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Dusk, After WorkAn Alley

It was all Kaoru's fault. Everything was Kaoru's fault.

That white-hot jealousy and anger coursing through me, every single time I thought about it—all his fault. I was betrayed by Kaoru. My own twin had turned his back to me. I liked Haruhi, and yet he pulled such a backstabbing action on me when he knew it, knew it better than I did myself.

The first time he'd ever kissed anyone but me.

But there was a helpless feeling that had surfaced, one I couldn't help but hate. The weird thing was, it hadn't been directed to Haruhi. Every single emotion I'd felt during that instant when I saw him kiss her had been caused by the fact that Kaoru was in the picture. The jealousy that she had been kissed by Kaoru and the anger from his backstabbing had nothing to do with her. And then there was that helplessness, too, directed at him.

Motionless, as I hadn't been able to do a thing when those lips touched her cheek. It wasn't a big deal, and yet it was.

Eventually, that helpless feeling turned into a fear that Kaoru was drifting away from me, and I realized then that that fear had transformed into something wrong. It definitely wasn't a lover's jealousy I'd felt. It was just fast and furious anger that anyone would dare to take away my Kaoru, my twin. He who had always been with me, and he who would always be with me. Those without twins would never be able to sympathize with how I felt then. Even those who did have twins probably couldn't have either.

I was betrayed, furious at Kaoru for kissing her behind my back. I was jealous of him for kissing her, jealous of her for being kissed by him. And I was angry that he would allow someone to take him away from me.

Gradually, that last, little reason for my anger turned into something like a wildfire, a burning fueled by oil that wasn't put out even when I got over Haruhi and we found each other. It only flickered when we became closer and more aware of each other...but at night, that unmistakable powerlessness would resurface to bug me as we lay in bed together. Yes, it was during the night that the fire thrived, fear that he would leave me, uncertainty that he might allow something to lure him away.

And if it were now...if it were now, and I saw those lips that belong to me touch anyone else...

I would...

I would...




I don't know.

That's the scary part.

"Stop i-ah—" Kaoru thrust into the hand that was fisting him, his ass accidentally grinding into the hardness behind him when he squirmed. Hikaru groaned, his hand gripping the younger twin even tighter.

"D-Damn," he panted, his hand speeding up.

"Ah!" Kaoru cried out, hips bucking. "I said, s-stop...already—" A thin trickle of sweat rolled down his neck and on to his exposed chest. The hard cement wall scraped his skin, barely holding him up. His unbuttoned shirt hung open around his torso and caused a quick breeze to blow against his sensitized cock each time his hips jerked involuntarily.

"S-Stop already, you h-horny beast! Not-ah-here!"

Hikaru only let out a dark laugh. "It's your fault, so don't try to blame me," he murmured, voice hitching at a particularly strong backward thrust of the ass that was rubbing against him.


"That's right...it's all your fault, Kaoru," he repeated, then removed his hand from his twin's hardness and viciously tugged down the already unbuttoned jeans. Without warning, he drove two of his precum-slicked fingers into the tight hole and slammed right into Kaoru's prostate. The younger's entire body jolted and he whimpered loudly, muscles clenching around the thrusting digits. Hikaru grit his teeth at the tightness and impatiently added his third finger, scissoring roughly. Kaoru flinched at the uncomfortable feeling, startled at his twin's seemingly deeper-than-lust desperation, and looked over his shoulder at the identical face.

"Hi-Hikaru?" he managed to force out, lust threatening to make him lose his mind. His prostate was hit again, and the pitch of his moans increased, but he held on tightly to that last bit of sanity left in him. "Hi-ohhh...Hikaru..." Half-lidded golden eyes looked up to meet his. Seeing those smoldering eyes helped Kaoru gain an advantage on his losing battle. "Hikaru, is-ah-something...wrong?" Eyes widened at his twin's perception, even when the submissive was so far gone he almost couldn't think, so far gone, but he couldn't help but care...

A strange bitterness rose in Hikaru then, and he pulled out his fingers swiftly before slamming his own hard, dripping member into Kaoru. The younger twin nearly screamed from the pleasure. His fingers scratched at the wall he was roughly pressed to, raised nipples brushing against cement. The older Hitachiin pulled out and drove back in as hard as he could, again and again, not missing the prostate even once, and Kaoru could only claw the wall, almost sobbing from the sensations radiating from his core. They were both so aroused from the foreplay that it only took a few more deep thrusts became they came, Kaoru shouting his climax, Hikaru's teeth sunk in his shoulders. The younger twin was so overwhelmed that he barely heard the fierce "Mine" hissed into his ear as their last couple of thrusts died off.

Slumped against some wall in a common alley, the high left them light-headed for several minutes. His breathing still slightly unsteady, Kaoru rested his head against his twin's shoulder in sated abandon. "Hikaru?" he asked quietly.

The older twin didn't reply, opting to gingerly pull out instead and detach himself from Kaoru. His hands brushed over his clothing as he began to straighten his pants, attentively silent.


"Stop saying my name."

"Hikaru, seriously, what's wrong?" Kaoru turned from the wall to fix his brother with a still slightly-glazed, questioning stare. "C'mon, tell me."

"Nothing's wrong."

"You can't lie to me. Stop trying. Now tell me what's wrong, for the last time."

Hikaru sighed. "I said it's nothing, already." With that, he strode to the opening of the alley and turned left into the open, brightly-lit street, leaving Kaoru to stare after him.