So last chapter's quote was from Underworld. "You're acting like a pack of rabid dogs!"

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I am sorry to say that not much else can happen in this story. Draco and Sophie are together and Voldemort is dead. Here is my final chapter for the story.

Chapter 22

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was hectic for the rest of the school year. All of the students were so happy about the war finally being over that nothing really got done. It seemed to be a never-ending celebration, of course with Harry Potter being thrown in the middle of it. Most of the teachers hardly gave any homework and final exams were the easiest the students have taken ever. They were ready to start living without fear.

Harry Potter went on to become an auror. He wanted to make sure things were done properly and tried to make sure something like this didn't happen again in his lifetime. Luna Lovegood became a Healer. She invented a few cures from her knowledge of Knargles and other "imaginary creatures" The two of them wed after there final schooling was completed.

Blaise Zabini became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Since Voldemort died the job was no longer cursed. His teaching method was in between Remus Lupin's and Mad Eye Moody's. He wanted to make sure the students learned about everything evil out there. Ginny Zabini became an auror as well. Even with her and Harry's past they worked well together. Ginny good even give Harry a run for his money. She worked hard and loved her job.

Now here comes the story of the best couple.

"Draco!" Sophie screamed.

He walked into the living room and replied, "What?"

"Oh don't you what me! You know what! You were supposed to take Scorpius and Piper yesterday to get new things for Hogwarts. You do realize how packed Diagon Ally will be today don't you?"

"Sophie, love. It's ok. We will all go down today and make a family day out of it."

"You know how much I despise going the last day before they leave for Hogwarts. We do this every year because you forget every year!"

"I do it just to see you rant. I love it when you get all feisty!" Draco walked over to her and gave her a huge kiss. He bent down and kissed her belly as well. "I love you to little one."

"Oh you are such a softy now. Who would have thought that Draco Malfoy would be talking to his child before it was even born?" she laughed.

Scorpius was thirteen and going into his third year and Piper was eleven starting her first. The two of them knew their parents would start bickering about waiting till the last day to go to Diagon Ally like they did every year. They walked into seeing their parents kissing.

"Close your eyes Piper, I don't want them burned by the horrendous scene that is before us." He told his sister.

"At least its just our parents, it was bad enough when I walked in on you and Lily." Then she covered her mouth like she cursed Merlin.

"I knew you and Lily liked each other! Why didn't you tell us?" Sophie asked her son.

"Piper! I asked you not to say anything!" Turning all red in the face. "Because you wouldn't have stopped pestering me about it if I had told you Mom."

Draco was just beside himself with laughter. "So I think we need to put a stop to the sleepovers then?"

"WHAT! Dad! Grose! I know the rules of the house, she sleeps in her bed always. We really have no need to get married at thirteen." His face was almost as red as Ginny's hair now.

"I'm only kidding son. The Potter and the Malfoy family joined together at last. A dream come true." He was trying to hard to keep a straight face while watching his son's reaction.

"Ah, Dad! Can we please just go now? I need new robes and Madam Malkin probably has a lot of customers today." He was trying to change the subject onto anything but himself and Lily.

"Oh don't worry, we will be there by noon so you can meet up with Lily." His sister said. "I know all about it, I was planning on meeting with Annabeth. The Zabini's and the Potter's all know that we go the last day. We all meet up eventually silly brother. You wouldn't have been able to hide your relationship with Lily forever."

"You my darling daughter will most likely be in Slytherin." Sophie told her as they made their way to the fire place.

"It's only the best house Mother. Better than Gryffindor by far." She shot a look at her brother.

"Nothing is wrong with Gryffindor! I'm brave and loyal!" He defended himself.

"Now now children. All the houses at Hogwarts are great and I love you the same no matter what house you're in." He bent down to whisper in Piper's ear, "Ten galleons if you get into Slytherin." Draco told his daughter.

Scorpius went first into the fire and yelled "Diagon Ally!"

Hope this clears up a few things.

Lily Potter is in 3rd year.

Annabeth Zabini is 1st year.