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Kagome looked out the window and wondered what was so urgent that she had to get on a plane and head to the small town of Forks right away. She thought back to the phone call she received from her old friend Carlisle.

~Flash Back~

Kagome had just got back from a long day at the office cursing Sesshoumaru for making her stay until the marketing plan was absolutely perfect. She thought that he would have at least mellowed out after a few centuries, especially being mated to a demoness who reminded her of Rin and her put together.

As she sat down on her bed getting ready to go to sleep after her long bubble bath her phone rang. She considered not answering because she figured the only one who would call at midnight would be Sesshoumaru, but she knew if she ignored him he would make her stay even later tomorrow.

She picked up the phone without even looking at the caller id and angrily bit out, "Sesshoumaru its midnight and I just want to sleep what is so god damn important that you feel can't wait until tomorrow morning at work?"

"I'm sorry Kagome I didn't know it was that late, if you want I can call you back tomorrow morning," came a reply with amusement lacing every word.

"Carlisle is that you?" she asked with a disbelieving voice.

"I'm glad you haven't forgotten you old friend," he replied smoothly.

"I could never forget you, you one of the few vampires I know that are friendly. Most of them just want to bite me and enjoy my as they put it 'sinfully delicious blood'" she replied with a chuckle.

He gave s short laugh, "Well you do smell delicious you can't deny that, plus you've got the looks that would make any man beg you for just one night."

"You always did know how to sweet talk a girl, but I know you didn't just call to compliment me. Do you need my help or something?" she asked seriously, knowing he would only call if he needed something since she hasn't talked to him in at least 200 years.

"Well now that you mention it, yes I do need your help but I can't say over the phone. Is there any way you can come to Forks, Washington as soon as possible?" he asked getting straight to the point.

She thought about it for a minute and decided that she could use a vacation from the boss from hell."Of course. I'll leave tomorrow morning and I should be there by nightfall," she replied already opening her PDA to make the arrangements and letting Sesshoumaru know she was taking a well deserved vacation from work.

"Wonderful, call me when you land and I'll pick you up from the airport. I'm glad that you are willing to help my family and I" he replied sincerely.

"I told you if you needed my help all you had to do was ask, were friends and would never hesitant to help one of my friends. I'll see you tomorrow night and I look forward to meeting your family. Goodnight." After hearing goodnight from Carlisle she slipped into bed and set her alarm for 6am so she could pack and make her 8am flight.

~End Flash Back~

I can't wait to see him, it's been way too long and she couldn't wait to meet his family. She heard about him finding a mate the last time she talked to him and it seems he's adopted more into his family. She was happy for him, she always knew he would make a great father someday.

She looked out the window once more and noticed she would be landing soon. She glanced at her phone and smirked when she remembered how mad Sesshoumaru got when he received the email she sent him the night before.

It was always so much fun to piss him off to the point where he lost his cool. It wasn't everyday you get the chance to witness the Great Lord of the West lose his cool façade and lash out in anger. However, she was glad that she was one of the few people he didn't kill for making him so angry.

~Flash Back~

Just as she finished packing her last bag she heard her door slam open. She smirked knowing it could only be one person.

"What the hell do you mean that you are taking a month's vacation and that I can handle the rest of the market plan and the presentation myself" he snarled glaring at me.

I turned to stare at him with a bored look I had seen that glare so many times I was unfazed, "I didn't think I would have to explain it to you in such simple terms like I would with Inuyasha."

He growled and took a step forward, "I'm not a simpleton like my half brother and you should take care to remember that. I know exactly what you mean and I forbid it, whatever you think you need to do can be done at a later time."

He looked at me with a look that clearly stated his word was law and there was no way he was going to be swayed.

I grinned inwardly, he honestly thought I was asking for time off and that since he forbade it I was going to roll over and be a good lap dog.

"But Sesshoumaru I already discussed it with Natsuki and she thought it was a wonderful idea. She even suggested that since I always worked so hard that I should take two months instead of one, but I told her I only needed on and she told me to bring her back some souvenirs" I calmly stated with a small smile know I had won. There was no way he would go against his mate, especially considering she two months pregnant with his pup.

"Fine, but after one month you are to be back in my office at 7 am. If I have any questions regarding the marketing plan or presentation you are to be available so that you might answer them. I'm I understood?" he asked with his eyebrow raised.

I knew that this was a good as I was going to get with him. After all I would only be answering questions since she knew Natsuki would kill him if he made her do any work on her vacation.

"of course, those terms are reasonable. Give Natsuki my love and I will see you in one month," I replied closing my suitcase and picking up the other walking to the door.

"Have a nice vacation Kagome" he stated.

I knew this was the only way he would show he cared for ma as part of his pack. I gave him a quick hug and rushed out the door to the car that was waiting.

~End of Flash Back~

I walked off the plane towards the baggage claim and grabbed my suitcase so I could go towards the entrance and wait for Carlisle. I only waited 10 minutes before I sensed the aura of a person I haven't seen in couple hundred years. I smiled as he approached and gave him a hug as he grabbed my bags and effortlessly placed them in the trunk.

"Did you have a nice flight?" he asked as he opened my door as the gentle man he has always been.

"Yes. Let's get going so I can meet your family and get down to the problem you need my help on" I smiled as I got into the car.

He got in, turned the car on and started driving to his house, "Straight to business, you haven't changed one but you know that."

"Helping my friends was something I was never patient about. So why don't you tell me a little bit about your family so I won't be too surprised when I meet them," I replied with a smile.

"Well I married a wonderful woman named Esme……." he stated with a smile and continued to tell Kagome all about her and his children on the way to his house.


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