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by Pendragon.P a s s i o n.

Chapter One

Halig grabbed the jug out of Merlin's hands and tipped it upside down. The sausages and drumstick thudded softly as they hit the ground.

"It's just the Prince's leftovers," Merlin covered quickly, already beginning to panic.

"Does he know you steal his food?"

"Not exactly."

"Where were you taking it?" the Bounty Hunter was giving Merlin no time to think.

"Home," Merlin tried to make his voice sound a little desperate. "For my dinner."


Merlin looked away, knowing what the next question would be.

"The druid girl I'm looking for, have you seen her?"


"Do you know how much money she's worth to me?"

Now Merlin really started to worry, when a Bounty Hunter began talking money you knew he was serious. He shook his head, still not making eye contact.

Halig leaned in closer and quietened his voice dramatically. "More than your life. So I'm asking you again, have you seen the druid girl?"

Again Merlin shook his head, this time making eye contact. He knew he had to convince Halig this time or he feared what would happen.


The warlock's heartbeat increased instantly as he was shoved backwards into the chair.

"Hold 'im." Halig pulled the shackles off his shoulder. "I think you're lying to me."

"I'm not." Merlin began to panic.

"I don't believe you!" Halig practically sneered at him.

Halig pulled back his fist. Merlin flinched, but apart from that had no time to do a thing before the blow hit. Merlin whimpered as Halig's fist smashed into his chest.

"Where is she?"

Merlin squeezed is eyes shut in pain, struggling to breathe.


He wheezed in half a breath, "I don't know."

This time Merlin had no time to flinch before the man's fist landed on his stomach and he found himself letting out a small moaning cough, although he tried hard not to make a sound. What would Arthur think if he saw this? Merlin didn't want to think about that. The way he had been acting recently he would probably think Merlin deserved it.

The blows continued to come and the only thing Merlin could be grateful for was Halig was only using one hand, the other was currently occupied by the shackles. His fist rained on Merlin everywhere. On his chest, stomach, shoulders. Everywhere hurt.

Despite not wanting to show how much it hurt, a whimper escaped his lips every time. Until suddenly Halig stopped.

"Let him go," he commanded the guards, "and leave us."

Merlin slumped in the chair, too sore to even attempt getting up, escaping.

Each breath he drew sent searing shots of pain through his chest. He knew he had, at least, cracked a rib or two, maybe even broken them.

"Why..." the young man gasped out. "Why are you doing this?"

"You know. Now tell me, where is the druid girl?"

"I don't know." Merlin closed his eyes as if that small movement would somehow stop the pain that was to come.

It didn't.

Because his eyes were shut Merlin only heard the clinking of a chain before he instantly felt the shackles crash into his side.

He could not help it, he yelped in pain. The shackles came again and again. If before he thought things were bad he was sure now that things couldn't possibly become any worse.

In a feeble attempt to get away from the pain Merlin slid from the chair but before he could crawl anywhere Halig kicked him in his already sore stomach.

Halig laughed cruelly. "You think you can get away, boy? All you need to do is tell me where she is, and it will all go away."

In the brief time Halig stopped beating, Merlin managed to get to the iron gates, that were the boundary for the cell, and pull himself up. He looked Halig in the eye and took a deep breath. "I have no idea wh-"

Merlin's response was cut off as Halig threw a punch a his jaw. There was a lound 'clang' as Merlin was thrown backwards and the gates rattled severely.

Instinctively the warlock curled in on himself and waited for the next blow. But none came.

Vaguely he heard hurried footsteps then...nothing.

Merlin opened his eyes, which he had before shut, to find no one in the cell anymore.

"Merlin! Where on earth have you been? And what are you doing lying around on the ground? You have no time to be lazing around, I've got a new list of jobs for you to do."

But the young warlock was fighting a losing battle against the darkness waiting to consume him.

"Merlin? Merlin!"

He heard a few panicked footsteps before seeing a pair of dirty boots in front of him. I'll have to polish them soon, he thought.

Arthur crouched down beside his servant and reached out a hand, but he didn't touch Merlin.

His voice became less panicked and more calm, quiet and caring. "Merlin? What happened?"

He fought to keep his eyes open but it was no use. A pathetic cough escaped him and blood sprinkled onto his lips. He gathered his remaining strength and, knowing it was important for Arthur to know, gasped out the name of his attacker.

"Halig." He saw Arthur's eyes widen slightly before finally slipping into unconsciousness.

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