Christmas In Germany

Summary: It is Leo's first Christmas without her mother, what can she do?

Leo walked down the Shopping District in Germany. Not really shopping but browsing. She knew it was going to be like this. Every Christmas she spent it with her mom. Now that she's gone, Merry Christmas, doesn't really feel so Merry. Why did she go back to germany for Christmas. It wasn't like there was anyone she can share it with.

"Excuse me, sir?" said a man behind the desk. Leo didn't even bother to correct him. "Do you need any help buying anything? Are you looking for anything?" Leo just shook her head.

"No, thank you sir. I was just leaving?" she said turning towards the exit.

"You sure, we have something for special someones." he said, trying to change her mind.

"I don't have much money on me right now? Only a couple of bucks."

"it's alright, it doesn't cost that much." he reached under the desk and pulled out a little green box. He opened the lid and inside were...wristbands. Two.

No, they were rings, keychains, they were scrunchie wristbands. Not even a Christmas one or any type of Spiritual Reference. They were white, with a black star in the middle.

"It may not be much, but it's a gift worth giving to someone else. Someone special. Doesn't even have to be a girl. It can be your best friend, or your brother or sister." he told her. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

Why did I spend $1.00 on a couple of wristbands? she asked herself. The doorbell rang. Leo climbed out of her stool and opened the door.

Standing there, surprisingly, was Ling Xiaoyu. Leo was in her class in a school she went to all the way in America. She only spoke to her once for a School project. What was she doing all the way in Germany.

"Hiya!" she cheered.

"Hi?" Leo said, confused.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

"Sure...?" Leo said, but sounded more like a question. "Um, ling, what are you doing here."

"I came to visit you silly." she giggled after she said that.

"Don't you have family in China or something?" she asked, still confused on her whereabouts.

"I'm an orphan too. So I understand how it feels on Christmas." Leo was surprised. She never realized Ling was an orphan. she was always so cheerful and peppy. "Your always by yourself in school. So I spoke to Heihachi so I can locate you and, here I am! YAY!" she yelled.

"Yay." leo said. Ling rolled her eyes playfully.

"We'll have fun, we'll go sledding, set up a Christmas Tree, play in the snow, and read Christmas stories!" Leo looked at her like she spoke another language.

"Okay. One: There's no snow. 2: I don't do story time. 3: Why do you, out ALL people want to spend Christmas with me?" she asked again. Ling seemed serious this time.

"You seem lonely." she said softly. Leo didn't know how to react to that. She sighed.

"So, what do we do first?"

Ling's smile was so wide, leo couldn't help but smile back.

Though, they didn't do what Ling said they would do, they still had a great time. They watched christmas movies together, and were talking through the entire thing. Ling took her shopping, They told each other secrets like how Ling liked Jin and how Leo showed a little interest in the british boxer, Steve.

They had a lot of things (Surprising, right) common. They both like dipping their chips in icecream, they both like bear like animals, and they both like Rock.

They were both exhausted at the end.

"So," Ling began, "where do i sleep?" she asked.

"We have a spare room." she told her. Leo showed Ling to her room and they sat there talking all night. They even talked about their parents, which they never did. Finall the two were ready to crash.

When Leo got up to let her new best friend sleep, she remembered something.

"Hey, ling." Ling sat back up. Leo tossed her one of the wristbands.

"Oooh," ling awed, "this is so cool! Thanks leo!" and she gave her a hug. It was the best christmas she ever had.

I hoped you guys liked the stories. i might do some more Tekken fanfics sometimes. Mostly about Leo or Asuka since their two of my favorite characters. REVIEW