Princess Daisy's Sweet Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, here you go, ladies and gentlemen, the full version of that perky little story I did earlier this week. This time, it'll feel like a full blown adventure rather than a quick venture through the woods. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Princess Daisy and anything else in this story belong to Nintendo.

Princess Daisy has having a usual, peaceful walk in the Mushroom Kingdom, feeling carefree as she enjoyed life at its finest. However, she spotted the most delicious, sweetest thing to ever grace the dirt-paved path she was walking on - a large, scrumptious vanilla cake.

"Oh Boy!" Daisy exclaimed as she licked her lips, having sweet memories pop up in her mind as she rubbed her stomach, "That vanilla cake looks so define and tasty... I bet it'd be as yummy as it looks." Her stomach growling loudly, Daisy ran for the cake, but she fell down into a pitfall, landing on her butt.

A pair of bushes moved by towards the cake and pitfall, obnoxious laughter being heard from inside. Daisy looked up, and to her shock, she saw a purple-colored Ninji jump out from the bushes and grabbed the cake!

"Ha! Ha ha ha! Ha!" The Ninji obnoxiously laughed as he teased Daisy, "Silly, incompitent girl! You fell for the cake trap! Nearly everyone does! Nya ha ha!"

Daisy fumed, getting up and pointing upwards. "You give me back that cake, you jerk! I saw it first!" She angrily retorted.

The Ninji stuck out his tongue at Daisy, taunting her further. "If you want this cake so bad, you're gonna have to get me first!" He laughed as he dashed off, the vanilla cake in his posession.

Daisy got enraged, and she managed to climb her way out of the pitfall in no time. Quickly dusting herself off, Daisy dashed off towards the western direction, chasing after the Ninji, to get back her claimed, delicious cake.