A Very Cullen Christmas

By : Lost Betwixt Worlds

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyers graced us all with the creation of Twilight, The Cullens, The Volturi, The Denali, Nomads ( Peter, Charlotte & Garret), The Swan family, The Black family, the Wolf Pack & so many others & brought the Quilete Tribe out of the shadows.

Stephanie created it all and then gave it to us her readers and followers and has yet to stop any of us from mucking about in it.

Thanks Ms. Meyers.

A/N: The holiday season is upon us. As I sat and listen to Christmas music with my little girl , I was hit with the urge to write a special Christmas story. When I took my place as a Fan-fiction writer I was welcomed with open arms and have made friends with many.

So please accept this story as a small token of my feelings of love to you all this holiday.

All pairings are cannon, the drama with the Volturi is past. This is simply a story from the heart.

Set after Breaking Dawn.

Summary :

This is Bella's first Christmas as a vampire, a wife and a mom and she plans to make it extra special.

Chapter 1 : To plan a surprise


The days had started to get cold ( somewhere in the low 30s ) and only two days ago we had actually gotten a wonderful snowfall that coated everything in chilly white. It was wonderful to watch my granddaughter as she romped about in the snow.

Snowballs were flying as everyone of my children took part in the snowball fight that Nessie had initiated against Jacob. It was wonderful to witness and I felt the stress of the past few years just melt away.

Edward and Bella were finally together for eternity and had managed to have a child ( a surprise to not only us but others of our kind as well) and after the initial awkwardness of Jacob's imprinting wore off, we had pretty much all settled into a routine of sorts.

Charlie had been made privy to our secret and his impending marriage to Sue Clearwater cleared the way since he would soon be considered part of the Quilette Tribe ( even if it was only by marriage) and because of it Bella was able to retain her relationship with her father and gained another mother and more siblings ( really how many girls can claim 3 mothers : Renee, myself & Sue. Not to mention 3 fathers : Charlie, Carlisle & Phil ? ).

It really just gave Nessie more Aunts & Uncles really ( Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett, Seth and Leah).

I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and took in the scent of my husband.

" You look like an angel standing there staring at our children and granddaughter. Are you happy my love ?" asked Carlisle as he nuzzled my neck.

I sighed as I sank into his arms.

" Just watching them all and knowing they are happy makes the past few years seem like a dream. We have our children with us, Bella has given us a granddaughter and I have my husband by my side." I turned to look at my mate and husband. " I couldn't be happier."

Carlisle smiled " Good."


The snow was literally flying as everyone threw snowballs at each other. When I was human I had never liked the cold and wet, so of course I had never liked the snow. But now that I was a vampire, the temperature didn't faze me and I could actually see how people could get a thrill out of sending a ball of snow hurtling at another person.

The look on Edward's face when I had first hit him with a snowball had been priceless. If he had thought for one moment that being my husband would save him, he would find himself wrong.

Jasper had started laughing like a man possessed as Edward just kind of stared at me in shock. Alice got a wicked gleam in her eye and stepped away from Jasper. I took that as my cue and proceeded to plant a rather large snowball right smack in the middle of Jazz's face. He never even saw it coming.

Once the initial shock wore off, the snow battle of the Cullen siblings began.

What had started as a simple snowball throwing between my daughter and Jacob, quickly turned into a full snow battle with every man, woman, child and wolf for themselves.

Once Nessie's snowballs had started to slow down, I excused myself from the snow battle and ushered my little girl inside. As Esme prepared some Hot Chocolate for her, I stripped her of her wet clothes and gave her a hot bath.

Once she had been dried and dressed in her pajamas, we settled into her bed. As Nessie drank the hot cocoa her grandma had made her, I read her a story called 'The Three Trees'. As my daughter slipped into sleep she put her hand on my cheek. I saw that she was thinking about all our friends and family being so far away this Christmas. Nessie surprised me even more when she even thought of the Volturi and wondered if Jane, Alec, Aro and the rest would celebrate and be happy.

" Is that what you wish for Christmas my sweet angel, for our family to be near? " I asked her softly.

" Yes momma " she answered sleepily " All of them."

" I'll talk to Santa about it." I told her as I brushed a curl from her face.

As my daughter drifted off to sleep, I knew what I had to do.

So much had happened these last 3 yrs. So many bonds had been forged and so many boundaries pushed or even wiped away.

Many who had come to stand witness with us against the Volutri had become close and dear and I knew that Aro had seen that the bonds our Coven shared made us closer than even his own Coven.

The Volturi Coven was held together by a venom bond and the service of a servant to a master. Unless the master willed it, the servant was never free to go.

But our Coven, the Cullen Coven or Olympic Coven as some referred to us, was held together by nothing more than the love of an actual family.

Carlisle might be our Coven leader, but he was so much more.

Carlisle was our FATHER.

Instead of ordering us, he offered us guidance. Instead of threats, he gave us lectures and let us know how our actions affected not only us as individuals but as a family. No choice was made unilaterally, all were asked to weigh in on whatever the matter was regardless how trivial it may seem.

Esme was just as important. She was our MOTHER and her love for all of us helped to keep our family together.

Without realizing it, I had drifted to the tops of the stairs and Alice's soft words filled me with a new determination.

" I think it's a wonderful idea Bella." Alice looked at Jasper who in turn got a wistful look on his face.

" If anyone can pull this off darlin, it's you."

" Can you two keep Edward out of your heads ? " I asked softly not wanting my husband to get wind of what I was planning.

" Sugar we've been keeping ol' Eddie out of our heads since before you were even a thought on your momma & daddy's brain." chuckled Jasper as he placed a kiss on my cheek.

I glanced around at my family and smiled. This would be the best Christmas ever.