed all over her.

"Ugh!" she gasped. It burned her eyes a bit, but she continued with her "mission". She tapped a girl nearby. She just grimaced and shoved her out of the way. Harsh she thought. She saw another girl but decided on verbal communication.

"Excuse me." she asked. The girl turned around. She had pink fluffy hair and wore a orange dress with a white shirt underneath.

"Hai!" she said, bowing a bit. Julia self conciously bowed too.

"Um, do you know the person that owns the house?" she asked (well, actually she yelled)

"Hai! Zafina-san!" the pink haired girl grinned at Julia. Julia was slightly creeped out by the young woman.

"Do you know where she is?" she asked/yelled again.

"Hai!" Is that all she says? The young woman grabbed Julia's hand and pulled her through the throngs of people. "I'm Alisa by the way." So she does speak english.

"Er...I'm Julia." Alisa smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you Julia-chan! Here she is." She pointed towards a beautiful indian woman with long black hair pulled into a long ponytail, and was wearing a red silky dress.

"Thank you." Julia said. Alisa bowed again (Julia bowing back) and she flew back where they last came. Julia felt a little intimidated by the older woman but netherless she walked towards her.

"Um, excuse me." Zafina looked up (causing Julia to flinch back a bit.)

"Do I know you?" The older woman asked, her heavy indian accent dripping off her words.

"No, you know my mother, Michelle Chang. I'm her daughter, Julia Chang."

"Ah yes, that native american woman in that little house across the street. And what brings you to my home. No offence, I love more guests. The more the merrier I say, but, you don't look like the one for such things." Julia involuntarily adjusted her glasses which emphasized what Zafina said.

"Well, yes, I'm not. I came to ask you, if maybe you can kindly let the music down just a little. My mother's had a long day, and she would like some sleep." Zafina merely laughed.

"I can not do that." Julia raised an eyebrow.

"Why not." Julia sked, slightly agitated by the woman's teasing tone.

"it would be unfair for the other people."

"It's just a little." Julia persuaded.

"Simosa?" Zafina offered, holding some sort of triangular food. Julia looked back at it alittle distastefully.

"Don't worry, there's no meat. I hear you Changs are vegetarians." Julia took it slowly.

"Um...thank you." Zafina stood up gracefully and held the small of her back guiding her towards the door.

"Don't worry, darling, the party is only going to last a little while longer."

"When you say a little while longer...?" Julia asked.

"Most likely all night. Buh-bye!" Julia stood there in shock. A pout made its way to her face as she took a dainty bite out of the simosa she had in her hand still.

"Mhm. It's pretty good." Julia commented aloud. But a spicy simosa wasn't enough to satisfy Julia. She dragged her feet home with her mother sitting at the kitchen table.

"Mother, I said, you can sleep." Julia scolded. Michelle yawned again.

"The music, was keeping me up still." Julia moaned inwardly. She looked back towards the party and back at her tired mother. She sighed. "Did you talk to Zafina?" Julia bit her lip.

"I'll try again. Simosa?" Michelle took the food from her daughter's hand.

"I just hope this won't go on all night." Michelle mumbled as she took a bite. "But, if all those people are there, only the spirits know when they'll leave." Julia's face then lit up with an idea. "Mmm..." her mother's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "This is good." Michelle said pointing to the simosa.

"Isn't it?" Julia said.

"Mhm..." Michelle hummed in agreement.

2:33 am

Julia was searching for the party host and finally found her in a man's lap. The man was big and tan, he had curly black hair and a beard growing on his face. he wore an outfit similar to a bull fighters.

"Oh, it's the Chang girl again." Zafina giggled.

"Zafina, please, I beg you."

"I'm sorry, I'm a little busy." she giggled again. Julia noted the empty beer bottles by the table. She's drunk.

"┬┐Hey, la miel, quisiera que le demostrara un buen rato? " the man holding Zafina slurred. Obviously he is too.

Julia paid him no mind as she decided to move on to plan B until:

"Julia-Chan~" sang a voice in nowhere in particular. Julia then was glomped (AN: Sorry ya'll) and collided with the floor.

"Hi...Alisa..." Julia wheezed as Alisa squeezed her. "I...can't...BREATHE...!" Julia gasped as the weight on her back was gone.

"Oops, sorry." Alisa apologized. She helped Julia up. "Let me introduce you to someone." Before Julia had time to respond Alisa was dragging her through the house.

"Lars-kun! Lars-kun!" Alisa called. "Lars-kun~" she sang again as she saw a man with blond spiky hair, wearing a grey jacket and jeans. "Julia-chan, this is Lars-kun! Lars-kun, this is Julia-chan!"

"Um, hi." Julia said gave a casual wave.

"So, how are you?" Alisa asked with a giggle. Julia was snapped back to reality.

"Um, I'm still having trouble?"

"Did Zafina-san give you a hard time?" she asked with real concern.

"Yeah. You see, my mother is very tired and well..." Alisa nodded.

"Oh, you too! Lars-kun is having the same problem!" Julia rose her eyes at him. He just nodded. "What are you going to do now?" Julia's mind began to reel as an idea formed inside her head.

Zafina was laughing with her friends, enjoying the party. Her eyes landed on two figures standing next to each other by the food table.

"Chang and Alexenderson is still here? If she thinks the party is over, she can forget it." Then the sound of choking could be heard coming from the food table area.

"Hey, someone's choking!" the music and the laughing stopped as everyone gather. Zafina jumped off Miguel's lap, almost stumbling as she made her way towards the crowd.

"Move out of the way!" she screeched stumbling past the people. A girl with pink hair was on her knees her hands wrapped around her throat gagging. Lars ran towards the scene (Luckily no one noticed him roll his eyes.)

He bent down behind Alisa and wrapped his arms around her body to perform the Heimlik Manover. After three hard thrusts, Alisa coughed up a kebab. Everyone applauded. Alisa looked towards her "savior" and hugged him.

"Thank you!" she said. Lars resist the urge to growl at the unwelcome intruder to his bubble.

Eventually the applause died down and someone said. "Guess, the party's over." And everyone filed out.

"Wait!" Zafina pleaded. When the house was empty except for five people, Zafina glared at the trio. "You planned this didn't you?" Julia shook her head.

"Why would we fake an emergency?" but Alisa couldn't hide her giggle. Zafina scoffed.

"Oh, I see. Well good night. But not for long!" she exclaimed.

"Whatever." Julia said. The her, Alisa, and Lars left the house. When the made it across the street Julia said, "Thanks guys, for your help."

"No problem." Alisa said.

"I didn't do it for you." Lars said coldly, for the first time that night. Then he walked off.

"Bye, Lars-kun!" Alisa said waving. Lars didn't bother to wave back. "Isn't he nice."

"Is he always like that?" Julia asked her.

"I don't know. I just met him." Julia just laughed. "here's my phone number!" Alisa said handing her a slip of paper. "Call me." Then she skipped off. Julia just smiled. Sweet girl

Julia turned on her heel towards her house.

Sorry if Zafina or Alisa seemed out of character, but it was the only way to make the story work out. Review!