I am Jake Sully. A Marine.

That was my mantra running through my head a thousand miles an hour. The only thing I could bring myself to focus on because… it didn't work. Not even Eywa could save my friend from death. She was right; there were no such things as fairy tales.

I would make this right. If it took every ounce of my being, I would make this right. For my adopted people, for Neytiri, for Grace. I spoke from my heart, the words sincere like only faith can make them. We would stand and we would fight. Pain gave way to anger and anger carried me all the way back toToruk and into the sky as we raced to gather the clans. The problem with anger is that it leaves you alone as soon as the adrenaline wears off and as we traveled below the stars, I began to wonder what I could have done to save her. Maybe I should have known we'd be chased. Maybe she should have gotten in the Scorpion before me. Maybe I shouldn't have given the Colonel all that damned information to start with.

A gentle touch on my chest reminds me that it's not just me and Toruk up here. Neytiri, my beautiful mate, shares my sorrow. Her sorrow is even greater than mine because this is her land which is burning. Her ancestors lost forever. She who has only memories and the bow of her father.

"Jake." My name. I am Jake Sully. A Marine.

"Jake. It was not your fault. You did everything you knew. She is with Eywa now, with the ancestors. She lives."

"I know." My voice doesn't break but warps. So unlike those days when I worried more about learning the trail or how to ride- not how to save an entire race. It's been bent heavily with the weight of responsibility and resolve.

"I know, but this isn't right. Not the way it's supposed to be. She wasn't supposed to be murdered. None of them were…"

Her hand curves over the back of my shoulder as she pulls herself even closer to me. The wind whistles past but all I can hear is her heartbeat against my back as she shares my pain. I feel her face gently brush my neck as I watch the ground rush past underneath us.

"And I know that you will avenge them. You have a strong heart and we will fight. We will fight with our brothers and sisters and the Sky People will tremble. Not because you are Toruk Matok but because you are Jake Sully, an honorable man. Lies and treachery cannot stand in the face of one who speaks the truth."

Her words gave me strength and I took a deep breath as I put my hand over hers. Air so toxic to my human self tastes pure, innocent of its poisonous nature. Maybe that's why Grace loved Pandora and the Na'vi so much. Both seem so simple at first, so easy to classify into a category, but then you look a little harder and the complexity arises. You start to see the network for what it is-an unadulterated flow.

Grace my friend, if you are with Eywa, I hope you can hear me. Those trigger happy meatheads won't get away with what they did to you. With what they did to Hometree. With what they did to the Omaticaya, who demonstrated kindness and compassion up until your very last breath.

I am Jake Sully. A Marine. Human. Na'vi. One of the People.

I will not fail.