Chapter Twenty-Six: The Pressure Will Just Keep on Rising

Shyamal sat carefully on the banister at the top of the Astronomy Tower, gazing out across the expansive grounds of Hogwarts. It had been two and a half weeks since he broke the news to his siblings that they wouldn't be coming back to Hogwarts for the second term. Ever since then, they had taken the effort to not speak to him though Damian gave him single syllable answers to his questions now and then. The distance between them was evident during the full moon the week before when he had given Cosmas a playful swipe on his haunch only to receiving a warning growl. That night, they had just stayed in the Shrieking shack; Hala, Cosmas, and Damian in one corner piled together and Shyamal by himself in another.

Sighing heavily, Shyamal rubbed at his eyes, feeling the slight burn caused by the lack of sleep. At night, he was second guessing himself, wondering if his decision was the right one. On one hand, he had the obsessive urge to protect his remaining family but on the other, he felt the burden of protecting those he didn't know.

When he was younger, he always had the need to help everyone that needed it, from a younger kid getting bullied to animals that found themselves injured in his presence. Being older now, Shyamal knew that some people would call it self-sacrificing, nobleness, compassion, and all those nice words. But once he found himself in the position of the only one taking care of his siblings as they grew, he found himself taking on that responsibility, making sure that his siblings had enough to eat, had their social time with him, learned how to play nicely, knew the rights and wrongs of their actions, how to put on their clothes, and more as the two Potter house elves found themselves taking care of Edward and all of his whims as well as being on hand for his parents. With the incident on that August night, it went from a responsibility to a compulsive obsessive need.

He also learned to sacrifice other people to get what he wanted done and in his way.

The incident a year after they had arrived in Romania had shown him that sometimes sacrifices needed to be made to ensure his siblings were safe, even if it meant damage to himself and the death of another.

He knew it was changing but Shyamal couldn't really bring himself to care as long as it kept his siblings from trouble.

Shyamal closed his eyes, remembering how close he had been to losing one of his brothers to something that he couldn't have possibly foreseen but still admonished himself for. In the Elven kingdom after the incident, he had made sure he knew where his siblings were at all times, which was easy as the Elves looked after them as well. There were hardly any real threats, the biggest probably being the Three-Tailed Mountain Lynx that made the Carpathian Mountains its home and was known for its stealth attacks.

Being back in England was now just showing him how strong that need had become. With no Elves around, he found himself bowing under the stress of keeping track of his siblings despite being helped by the Marauder's Map and Hogwarts herself. He just didn't trust them.

It was clashing strongly with his natural personality of helping others, creating conflicts in his mind that he had never dealt with before. He did still have the urge to help others but the thought that it would harm his siblings was keeping him from fully allowing himself to actually help his friends and classmates.

The only thing he knew was the fact that he hated the moment he decided to come here and help a brother that never lifted a finger to help them. He should have decided to stay in Romania and keep themselves separated from all of this chaos.

The movement of the air was the only signal of the arrival of the two phoenixes in front of him. Opening his eyes, he watched as Eclipsis and his father settled on the banister. The white phoenix was still wearing the mithril chain with the activated Glamour charm, giving him the appearance of an extremely large owl. Shyamal made the mental note to find a new image to place on Eclipsis as the owl image seemed to be slightly distorted due to Eclipsis' growing body. Already, he was slightly larger in size though that would be changing in the next few weeks as he would reach his final growth spurt. Maybe putting a straight out Notice Me Not or invisibility charm would work.

Hey, Eclipsis, Shyamal said softly, his hand reaching out to touch the phoenix on his crest. Had fun with your dad?

Yes. It was enlightening to see what will happen soon once I reach the final stage of maturation.

You can't wait for the first flame day?

Not that it will be pleasant, but yes. Eclipsis settled on the railing. You seem troubled.

I am. Everything is spiraling out of control and I don't know what to do to correct it. It feels like every time I try, it just goes faster and faster and faster.

Perhaps you are trying too hard to control what you can't. Perhaps you should just let things run its course?

Shyamal looked out, over the forest-covered grounds of Hogwarts. It's too much of a risk. I just can't let it go. I did that in Romania and Cosmas almost lost his life because of it. Even now, I'm still suffering the effects of what happened that night.

Fawkes hopped off the banister, letting him flap down next to Shyamal. Perhaps it would be best to let yourself be revealed?

And let myself be thrown into Azkaban for something I didn't do? They still think I'm a Death Eater and my siblings are dead. They threw Black into Azkaban before they learned that it was Pettigrew. They won't believe me over one of their own Aurors.

Maybe you should begin bonding with your brother. He has changed greatly these past couple of weeks. Eclipsis stated, cocking his head at his companion.

It could be a mask. Potter always had been good at lying. I'm surprised he got into Gryffindor. Shyamal muttered angrily. When we were growing up, he always blamed everything on me, saying I had been the one to break the vase his mother had received from her parents before they were killed by Voldemort or that I was the one to burn his room when he had been the one playing with matches.

Then why are you here?

Shyamal reeled back. What?

Why are you here? You came to watch over him. That was the reason you came from Romania was to provide support. By doing so, you all placed yourselves in danger and now you are all being watched by the blinded one. Fawkes extended his head until he was staring down his beak at the oldest Suha. You must decide what it is what you truly want from everyone and what you want from yourself. This inability to know what it you want is causing the strife within you. And you must decide soon. I fear the coming events will not give you the time you so desire.

Are things that soon, father?

Albus has been talking to himself these past few nights. Riddle seems to be going after something Albus has kept secret for so long. And I'm sure it will have far-reaching effects once Riddle puts his plans into motion.

Shyamal's eyes narrowed, his brain racing at what the headmaster could be hiding for all of these years. It has to do with my brother and Voldemort, doesn't it? Why this mess started in the first place.

Your parents know its existence but don't know the exact details. They only know enough to know that the lives of their children were in danger as well that of the Longbottom child.

Do you know where this secret is, Fawkes?

I know it's in an area that I cannot directly flame to. But I can tell you that it's hidden in the Department of Mysteries.

Shyamal froze. He had heard of that place before but never in any detail. The only thing he knew for sure was that only certain Ministry employees worked there and access to the information stored there was highly restricted. Thank you, Fawkes, for the information. I know how hard it is to betray the knowledge of your companion to me.

We are not blind, loyal creatures who are in subservience to the one they are bonded to. I only fear that his mistakes will continue. He refuses to see that it is time for your brother to mature into the man he is supposed to be. Keeping him caged will be a detriment in the war brewing on the horizon. Fawkes flapped his wings in an agitated manner. I will try to keep you updated on what I can but Albus has been leaving much this past few weeks.

It is safe to assume that the foul woman has also noticed then which will only lend credence to her claim that the headmaster is unfit for duty here. Eclipsis noted, trilling sadly.

Shyamal stood up, trailing his hand along Eclipsis' body one last time. I should head back. It's almost lunch time and I have some final assignments for the week that is due soon.

It was the last ID meeting before the end of the semester and Shyamal was watching as everyone practiced the new spells they had learned the past few weeks. All of them had gotten the basic spells down with a few struggling to remain consistent with their spell casting of the more advanced ones. Overall, they had greatly approved over their first session a few weeks ago.

Raising the whistle to his lips, Shyamal called the group's attention to him, motioning them to stand around him. As they settled down, Shyamal offered a smile, knowing this would be the last time he would see them. For a few, it may be their last time he would seen them alive. "That's it for the first semester of training. Let me say this. I'm proud of what the lot of you has done since we started. All of you have vastly improved when you stepped in here but just because its Christmas break does not mean you can slack off in the next couple of weeks. Continue the exercises I've shown you at home. Next semester, I'm planning to work on some battle tactics as well as mock battles."

The assembled group began to chatter excitedly but Shyamal held up a hand. "Hold it, hold on. I'm still deciding exactly when that will be but I hope to at least begin before the Easter break. With that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll see you when we get back!" Shyamal said happily, giving them a smile.

The teen watched out of the corner as his siblings quickly left, neither of them catching his eye as they disappeared. Shyamal straightened his back, not wanting to show the rest of the students the gap that was growing between him and his only remaining family. Thankfully, the rest of the class broke up, some heading straight out of the door back toward their respective dormitories. A few lingered behind wanting to talk to Shyamal, asking him for advice on how best to keep up with their training so they didn't return rusty at the start of the next semester.

Finally, he was the last one left. As he began cleaning up, Shyamal didn't hear the door opening again until a shoe scuffed against the floor. Throwing himself to the side, Shyamal whipped his wand out as he turned to face the person behind him, a curse on his lips. The building magic in his wand died as he recognized the person to be a sixth year Hufflepuff who had joined halfway through the semester.

"Oh, hello? Was there something you needed . . . , Robert?" Shyamal asked, barely remembering the teen's name as he slipped his wand back into its holster on his arm.

"I guess in a way." Robert let his gaze travel around the room, his Adam's apple bobbing before he looked back at Shyamal's face. "Do you find men attractive?"

Whatever Shyamal was expecting it was not that. Recoiling as if struck, Shyamal began to stammer, a furious red blush rising in his cheeks. "Um-umm, no, not that I-I, definitely not." He said in a rush, Shyamal could see the crushed expression as well as the embarrassed and slightly scared look on the other teen's face.

"Oh, I assumed that you might have swung that way. Sorry to bother." Robert turned around to flee through the door when Shyamal caught his arm.

"Sorry, I didn't handle that well. I don't want you to think I have anything against gays." Shyamal stated quietly, recognizing the fact that Robert had showed Gryffindor courage by asking him outright. "Your question just caught me by surprise."

Robert laughed quietly. "It did, didn't it? After all I just basically kind of threw myself on you."

"I wouldn't say that. It was a rather blunt question but nothing remotely physically or sexually abusive." Shyamal cocked his head. "Might have thought you should have been placed in Gryffindor and all."

"My friends noticed that I've been harboring a crush on you. You're not bad on the eyes at all." The two shared a small smile. "Basically told me to ask you straight out since it looked like you're not currently dating anyone."

"I'm not looking at anyone right now. My priority at the moment is to take care of my siblings." Shyamal stated honestly.

"So you haven't seen the interested anyone has been showing you, not even the guys here?" Robert asked lightly, a smile twisting the corners of his lips.

The blush came back, heating Shyamal's face. "I – guess not." Shyamal coughed. "But thanks for asking though. Glad I'm not a total inept at drawing interest. Though I have to ask why you thought I turned that way?"

"Oh, just had heard rumors that you weren't interested in guys."

Shyamal froze. Rumors were going around the castle saying that he was gay? The Slytherins he definitely could see that happening. His mind continued to go over the people that might have passed the rumors around in an attempt to get back at him. What about Edward? Would he do it behind the mask that he was reall trying to improve? "Rumors? Well, I might have to check that out."

"If you want me and my friends can spread the word around that you're definitely straight but not looking at anyone right now."

"Nah, that's alright. It might make you seem like a stilted lover which wouldn't help us at all." Shyamal clapped a hand on Robert's back. "We can just be friends since there isn't any hard feelings though."

Robert nodded his head once. "I can do that."

Shyamal smiled, sticking out his hand, Robert quickly taking it. "Great! Have you ever been to the kitchens?"

He was back in the forest under a blood-red moon. The shadows were stretching from the trees, reaching out with blurry dark fingers toward him. Harry was there in the forest with him, face cloaked in the darkness and yet easily recognizable. His brother was bloodied and glaring at him, accusing him of betraying him and forcing Harry to join Voldemort to avenge the death of their younger siblings. The fog was creeping in, a silvery liquid spreading from the base of Harry's neck, flowing upward until it covered his brother's face. From under the silver Death Eater mask, the emerald green eyes glowed with an unholy, dark fire.

Edward watched in horror as his remaining sibling raised his black wand, the two deadly words falling from behind the mask. A green light flashed and a large shadow was falling down to land with a heavy thump at his feet. Looking down, Edward locked eyes with the clouded ones of Cedric Diggory.

"You left us all behind." A small female voice whispered, Cedric's lips moving. The voice sounded so familiar, making Edward's heart ache in pain. "We called for you but you never came back. Why, Edward, why?"The wand rolled from Cedric's lifeless finger, the hand jerking into the air, melting away into a small, delicate hand . . . . A hand of a young girl . . . .

"Why, Eddie, why did you leave us?" The girl's voice mixed with those of more, voices of young boys . . . .

Edward protested, feeling himself falling down into the shadows gathering at his feet . . .

The scene shifted . . . Shadows swirling all around him . . . The silver mask blending into the darkness, leaving the emerald green eyes there . . . . Burning tongues of flame calling to him . . . . Burning on the tops of torches . . . .

. . . . He was moving, sliding across a glossy dim surface, slipping between walls and decorations, past empty desk and security stations, over dark tiles and white marble floors, down grey corridors. In his new body, he felt powerful, deadly, and invincible.

Coming to a stop, he raised his head, his body more flexible than he had ever remembered it. He scanned the area for any sign out of the ordinary. The long corridor seemed empty, void of human life and filth. His master would be pleased. Turning back on himself, he was about to leave when he caught sight of a shimmer at the end, right before a large black door. Freezing, Edward looked closer, his tongue flickering out to taste the air. Shifting his head slightly, he caught sight of the slim man . . . sleeping lightly, a wand clutched in his hand.

One of them, an enemy of his master.

How much he longed to bite the foolish man but his master had given him specific orders and he would not dare risk exposure. His body was turning, the slim end of his body coming into view, the bright red pattern on his spine gleaming in the dim light. Work needed to be done tonight.

But just as he was going to move down the hallway where he had come from, the man jerked awake, the shimmering cloak slipping off of his body as he rose to his feet, a flash of bright red hair. Edward saw his body shimmering into full view, towering above him, the thin stick moving. No choice, too much of a risk in letting the man live.

Pulling his upper body off the floor, he lunged at the man, his thin fangs sinking once, twice, three times into the man's arm. He was screaming, his wand clattering to the floor as he fell, bright warm blood rushing into his open mouth as he hissed above him. He coiled himself, his tail swiping around to whip across the screaming man's face, a crunch sounding as the screams ceased. Blood spurted from the massive wound on the exposed arm, so much red seeping across the floor in a widening circle. Black lines were already appearing on the edge of the wound as the poison was slowly being pumped from the bite wound to the rest of the limp body.

His master would not be pleased. Already he could feel his anger, his tattoo was beginning to burn fiercely and the sharp pain was growing deep behind his forehead. The dull throbbing increased until Edward thought his head would burst open as his arm was consumed in burning fire, the inferno reaching into his heart . . . .

"Potter! POTTER!"

He jerked away, rearing away from the dark figure looming over him. Someone muttered 'Lumos' and the dorm room was bathed in bright white light.

"What's wrong with him?" A groggy male voice asked.


Weasley was standing there, his pajamas ruffled from sleep. Behind him, Edward could see the pinched face of Shyamal, sweat covering his brow. The pain throbbed, blinding him momentarily, his stomach rebelling. He clutched his head, moaning as the world titled. Edward leaned over the side of the bed and vomited onto the floor.

Ron and the others jumped back even as Shyamal picked his wand to Vanish the sick away.

"Blimey, he's sick. Reckon we get Madam Pomfrey?" Seamus' thick accent barely registered in Edward's mind as he moaned in pain.

Edward reached out, grabbing Ron's arm with his own, body trembling. "Your dad," He whispered, tasting the bile in his mouth. "Your dad's hurt . . . . bleeding all over the floor."

The tall red head froze at his words, disbelief growing on his face. "What are you talking about?"

"Your dad! Bitten by something, more than once, the blood was everywhere . . . ." Edward shook the teen. "We need to tell someone before he dies."

"I'll get McGonagall." Another voice called out, footsteps pounding across the dorm room, the noise of the door slamming shut causing Edward to wince.

"You must be wrong. My dad's sleeping at home." Ron stammered out uncertainly. "You're just dreaming it up. . . . My mum would have sent something."

"I'm NOT dreaming!" Edward yelled angrily. "They don't know he's hurt. He's by himself. It wasn't a dream . . . I was there. . . . I bit him." The knowledge hit Edward then. He had bitten Ron's dad, not once but multiple times to ensure he would die quickly. Edward let go of Ron to bend over as another contraction caused him to dry heave.

"Potter, you're not well. You're hallucinating."

Before Edward could say anything, Shyamal interrupted, his gaze piercing into Edward's. "Maybe he's not. What did you see?"

The shock of having someone believe in him, however slight it was, baffled Edward. "Why do you believe me?"

"I thought you wanted a second chance." Shyamal asked quietly, the seriousness of his gaze not lessening.

"Come on, you don't believe him?" Seamus asked. "I mean, it's Potter. He lies to get what he wants. Always did and always will."

"Perhaps but we don't know for sure if he's telling a lie and I don't want to risk it if he's telling the truth." Shyamal stepped up. "Ron, if what he's saying is true, you might want to get whatever you need for the night. I'll pack everything else for you."

"But," Ron stammered, glancing back at Edward. "You can't actually believe him."

Any more talk was interrupted as the door opened, a hassled McGonagall stepping into the room followed by a nervous Neville.

"Neville's told me you had a dream, Potter. Does your body hurt anywhere?"

Edward breathed a sigh of relief, feeling his body relax just enough to speak.

"Ron's dad's been attacked." Edward sat up straighter, locking eyes with the Transfiguration professor, his pale face serious and determined. "By a large snake and he's dying from the bite wounds. If we don't hurry, it'll be too late."

"How do you know if it's real, Potter? Neville told you were screaming in your sleep."

"Because I saw it happen, professor!"

"Saw it happen? What do you mean by that?"

Edward wanted to scream out in frustration. Why did everyone not believe him? "I don't know! I was sleeping and then I was there, watching it happen!"

Professor McGonagall's face showed her skepticism. "So you dreamed this in your sleep?"

"NO!" He yelled furiously, breathing hard. "It was real! I didn't imagine Mr. Weasley sleeping on a stone floor in front of a black door with dim torches lighting the area. He got bit by a large snake that was following Voldemort's orders to find something." The moment he said that, McGonagall's face changed as realization dawned on her face. "He collapsed and was bleeding everywhere when I woke up. We have to find him."

"I believe you, Potter," She motioned at him to get up. "Put on your gown – we're leaving to see Professor Dumbledore. The rest of you will go back to sleep and say not a word of this to anyone in the morning."

Edward sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, standing up. He would have fallen hadn't Shyamal reached out to keep him from falling on his face. By instinct, Edward clasped a hand on the boy's shoulder and at the moment, felt something jolt within him. Startled, he locked eyes with Shyamal, the boys staring at each other until McGonagall interrupted.

"If you are willing to stay here all night, Mr. Potter."

"Right, sorry, professor." Edward grabbed his robes and stuffed his feet into his sneakers before following the professor out.

Shyamal watched as Professor McGonagall left the dorm, Edward right on her heels as he tugged his robe on.

"You don't believe him, do you, Shyamal?" Ron asked shakily, moving to sit down on his bed.

"When have you ever known for Edward to say things like that?" Shyamal rebutted quietly, still standing in the middle of the room.

"Come on, Potter is playing us for fools." Seamus said, the Scot leaning against his bed, arms crossed. "He just wants more attention."

"I don't know. I can't see Edward saying things like that if they weren't true. Even he wouldn't go that low." Dean admitted. "He may say a lot of things but joking about something like that isn't in him even if he's a bloody prat and bully."

Seamus crossed his arms, glaring at Dean. "A gigantic snake biting Ron's dad in the middle of nowhere? How would he know?"

"With magic we can do a lot of things that Muggles would deem to be impossible. We can turn cats into thimbles and we have fire-breathing dragons. We don't know everything." Shyamal sat down on his head, staring at the floor before looking up at his dorm mates. "Whatever it was, it was enough to have McGonagall change her mind and take Potter directly to the Headmaster. Obviously, they know something we don't."

"Shyamal's got a point." Neville said. "Gran always said that McGonagall is a rational teacher and won't be swayed by heresy and second guesses. I would begin packing essentials, Ron. I don't think you will be coming back."

The red-head nodded, standing and quickly went to dresser where he began pulling out clothes and undergarments. Shyamal stood and began to help him.

"If it is true, I wonder what your dad was doing in the Ministry." Dean said, looking everywhere but at Ron. "And I wonder if Fudge knows."

"That would hardly be likely since Fudge despises Dumbledore."

Shyamal stopped in his actions, seeing what affects the topic the two boys were discussing about was having on Ron. "I don't think it's a good idea to be discussing this now. For all we know, Potter was telling the truth and Ron's dad could be injured seriously. We should all go to bed and wait for further news."

Seamus looked ready to argue but Shyamal glared at him and the younger boy climbed into bed, his back to the others. Ron gave Shyamal a small smile of thanks before going back to his packing. Neville and Dean followed Seamus, closing their blinds to give Shyamal and Ron some privacy.

Frowning just a bit, Shyamal waved his wand, casting a privacy spell around them.

"Do you think Potter was telling the truth?"

"I know you know the answer to that question Ron. Asking it multiple times won't change it." Shyamal said quietly, checking under the bed to see if they hadn't missed anything important.

"But getting bit by a snake in the Ministry of all places?"

Shyamal paused for a second, remembering the conversation he had with Fawkes a few days before. "The Ministry is a lot of things, especially in certain departments. Whatever is there and having people protect whatever is there, it must be important." Shyamal stood up, looking over Ron's bed before staring at his friend. "You should also wake up your brothers and sister. With Filch, it's safe to say that Umbitch may soon be finding out that all of you are leaving before the official end of the semester."

Ron paled slightly. "How are we going to wake up Ginny without waking up the first floor?"

"I can get her while you get your brothers." Shyamal walked over to his trunk and pulled out his Firebolt. As he walked to the window, he undid the shrinking spell, the broom returning to its former length. "Hurry, Ron." With that said, Shyamal let himself fall from the window, climbing aboard his broom before he fell ten feet.

The cold bite of the night was sharp in his pajamas but he set his mind against it. He flew around the curve of Gryffindor Tower, counting the windows as he flew past them. Seeing the dark window of what he believed was the fourth year dorms for the girls, he hovered right next to it. Pulling out his wand, he traced the edges of the window with the wand tip, whispering a powerful Elven unlocking spell. The window latch clicked open.

Grabbing it, he pushed the window open. Here, he paused. Shyamal didn't know what bed Ginny slept in. Frowning, he held his palm open, the wand lying flat. "Point me Ginny Weasley." The wand spun until it was pointing to the bed closest to the window on the right. Smirking just a bit, he launched a Silencing spell followed by a light banishing charm. He saw as the occupant was thrown to the ground, the bedcovers taken with her. As the girl thrashed around, Shyamal called out as loud as he dared.

"Ginny, come here quietly. I need to talk with you." The bedcover was pulled off, revealing the slightly vexed expression of the only female Weasley. "Come here, I have some news."

The girl paused for a second, suspicion on her face. "Ginny, I promise that I'm not going to hurt you but your family needs you." With only a second more of hesitation, she came to the window. "I'm going to take off the Silencing Charm but don't scream at me." Shyamal waved his wand, removing the spell.

"What the hell was that for, Suha?" Ginny hissed, her eyes flashing with anger.

"I'm sorry to have you woken up at this time but something happened in my dorm not just five minutes ago. According to Potter, your dad was seriously injured," Shyamal held up a hand to stave off Ginny's questions. "I know but McGonagall took him to Dumbledore so it has to be a serious matter. Pack your things and head down to the common room. Ron went to go wake up George and Fred. If you need help, pick a friend but don't wake up anyone else."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" Ginny asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Shyamal looked at her. "I know you don't trust people that much after what happened in your first year but your family will need you tonight if what Potter said was true. Go." He said softly.

Ginny looked at him for a couple of more seconds before heading to where her trunk sat. Shyamal watched her long enough to ensure that she was packing before heading back to his dorm.

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