Dear Santa, for Christmas I want…

1 – The limited edition Nittle Grasper video, the one that Tatsuya has.

2 – A new television. Yuki says it's my fault for breaking the other one.

3 – A life supply of strawberry pocky.

4 – Somewhere to keep the life supply of strawberry pocky.

5 – A dinosaur.

6 – Nail polish, I don't care if Yuki says it's gay.

7 – A Ryuichi Sakuma figurine.

8 – A Yuki figurine!

9 – The collection of Yuki's books, even though he says I'm too immature to read them.

10 – A solid steel front door to prevent K shooting it down again.

11 – A solid steel cell phone to prevent K shooting it when it rings while we're recording.

12 – A toaster that sponges can fit into.

13 – An action man, the one that comes with his own helicopter.

14 – One of your reindeers, don't twelve seem like a bit too many?

15 – For Tatsuya to stop dying his hair yellow just to confuse me.

16 – For Yuki to quit smoking before it kills him and preferably not after it kills him like he says he will.

17 – A world wide ban of showing adds for horror movies… They're even scarier than the full movies.

18 – For people I meet to stop randomly attacking me.

19 – A picture of me and you to prove to Hiro that Santa does exist.

20 – For Yuki to tell me he loves me.