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"Oh, I understand; so you spied on Yamouri and Kirihara's date yesterday with Niou." Kaede reviewed everything I explained to her. "That's why you dressed up as a guy. Clever." Kaede concluded. I nodded; glad she understood.

All that happened yesterday. After I bumped into Kaede, I went to Rikkai, but I got lost from there, so I didn't get home until about 8 o'clock. It was very tiring. I was going to ask people for directions, but I don't even know my address or the street we lived on. So, I almost called Marui to ask him for help, but I didn't want to disturb him anymore. Thus leaving me for fending for myself. The most important thing is, I eventually made it home!

And of course, Kane yelled at me for be the clueless person I am.

Then this morning, I met Marui again, but it was totally normal and a bit awkward.

Now, I'm sitting with Kaede, explaining the events of yesterday. Well, most of the events…

"That sounds like it'd be fun!" Kaede giggled, startling. "The important thing is that today is Friday! Our first weekend of the school year." Kaede clapped her hands together and turned away from me. She seemed to be in her own little world. "What are you gonna do this weekend?" She asked. I jumped and blushed. I put my hand behind my head when Kaede turned back towards me. "Well?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but…

"Good morning!" Yamouri's voice was abnormally cheery as she entered the room and walked towards us. Kaede waved at her, but glanced at me. Kaede probably thinks things will be awkward between Yamouri and I after the spying game yesterday. Well, I'll prove her wrong.

"Morning, Yamouri! So how are you doing on this fine Friday morning? You seem cheery! I know; let's have lunch together!" I poured out everything that first came to mind. I jumped up and put my arm around her.

"Uh…" Yamouri uttered. Kaede tried to smile at us. I gave Kaede a look asked 'was that over the top?' She nodded in response. I backed off of Yamouri and she rolled her eyes at me. "Anywho, on the way to school today, I heard some gossip." She leaned closer to us and checked around the room, like people were eavesdropping on us. "About the tennis team." I leaned back in my chair and Kaede stood back up and shrugged.

"Yamouri seems to think about the tennis team endlessly." I remarked.

"What!" She hissed.

"I agree." Kaede added. Yamouri glared at both of us before sitting in her desk behind the empty desk right next to me.

"Fine, I won't bother telling you." Yamouri growled, a deadly aura radiating from her. All this from telling her the truth? "Oh look, Kaya finally brought her own lunch today. Let's give her a round of applause!" Yamouri sarcastically stated. She slowly clapped once, but her eyes read boredom.

"Are you mocking me!" I hissed, making a fist.

"Let's make today the best day of the year." Yamouri then smiled sweetly that made me think she looked like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

"Ah! I'm blind." Kaede laughed, covering her eyes and staggering backwards. "Yamouri's angelness is so bright!" Yamouri and I then started laughing at Kaede. Well, her angel aura is way better than her deadly aura.

"It's only the third day of school and you're gonna make it the best day?" Kirihara added, breaking our girl time. I didn't even noticed him come into the classroom. He set his bag on his desk and sat down, facing me. I blushed, remembering him yesterday. I quickly avoided eye contact.

"Kiri!" Yamouri said out of shock. Then she leaned forward in her desk and gazed at him. Kaede smiled and leaned on her desk again.

"Good morning." Kaede cheered. She glanced at me again. I tried smiling at her, but I think it failed. I wonder if they'll bring up anything about their date yesterday? I'm not going to ask them about it, but I really want to know.

"Good morning, Kaede, Kaya," Then he looked back at Yamouri and smiled, "Yamouri." I flinched. Why does she get a special smile from him? Oh well… "Hey, we have a tennis match tomorrow! Are you all gonna come?"

"I'm totally coming!" Yamouri said it right away.

"I'm going too." Then Kaede blushed.

"Did Yagyuu ask you to come?" Kirihara asked, picking up on Kaede's body language. She jumped and nodded like a child. It was cute. Then Kirihara looked at me. I avoided eye contact again. "Kaya?" Now it was my turn to blush.

"Y-Yeah." I smiled and brought my hand up to touch my cheek.

"Marui ask you?" Kirihara guessed. I heard Yamouri made a noise, and I looked up at her. She hugged Kirihara's arm.

"Kiri asked me to come last night~" Yamouri sang. I flinched again. Did he? I don't remember him asking her to come, but maybe he asked her when I tuned them out. Kirihara looked at Yamouri and she nodded. "Just as friends, though. We decided being friends is the best option for us." Yamouri added, smiling. I jumped and Kaede gasped. That's what they concluded.

"What…? Why?" Kaede asked. Kaede punched me without even looking at me. Yamouri and Kirihara saw her punch my arm and they were going to say something, but they decided to answer the question at hand.

"Kiri and I like other people." Yamouri sniffed like it was so bad, but she didn't look sad or anything. Last night, didn't they say they'd be together forever? Well… they didn't say it, but it was implied. Besides, when Kirihara asked me that question when I was 'Kai,' wasn't he talking about Yamouri? Or was he talking about the other girl he likes?

"Ah, Marui?" Kaede asked. Yamouri smiled and nodded. I jumped and looked at Yamouri. Niou annoyed me when he said that Yamouri is the type of girl that Marui would fall for. Yamouri glanced at me, but then she looked back at me.

"That's a scary look, Kaya." Yamouri laughed. I jumped and cocked my head to the side. She pointed to the area between her eyebrows. "Did you not notice your glare?" I blushed from embarrassment and turned away from all of them. Great. I was just unknowingly glaring at Yamouri after she said she like Marui. Well, I already knew that, but still, when she opening confesses it, it irks me. "That makes us rivals, huh, Kaya?" I looked down at my desk. "Unless you fall for another guy." There was a slight pause and I saw Kaede half-smile out of the corner of my eye. "Like maybe Niou."

"Like hell I'd fall for Niou!" I screeched, standing up and facing them. Yamouri and Kirihara backed up and had a looked of terror on their face. My face turned red again. That made it sound like I really hate Niou. Well, he did try to kiss me. That little-

"Okay, okay, I got it." Yamouri replied, clearly amused. "Hey, so did I ever tell you guys that I made an account online?" I said back down and took a deep breath.

"Account?" Kaede questioned. Yamouri nodded and pointed her finger in the air.

"It's on a video uploading site related to the school. It's a site only Rikkaidai students can use. By students, for students." Yamouri cheered. I don't like where this is going. "So I'd like to recruit all of you to help me for my first video. I've got a fantastic idea." She clapped her hands together and made a face that made me believe her idea was to take over the world.

"So what's your idea?" Kirihara asked. Yamouri opened her mouth, but quickly closed it and took out paper and her pencil.

"Secret, but I'll give all of you a list of things I need from you." Yamouri said, already busy writing. I sighed and gave Kaede a worried look. She returned it.

"Okay, class, let's begin our lesson now." Our teacher said. "Roll call." He said, taking out his paper as he called our names.

"I'll give you the paper by our break." Yamouri whispered, not looking up at us.

Math is soooo easy, and so is English. I leaned back and looked at Kiri, who was frozen in place. Poor Kirihara never stood a chance against it. I smiled and he looked at me and smiled back. I froze and quickly turned back towards Kaede.

"Taada!" Yamouri jumped up from her seat, scaring all of us. "I'm done with the lists." She torn them apart and gave a piece of it to each of us. "I know you can all the things on list, so please do it, for me? I really need this." She begged. It seems rare to see Yamouri beg.

"What! Yamouri, that's really difficult for me!" Kirihara burst.

"Just try, Kiri." Yamouri whined. He straightened up and looked back down at the list.

"Ehh? But, Yamouri-" Kaede started.

"Kaede." Yamouri cut Kaede off with a puppy-dog face. The same as Kirihara, Kaede was helpless. I looked down at my list.

Things from Kaya Toya:



Keys to the Drama Room [from Niou]

"You're kidding, right, Yamouri?" I asked, totally straight-faced. Yamouri shrugged.

"Well you do have those boys wrapped around your finger." She remarked.

"What are you implying!" I hissed.

"Hey!" Niou interrupted our budding argument. I jumped when I heard his voice. We all turned towards the door and saw Niou and Marui. I pulled the small paper over my face and I heard Kaede giggle.

"Ah, Niou, Marui!" Yamouri smiled. They walked towards us. "So, will you two help me with my future video on the school video site?" Yamouri asked.

"Oh, sure!" Niou replied instantly.

"Sounds fun." Marui added. I looked at her.

"Niou, could I use the keys to the drama room when we film it?" She went on.

"Yeah, of course." Niou answered. She looked at me with her bored eyes.

"Kaya's list: complete." Yamouri yawned, leaning back. I huffed. Isn't it supposed to be my list!

"Hey, Kaya!" Niou said, I jumped and looked up at him. He winked and I crossed my arms.

"Hi, Niou." I replied rather coldly. Marui looked at me, but was scared to say anything. Should I be nervous with him around because of tomorrow? I'm busy worrying about Niou and his playboy-ness, so…

Wait… did I say I was distracted by Niou so I couldn't pay attention on Marui? What's going on!

"So, Marui, I heard you aren't playing tomorrow." Yamouri observed. Marui turned towards her and I sighed.

"Oh yeah, I'm not." Marui laughed. "I'm going to the matches with Kaya tomorrow." I jumped when I heard my name. "It's a date." Marui said shyly, looking at me. I blushed and smiled as I looked away from him.

"Date?" Niou intermitted.

"Oh no, Kaya." Kaede whispered to me. I gave her a confused look.

"I didn't know you and Kaya were going on a date tomorrow." Niou said, clearly upset.

"Eh?" I muttered.

"Oh, uh, yeah, I asked her yesterday." Marui replied, looking at the ground. Niou glance/glared at me.

"She was with me yesterday." Niou blurted. I almost fell out of my seat. Then all eyes were on me.

"You were with Niou yesterday?" Marui asked. I blinked, wondering what to say. I could tell him that we were only together to spy on Yamouri and Kirihara's date, but they're right here, so they'll get angry. But if I don't, he'll get the wrong idea and, and…

These few seconds felt like hours of torture. I have no clue what to do. Why did Niou have to-

"No, she wasn't. I said that out of jest." Niou murmured. Ehh! "Sorry, Marui." Niou looked at his classmate and smirked. "Anyways, I hope you two will have fun tomorrow." I leaned back out of relief, but accidentally fell out of my seat.

"Kaya!" Kaede warned before the great fall. My head hit the wall since my seat was right by the window.

"Oww." I moaned, grabbing my head and sitting up.

"Seriously, you're so clumsy." Yamouri teased. I crawled back up to my seat and glared at her.

"Well, we'd better get back to our classrooms." Niou said, tugging Marui along. "See you underclassman later." He waved and Marui made a quick wave before Niou pushed him out of the room.

"That was super close, Kaya!" Kaede whispered only for my ears. I sat up and gave her a pity look. I can't believe Niou!

"Kaede, you're such a genius when it comes to the Violin.!" Yamouri gushed as we walked back from the music room. "I'm so jealous of you."

"Thank you, Yamouri." Kaede giggled. "I can't believe you've come so far on the Guitar." Yamouri blushed and Kirihara put his hand on her shoulder.

"You are good, Yamouri." Kirihara complimented.

"Thanks, Kaede and Kiri." She mused. "Kaya is getting good with the Piano as well." She chirped. She's in a good mood again.

"Huh? Oh, thanks, Yamouri." I said absentmindedly.

"Something wrong, Kaya?" Yamouri questioned. I shook my head. "What's bothering you?" Like heck I'd tell Yamouri my problems. "Oh, thinking about Marui." I blushed.

"W-What? N-No." I refused. "Not everything is about the tennis boys, Yamouri." I tried saying the same thing from this morning.

"Yeah, only the interesting things are." Yamouri shrugged and returned to Kirihara and Kaede. I pouted. Only the interesting things? …She's right.

"Next is history." Kaede said. "My favorite-"

"My least favorite-" I added, trying to fit in with them.

"Subject." Kirihara finished for us. "I thought you didn't like Japanese, Kaya." He said.

"Well, Japanese is my enemy subject, I just don't like History." I stated.

"How could you have trouble with Japanese?" Yamouri mocked.

"Now, now, Yamouri…" Kaede put her hands out to calm her down and it actually worked. "Let's just get to class so we can learn." I exchanged looks with Yamouri and Kirihara.

"Nerd!" We all called Kaede in unison. She smiled and stuck out her tongue. We finally reached our classroom and took our seats. Good thing we all sit right next to one another. Fukawa-sensei came into the room right after us.

"We got an invitation to join class 2-C in PE." He said. The class cheered. "I'll take that as a yes." He laughed. I turned towards Kirihara, who was the loudest during the cheer.

"Kiri, you like PE?" Kaede asked. Kirihara was practically jumped out of his seat. He nodded vigorously.

"Well, today they're playing dodge ball. So let's go beat them." Fukawa-sensei ordered. A second cheer from the class. Afterwards, many kids bolted out of the classroom, Kirihara being one.

"Wow, PE." Yamouri yawned as we all stood up and followed our class to the auditorium. I remember where it was at. It was near the Drama room. Oh great, memories of Niou again.

"Class 2-C again?" Kaede said. "We'll get to see Hirofumi again." She gently nudged Yamouri, who giggled and shrugged it off.

"I only like Marui." She replied like it was obvious. I made a fist, but painted my smile.

"Wow." Kaede remarked. "So, Kaya, you any good at dodge ball?" I jumped and shook my head.

"I've only done good in one whole game my whole life." I explained.

"That's laughable." Yamouri smirked.


"Don't worry, with me on you're team, you won't lose." Yamouri said, flipping her hair. Why was she so cocky?

"Last year, Yamouri was the dodge ball champ. She never got hit with the ball, so we always won." Kaede clarified.

"Amazing, Yamouri. I never knew you were good at anything!" I stated, looking at her with admiring eyes.

"Hey now." Yamouri made a face. We exited the building and made our way towards the gym. "It's such a drag, though. I hate changing clothes." Yamouri complained. Kaede and I exchanged glances. We finally entered the gym and went straight to the changing room to change into shorts and a t-shirt. I looked over at Kaede who was fixing her short hair back and Yamouri, who was putting her hair into a ponytail. "Here." She handed me a hair tie. "It's better to play when you have your hair out of your face." I nodded and tied mine back, but it didn't look anywhere as good as Yamouri's.

We all went out to the gym with our class and class 2-C.

"Are both classes ready?" Asked their teacher. All students muttered things like 'yes' or 'yeah.' "Now, class 2-C go to the left and class 2-D go to the right."

"I'm glad to see you again, Yamouri." Hirofumi said, finding her. Yamouri twirled her hair around and nodded, not saying anything. Then she walked away to our side.

"Whoa, how cold." I observed.

"She did say she only likes Marui." Kaede offered. I glared at her and lightly slapped her head. "Kaya jealous. Got it." She uttered, holding her head as she went over to side as well.

"Ah, Kirihara."

I turned and saw Aoyagi and Kirihara behind me talking and smiled like crazy. Maybe Aoyagi is the girl he likes? Gasp! I wouldn't doubt it!

"Hey, Kaya, get over here!" Yamouri yelled. She scared me, so I ran over there and joined them. "Kiri! You too!"

"Yamouri, is Aoyagi the girl Kiri likes?" I asked. Yamouri flinched and turned towards me, wearing a fake smile.

"How would I know, Kaya?" Yamouri asked. I huffed as he ran towards us.

"You should all know the rules to dodge ball, so then, let's begin!" Both teachers announced. Both sides sprinted for the balls and half of each were taken. I tried dodging the balls, but, as it turned out, I was hit at the 3rd ball was thrown.

"Laaaame." Yamouri laughed as I took a seat on the sidelines. She grabbed more balls and threw it across and got at least 4 kids. I soon recognized Kaede walking towards me.

"You're out too?" I asked.

"I never said I was good at it either." Kaede replied. She sat by me and we watched as the game drew on and only Yamouri and Kirihara were standing on our side and Hirofumi and some other guy on their team. I turned and saw Aoyagi cheering on her team. She is really pretty, so I can see why Kirihara likes her.

"C'mon Yamouri! Let's go, Kirihara!" Kaede cheered, overpowering all other cheering. I took a deep breath and started cheering too. Within seconds, Yamouri hit both guys, leaving Kirihara looking like an idiot for not doing anything. "Yeeeeeah!" The class ran out towards them and congratulated them.

"Amazing job, Yamouri." I laughed, hitting her playfully. She smiled at me and pushed Kirihara towards me. "Oh, uh, good job, Kiri." I smiled and he looked away.

"It was all thanks to Yamouri." He laughed. I smiled at him before Aoyagi ran over towards us.

"Wow, Kirihara! You made it to the last two on your side. You never got out!" She cheered. I made a face and walked over to Yamouri and Kaede.

"You're an idiot, Kaya." Yamouri muttered. I jumped and gave her a confused look. Finally, it was time to go so we all went back to the changing room and changed just in time for the lunch bell to ring. "I'm so hungry!" Yamouri announced to the whole changing room of girls.

"Let's go eat then." Kaede replied. Yamouri glared at her and I smiled at them.

"I'm hungry too." I added.

"Yay! Kaya finally brought her lunch!" Yamouri teased.

"Nnh!" I stuck my tongue out at Yamouri and she just smiled. We just left the gym and were now walking back towards the main building. "Are you sure about leaving Kirihara behind?" I asked, looking back at the scattering kids from the gym.

"Don't worry about him. We're having lunch with Niou and Marui, so we'd better get back soon!" Yamouri said.

"Since when did we have lunch with them!" Kaede asked. Yamouri pointed towards the window in the building, where Niou and Marui were passing.

"They're headed towards our classroom, duh." Yamouri rolled her eyes. "Let's hurry!" Yamouri said, grabbing our hands and starting to run. She pulled us along. Is Yamouri really happy to eat with Marui? And Niou, Kaede, and me?

We ran all the way to our classroom and saw Marui and Niou sitting by our desks. "Where were you girls?" Niou asked, a glint in his eye.

"Perv." I accused as I sat down at my desk. I took out my lunch and opened it. He leaned on my desk and put his lunch on it.

"I was just asking a question." Niou whined.

"I was just stating a fact." I replied.

"Hey, hey, this is our family lunch, let's enjoy it." Yamouri giggled, taking a seat and opening her lunch. I leaned back towards Kaede.

"Family?" I questioned.

"Just go with it." Kaede said, smiling.

"Can I sit by you, Kaya?" Marui asked. I blushed and looked up at him and nodded once.

"You can't, Kirihara is sitting there." Niou said in a monotonic voice. I jumped and glared at him. Marui looked at Niou with a plain expression, then it turned into a little kid one.

"Oh, well, okay." Marui said, scooting over towards Kaede, to sit right behind me.

"Yamouri is gonna sit there." Niou said in the same tone. Marui moved to the other side of Kaede. "I'm resting my legs there." He said, putting his legs on the chair. "Feel free to sit in Yamouri's seat." Niou offered, grinning. I sighed as Yamouri started laughing. What's with Niou? She got up and moved to where Niou said she's sit.

"Feel free, Marui." Yamouri smiled sweetly. He made a confused look, but sat down. Great, so he's sitting to the right, behind me; and that's right by Yamouri. Kirihara entered the room and grabbed his lunch.

"Kirihara, you sit there." Niou said, pointing to the open seat to the right of me.

"I'm eating in class 2-C with Aoyagi." He said. I shot my head up towards him. I'm happy cuz that leaves room for Marui to sit by me, but he's leaving us to eat with one girl. "See ya!" Then he ran out again.

"That leaves a seat open for you, Marui." Kaede said after he was gone. Marui moved over to sit by me and he smiled at me.

"Let me feed you, Kaya." Niou said, pulling my head over to him and leaning my head back as he came towards me with food.

"What the heck!" I yelled, pushing him away and spilling his food all over him. He made the same face as Yamouri's bored face. "Uhhh, sorry, Niou."

"You better go wash yourself off. You're all dirty." Marui inserted. Niou stood up and glared at Marui.

"And what does that mean?" Niou growled. I shivered. I've never seen Niou angry. Well, I've only known him for 2 days, but still. Anger doesn't suit him.

"It just means the food made you dirty." Marui explained. "Nothing else." Niou grabbed Marui on his way out.

"You're cleaning me off." Niou said.

"Why me! I didn't spill it on you!" Marui whined. He dragged him out the same way as this morning.

"Intense!" Yamouri yelled. "Wow, Kaya! Just, wow!" I put my head back and looked at an upside down Yamouri and Kaede.

"Boys fighting over you…" Kaede just said that. "Seems like Niou is jealous of Marui." Yamouri crossed her arms and nodded.

"Jealousy is a strong feeling." Yamouri agreed. Kaede leaned in towards me.

"Kinda like how you're jealous of Yamouri." Kaede whispered. I jumped. So, Niou and I were jealous of Marui and Yamouri? Is this the aftermath of everything within the two days? "Just don't worry about it, Kaya." Kaede said, pulling away from me. "Just have a great time with Marui tomorrow."

"I agree, Niou will just have to accept you and Marui." Yamouri interleaved. I cocked my head to the side.

"I thought you like Marui." I uttered.

"I do, but I'm prepared to accept if you and Marui get together. To be a good rival, I have to support my rival even if it's my own loss." Yamouri lectured. She's right. "Leave Niou to me when they get back." I nodded and sat back up. Right on cue, they came back in. Niou still dirty from the food. Marui was looking down at the floor. "Niou! Let's go get you some more lunch!" Yamouri offered. Niou looked at her and shook her head. Marui took his seat next to me, but Yamouri grabbed Niou and stopped him.

"No thanks, Yamouri, I'm okay." He replied.

"I insist. You wouldn't turn down a poor defenseless girl, would you?" Yamouri asked. I have no clue what defenseless has to do with the sentence, but she is totally not poor!

"Um, I guess not?" Niou replied, clearly confused.

"Great! Let's go!" Yamouri said, darting out the door, holding Niou's arm.

"That was quick." Kaede commented. I nodded and started eating my peaceful lunch with Marui.

"Too much… for… brain to… handle." I stuttered, spacing out on the front board.

"Oh, c'mon, Kaya, snap out of it!" Yamouri yelled. "School is over, so don't focus on Japanese anymore." Yamouri lectured. I shook my head and snapped out of it. "Good." I looked around and saw kids packing their things and putting their desk in an orderly manner.

"Hey, Kaya, I don't mean to be rude, but," Kaede looked over my shoulder and on my Japanese paper from the first two days of school that we just got back today. "I think it'd be in your best interest to get a tutor for Japanese." I jumped and looked down at my papers. Yamouri came over and saw them too.

"Eh! For the first one I got 7 out of the 30 questions right. For the second one," I turned the page and my face fell. "I only got 3 right…"

"No way!" Kirihara laughed, taking the paper from my hands. He looked at them and his laughing deepened. He took out his papers and handed them to me.

"Wow, Kiri! You got perfect grade on them both!" I admired. He smiled as we traded our papers again.

"You should have Kiri be your tutor!" Kaede concluded. I blushed as I stood up and got my things in order.

"I-I think I'm good for now." I said, throwing random things into my bag.

"Kaya, you're going to fail if you keep going like this." Kaede ranted. "Having Kiri as your tutor is much better than calling up a stranger to tutor you. Kiri is your friend!"

"I don't mind being your tutor, Kaya." Kirihara added in. I closed my bag and turned towards them.

"Or you could have Marui be your tutor." Yamouri cut in. We all looked at her, flipping her hair. "Japanese is one of his best subjects too, plus, he's a grade higher, so he already knows all this stuff."

"Kiri is in our class! So he can always help her with in-class work." Kaede fought.

"This is like simple review for Marui!" Yamouri battled. "Isn't that right, Marui?" We all jumped and turned towards the door. He came walking in.

"Yeah, your Japanese is like child's play for my genius." Marui said, coming closer to us. "Why?"

"Kaya needs a tutor for Japanese." Yamouri explained.

"I'd be happy to be you're tutor. If it's alright with you." Marui smiled. I blushed at him.

"Whoever will be her tutor will have to go to her house everyday, around 6ish; and on Saturday they'll have to go at around 1, just to tutor her for at least two hours. Oh, the pain and suffering." Yamouri said in such a dramatic tone and in a sarcastic tone for the last sentence, like she's expect them to enjoy being at my house about everyday teaching me. Kaede made a blank face as she hit Yamouri's head and she came tumbling down.

"I'll do it!" Marui and Kirihara said at the same time.


"I mean, if you want." Marui said, looking away.

"It's your choice." Kirihara added.

"I-I'll think about it. I mean, it's still the beginning of the year and all, so we'll see how I progress." I said.

"But if she doesn't do better by the first two weeks of school, she'll get a tutor." Kaede finished. I wasn't going to actually get a tutor, but great, now I have to. Well, I don't have to, but, knowing me, my grades won't be better by then. "Then she'll pick one of you!" Kaede cheered. How did I get guy friends who fight over small things and girl friends who use me to get things from my guy friends?

"Yeah, yeah, we'll see." I mumbled. "Let's go home, Marui." I said.

"Right, right." Marui laughed. "You better go home and get some rest, Kirihara. You're first game is tomorrow."

"I'm not worried, we'll slaughter the competition." Kirihara said in a confident manner.

"Do you mean that literally?" Marui teased. I cocked my head to the side. What does he mean?

"Maybe." Kirihara smirked and I shivered again. I guess you don't want to get on the wrong side of a tennis boy. "See you two tomorrow." He waved and I waved back and Marui smiled.

"See you, Kaede, Yamouri." I said, smiling at them. They waved back as Marui and I left. We started walking down the stairs. So, we didn't necessarily make today the best day like Yamouri wanted, but whatever.

"First weekend of the school year!" Marui cheered. I smiled at him and felt my heart start to race just for being near him. "It was a fast school weed because we started school on a Wednesday."

"It did go by fast." I agreed as we left the school grounds. So many students surrounded us, they were all going home too.

"I can't believe I only met you on Wednesday." Marui said. I smiled. "It seems like we've been friends for a while now."

"Yeah…" I murmured. He looked down at me and smiled.

"So, for the date, I'll meet you at the intersection again. The teams arrive at nine o'clock and it takes fifteen minutes to walk to the courts from there, so… I'll meet you at 10:15."

"10:15? Isn't that a bit late?" I asked.

"Well, they have sign in a 10, then the opening ceremonies, then they start the games, so I think we'll get there just in time." He explained.

"Ah, I see, well okay!" I chirped. I'm sure tomorrow is going to be a fun one with Marui. I can't wait.

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