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Memories Return

Usami Akihiko: Helpless

Even before I entered one of the many rooms in the long corridor, I could distinctively hear the monitor's consistent beeping. I wonder if I should be relieved or frustrated to hear the beeping. That sound signaled two things. One, he was alive. Two, I failed to protect him. I couldn't help hesitate before reaching for the door knob. On the door plate, characters were printed in bold.

Takahashi Misaki

The nearly all white room disturbed me greatly. It was not because of the color but the person lying on that snow white bed. His skin was so pale until it nearly blended along with the white surrounding him. A thin, transparent tube was attached to his left arm. The liquid dripping in an almost constant rhythm was red in color. An angry red color. Looking at the boy of about 20 lying on the bed breathing through an oxygen mask, I felt as if someone had just sucked out all of my energy from my body. I slumped tiredly onto the chair next to the bed.

"The operation was a success. We managed to remove the blood clotted inside his brain. However, since his brain has undergone severe shocks, he is now in coma state. He may have slight amnesia when he wakes too. All we could hope is that no more internal bleeding would occur and he would awaken soon. That's all we can do." The doctor's words rang clearly in my head. Anguished and desperate, I had grabbed the doctor by his collar and shook him, demanding that he cure Misaki at once. Money did not matter.

"I'm very sorry but this is all we can do." That was what the doctor said. Unable to contain the anger in my trembling body anymore, I pushed the doctor hard and smashed my fist against the wall. The pain was nothing compared to the one in my heart. I then stomped off to his room.


Aikawa and I were deep in discussion about the upcoming novel. As she looked through the scripts I had printed, I suddenly noticed that the silent breathing and soft clinking sounds that usually come from the kitchen was gone. I got up and stretched my stiff body after sitting for so long, intending to recharge myself and refill the coffee cups that were now empty but there was no sign of him around. Looking around, a yellow piece of memo that was stuck to the refrigerator caught my eyes.

"Gone out for a little shopping. Coffee is in the pot." The note read with an arrow pointing to the left, indicating the pot on the warmer. Picking up the pot to pour more of the caffeinated drink into the cup, I was amused how quietly he managed to sneak out without me noticing. I smiled a little, thinking of how to tease him when he comes home. From the hall, Aikawa thanked me for the work and took her leave. I continued my little fantasy on the sofa, lighting a cigarette. A smirk formed on my face.

"Usami-sensei! Misaki-kun had been in an accident!" She burst in a few minutes later, disturbing my little imaginary world. I was stunned for a second, causing the finished cigarette stump to fall from my mouth.

"The guard downstairs told me. He was sent to Tokyo Hospital." Aikawa blabbed on as none of these registered properly in my now blank brain. When my senses returned to me, I shot up from my seat and walked wordlessly to my car. I did not care when Aikawa jumped into the passenger seat as I started the car. Stamping down on the accelerator, I drove with only one thing on my mind.


"In which room is Takahashi Misaki in?" I had banged on the desk and yelled at the frightened nurse. Patients and doctors turned their head towards me but I couldn't be bothered. The nurse was stuttering and trembling so much that I wanted to jump in and take control of the computer she was managing.

"I-I'm so-sorry but-" The nurse broke off in mid-sentence as I gave her one of my death glare. She looked like she was on the verge of crying but all I care was Misaki.

"I'm sorry about that. He is about 20, has chocolate brown hair and had been in a car accident. He might not be registered. Could you check for us again?" Aikawa pushed me aside and calmly said to the nurse who seemed relieved once I was out of strangling distance.

"Oh! That boy. He's in Operation Room 7. Down this hall, fourth room on your left." She pointed us the direction with slightly a wavering smile. Without waiting for Aikawa, I dashed down the hall. She thanked the nurse before chasing after me.

"The operation is still going on…" Aikawa had stated. Even without her statement, I knew. The light above the door that reads 'operation' in capitals were white surrounded by a bright blood red color. I waited impatiently, pacing up and down restlessly in front of that door that separated him from me. For the first time in an extremely long time, I prayed with all my heart to God. All I prayed for was for him to be alright. I did not ask for more.


"Misaki…" I took his right hand gently, handling him with extreme care, like a treasure. Indeed, he was like a treasure to me. It pained me to see his head and parts of his body in white bandages. It was like someone had scratched my diamond. I brought his hand to my lips and kissed it softly.

"Please be alright…" I mumbled as droplets of tears fell. Like I had said before to him, I had not and would never let anyone else see me looking so pathetic except him. Never in my life had I felt so helpless before as I stared the person I love the most lying unconsciously on the bed.


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