"Kaya, wake," I heard footsteps enter my room, but I simply rolled over in bed, "up!" I was pounced and I guess it was my other brother, seeing as how I was being squished under my piles of blankets. I squirmed until I was free. I sat up and saw him smiling up at me.

"Kane!" I playfully smiled back. "Why must you always wake me up like that?" I asked, pushing him off of my bed. He stood up and ruffled his black hair before answering me.

"Well, since I'm hardly ever home, I figure, the least I can do is wake you up." He said, shrugging and pulling down his plain white t-shirt. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed and stretched out my arms. Kane was good brother and an over all good guy. He attended high school and worked part time at a local café, where he brings in tons of female customers. "So are you excited? It's your first day at a new school." He pressed, leaning against my bedroom wall with his arms crossed. "Rikkai is a good school, I enjoyed it while I was there." He added, closing his eyes and nodding his head, smirking, like he was recalling some memories.

"I guess." I muttered, finally starting to make my bed. I had to admit, I wasn't excited at all for my first day, in fact, I was dreading it. My father and brother had moved to Kanagawa for work, while mom and I stayed in Tokyo until I had finished my first year of middle school. We finally moved in with dad and brother, leading me to transferring middle schools. Well, at least it's the first day. "I'm kind of nervous." I lied, knowing he was already suspicious of my strange behavior.

"Oh, well that's normal. I thought maybe you didn't want to go." Kane replied, going towards my counter, where the box my clean, new uniform was in. He grabbed it and handed it to me. "You're already a second year in middle school. Time is going by so quickly." He said, when I took the box from him. I smirked at him as I opened it and laid the navy uniform on my bed.

"And you're already a third year in high school. You're getting old, oniisan." I teased, starting to push him out of my room.

"I'm not that old, Kaya." He fired back. I laughed as he was outside my room.

"You are." I mocked, sticking my tongue out at him. He opened his mouth to reply, but I shut the door in his face. I clapped my hands together, ignoring the way he was pounding on my door. "Stay out, I'm changing, you perverted old man." I grinned, knowing he wouldn't like that one either. I grabbed the uniform off of my bed and quickly put it on. It fit perfectly and snugly. I searched the box for the tie, the final part of my uniform that was missing. I finally found it, pulled it out, and inspected it. So the girls and the boys wear the same type of tie? I remember brother having one when he went to Rikkai. I shrugged it off and continued to wrap it around my neck and tying it in place.

"Kaya, Kane, what do you two want for breakfast?" yelled mom from downstairs. I jumped at her voice and tore myself away from the mirror.

"Okasan, Kaya said she doesn't want anything to eat!" Kane yelled back. He sounded like he was still outside of my room. I opened my door and glared at him. "Nothing at all." He added under his breath.

"Okasan, Kane doesn't want anything!" I yelled too, rushing down to the kitchen. When I got there, mom was cracking eggs into a bowl.

"I'm making an American meal." She chirped, taking the bowl in her arms and mixing it. I sighed and smiled at her.

"Kaya, you forgot your schoolbag in your room." Kane said, dropping it by my chair as he walked past me. I looked up and followed him until he sat next to me. "Lucky I got it for you."

"I could've gone back to get it." I pointed out, using an obvious tone. "It's just my room."

"Kaya, you look beautiful in your school uniform!" Mom exclaimed, still stirring the eggs. I smiled at her and kicked Kane under the table. "I knew Rikkai would be a good school for you to attend. You're big into tennis, too, Kaya. I heard they have a great tennis team there." Mom looked at Kane, as if telling him to pick up the Rikkai speech. He understood and cleared his throat.

"Oh yes. Rikkai's boys' tennis team has won nationals for three straight years now." Kane added, sliding closer to me. I shrugged and poured me some orange juice, which mom had just put on the table seconds before.

"I can't wait to see." I said, using faux excitement.

"On second glance, the Rikkai uniform matches you." Kane said, putting his finger up to his chin and tapping it. "The navy matches your navy eyes and black hair." He murmured, more to himself than to me. I chugged my OJ and quickly got up. I can't stand having my mom and brother trying to make me like Rikkai before my first day.

"I'm going to school now." I said in a rush. Mom cocked her head to the side and made a pouting face.

"You didn't eat yet." Mom said.

"I'm not feeling hungry." I lied, grabbing my school back and running to my room and get the matching navy jacket to this uniform. "See ya!" I said as I flew out the door. I'm sure it was still early to be going to school, so I'll just take the long way, through the park. I walked down our street, noticing how there weren't any cars driving down this road yet. Maybe it really was early. Too early. I shook my head, oh well. I can always walk slowly.

When I saw the exit for the park, I turned towards it and walked down the shaded path. Trees were beautiful along this short pathway. Ahh, fresh air was nice. I closed my eyes and slowed my walking pace. The air smelled nice too. I kept walking like that, thinking no one was out at this time, however I was wrong. I heard some leaves ruffling and I opened my eyes and looked to the right of me, where the leaves had ruffled.

"Aww, please just stop running." A boyish voice said within the bushes. There was more ruffling and I heard a squeak. I ran over to the bushes. "Ow!" Lead me through the bushes and to a nearby meadow. In the middle of the meadow was a red headed boy, who was rubbing his head vigorously.

"Uhm." I coughed, trying to make him look at me. It worked because his head shot up and his violet eyes met my navy ones. I felt my heart skip a beat, as he stood up, not breaking his gaze from mine. "If you don't mind me asking, why are you deep into the park?" I asked, not knowing what else to say. He broke our contact and he dusted off his dark purple pants and straitening his tie. Wait, his uniform, it belongs to Rikkai.

"Well, um, I was walking around, but I accidentally dropped my cake. This nearby dog started eating it and he took off with the rest." The boy explained. I could tell his voice was cautious, wondering if it was a good idea to tell me. I couldn't help but smile.

"My name is Kaya Toya." I said, taking a few steps near him. He looked at me warily, but eventually smiled back.

"I'm Marui Bunta."