Thank you all for reading my story. The time of this starts when Hermione gets home for summer vacation before year 7. It will follow the books mostly up until OotP and the main pairings are DM/HG BZ/GW

Chapter 1

"Oh I am going to miss you guys so much!" Hermione said.

"Don't worry, we will see each other when you come to stay with us before school starts" Ron replied.

"It just seems so long away. You two will write won't you?"

"Of course." Ron and Harry answered. They all hugged each other one last time before they all went their separate ways on Platform 9 and three quarters.

"So how was the school year sweetie?" Brian Granger asked his daughter. Hermione told her dad all about the adventures Harry, Ron and herself got into this year. Then finally she realized her mother was not there. "Daddy, where is mom?" she asked.

"She umm had an emergency meeting to go to. She promised she would be home by the time we arrive at the house." Brian replied not looking at his daughter while he did so. "Oh alright then." She said.

After an hour of driving and useless chit chat with her dad they finally pulled up to their house. By no means was Hermione poor and she was not exactly rich either. Her family lived very comfortably. She loved their four-bedroom house with a game and movie room. When the car was put into park Hermione opened up the door before the engine was off. Brian just chuckled at his silly soon to be 17 year old daughter.

"MOM! Mom? Hello!? Where are you mom?" Hermione yelled.

"In the dining room" Lucinda Granger replied. Hermione was very excited to see her mom so she ran to the dining room but came to a complete stop when she realized that her mom was not alone. "Hi Mom, umm who are these people?" she asked.

"Well sweetie, lets just wait till your father gets in here ok." Lucy replied looking sad and on the verge of tears. Hermione, Lucy and the two strangers sat in awkward silence as they waited for Brian to get done bringing all Hermione's things in from the car. While she waited she looked closely at the strangers. They seemed very dignified and well done. They both had tan skin, not that fake bake look but natural tanned skin and this dark rich brown hair. The woman's was long, slightly wavy and so dark it almost looked black but nicer. She was beautiful; her eyes this gorgeous green/blue color. The man had these honey colored eyes and then she realized both of them looked sad and happy at the same time. After what seemed an eternity to her Brian walked into the dining room and sat down.

"Ok now tell me what is going on because you all are making me nervous" Hermione stated.

"You know how last summer we told you that you were adopted? Well these two kind people are Sebastian and Elizabeth Zabini. They are your biological parents." Lucy replied with tears streaming down her face.

"Mom why are you crying? What is going on? Who are you people? Why now why after almost 17 years?" She asked her 'real' parents. She was so confused, she knew she heard their names before but couldn't place where.

"When you were just one year old when you were kidnapped from us." Sebastian replied and continued, "We have been looking for you ever since then. We eventually found the man responsible for kidnapping you but he said we would never find you because you had an appearance charm on you so you would look different and was placed in a Muggle orphanage."

"WAIT! Hold on a minute! You guys are a witch and wizard, like me?"

"Yes, purebloods in fact and that makes you a pureblood too." Sebastian said and continued telling his story. "We had asked Dumbledor to help us look for you when it would be your time to go to Hogwarts. We absolutely knew you would be magical so that was our first real chance of finding you. While at Hogwarts we had your twin brother help look for you.

Before he could go any further into the story Hermione yelped. "Oh my lord, Zabini. As in Blaise?" She asked.

"Yes." Sebastian said. That's when she fainted.