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Misaki: Future

True to his words, Usagi-san did something about it. He confronted senpai's father and told him what happened, threatened him with what happened was more accurate. Frightened that if the rumors spread, it might damage the author's reputation, Sumi-san begged for forgiveness, offering to pay back all the medical fees to my brother and extra who-knows-how-much for the disc. As for senpai, he was also repenting on what he had done; only realizing after what he had done might land him in prison. Senpai was transferring to a university in Hokkaido which, in Usagi-san's opinion, was not far enough.

As for me, well, I would say things turned out quite nicely… for once. I was completely healed in and out, maybe a little tinge of sadness remained in my heart but I'm sure it will be forgotten soon enough, I hope.


"Misaki, let's go for a trip to Hong Kong. I want to eat dim sum. And while we are there, let's go to Beijing as well to see the pandas!" Usagi-san caught my hand and started dragging me towards the door with one hand, luggage in the other. I tried bracing myself but that man was just too strong.

"Don't you dare step out of that door even one inch!" An ear-splitting scream came from the demon editor fuming with her horns and tails twitching madly, her entire body on fire. Then, as if it had passed the energy limit zone, all those vanished as Aikawa-san melted into a puddle in front of me, begging me to do something about the struggling silver rabbit. I felt my brow twitching ever so slightly.

"Usagi-san, can't you just finish it properly this time?" I sighed as he closed the door to separate us from the wailing woman. A smirk appeared on his face and that caused my brows to unconsciously twitch again. As much as I liked to see him smiling, I could not say that I hate his mischievous grin. But as time passed, I've learnt my lessons as well. I put on a small smile as well, after giving him a dirty look, of course.

"I'll go with you once you've finished your work, okay?" My tone, I would say, was perfect. Not too sweet and calm. I saw the slight glint at the corner of his eyes as he leaned towards me, trapping me with one hand against the wall. Inside my heart, the pride was growing. So far, so good.

"But I have no motivation at all," he whined, "Unless, Misaki is willing to boost me with a kiss?"

"F-fine!" I stuttered. Coming nearer and nearer, he closed his eyes and tilted his head a little. I enjoyed the one second view of his handsome face before putting the plan into action.

"YOU WISH!" Just before his lips touches mine, I smack him right on the top of his head, the sides of my lips curving upwards, and dragged him back in. Victory was mine, I gloried.

"It's alright, Aikawa-san. I'll send you the updates later," I told her as we passed her. My face was properly blank as I continued to toil him on to the stairs and up to the office. Finally, after dumping him on the chair in front of his laptop, he opened his eyes. I could not help being drawn to those amethyst eyes for a moment but after years of training, I recovered quite quickly before he could take advantage of it. He flopped back lifelessly, looking at me with forlorn eyes, pouting like a small child.

"I thought you love me. And who was it that made me promise not to leave his side? Who was it that thought that because I didn't have sex with him, I did not love him anymore?" he moaned sadly. I felt heat rising very slowly from deep inside of me. I went up to him and looked down at him solemnly.

"Finish your work and we'll go on a proper holiday," I said as I sighed. Dipping my knees, I brushed my lips against his for a mere moment, turning away smoothly towards the exit. His eyes were wide with shocked as I smirked. I would say that I'm getting better at handling this troublesome rabbit.

"Misaki!" As he came running, I slammed the door at his face. Laughing from the outside, I imagined the image of Usagi-san squished flat against the door. Then I heard those words, muffled as if he was saying it with his cheek adhered to the door, that made my heart jump with joy and the fire reach my cheeks, burning them up. I was grateful the door separated us. If he was to say anymore of those sappy things, I certainly would have given in to him. Smiling foolishly to myself as I pressed my back against the door, I felt as if we were connected. I could sense him clearly behind the barrier between us. I wondered if his idiocy had infected me as well.

"I love you too…" I whispered back.

And that's how our future would be as well.


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