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STORY STARTS!!!!!!!! Naruto universe~

I don't want to die.

They haven't recognized me yet.

I haven't become Hokage.

I promised Sakura…

I'm a failure.

All those promises and now I'm going to die.

It's all the damn Kyuubi's fault! It's your damn fault! I never wanted to use your chakra and now it's going to kill me!

Why does it have to end like this? Just lying here. Watching as they all keep fighting. I'm so useless! I can't even help my friends. It's getting darker. 'Hey, Kyuu? Are you still there?' A soft growl is my only answer. 'Still angry, huh?' Worthless human… well better than nothing, funny how all the people of my village damned me for being a demon and the demon in my belly hates me for being a human. Huh, guess I'm just someone you love to hate.

The darkness has overtaken everything; I can still faintly hear the people around me. I recognize Akamaru's bark. I guess the whole gangs here. I don't want to leave them.

I'm afraid. Even though I have all my friends surrounding me, I'm afraid. The darkness is worse than what I had to face as a child, all those lonely nights. I would rather have to suffer through that than know that this darkness is going to follow me, and I cannot escape from it. At least before I had hope.

I wish I had another chance. The Akatsuki have stolen all I had made. They took my dreams. they were taking my friends. They took the Kyuubi's chakra. They took my life. A life that I had barely started to live. I am sixteen years of age, and the only time in my life I consider having been alive, truly alive, has been since I became a ninja. I've been living for about four years. Four years where I have been able to freely have friends. Four years in which I could be happy.

And now that is being taken away.

I'm dying. My breath has slowed. They took too much of the Kyuubi from me, all that's left is the last fragments of his mind. A mere fraction of what used to be there. The Kyuubi's fading, becoming weaker and I can feel my own strength leave me. The two of us are going to die here.

We are connected too deeply. We cannot leave each other. We are bound together for eternity; the fourths seal was too good. We are doomed to follow each other into the next life. Perhaps it will be happier than this one.

There is a foreign chakra pushing into me. It hurts I wish they would stop. I wish they would give up. All I can feel now is the pain. The pain of the Kyuubi being pulled away and pushed back. The pain of the foreign healing chakra. The pain of my own broken body. The pain of the rock that has been digging into my back for the last hour or so. Everything hurts and I just want it to end.

'Kyuu…' It hurts to speak, even inside my own head. I swear my brain is protesting the strain. Sad how my mask has affected me so much. Before I created it I never would have joked about my own death. Now I can't seem to drop the damn thing. It follows me everywhere. It's a part of me.

Kyuubi hasn't answered me.

I feel sorry for him; he never wanted any of this. He never wanted to be used as a weapon. He asked me for forgiveness once. He was sorry for everything that had happened. Of course the next day he was the almighty Kyuubi, the most powerful demon. I guess even demons feel regret.

I wonder if he regrets it. Attacking the village. He never told me why, although I asked many a time…

…This has got to be the slowest death on earth. I mean, come on! I've seen my life flash before my eyes five times already!

…Damn again with the jokes.

The chakra is fading.

Isn't death supposed to be cold? So why do I feel so hot? Must be a side effect of having the Kyuubi… maybe I'm going to hell. All those flames and stuff have to be hot.

Yeah that sounds about right. So, Hell here I come! You better be prepared Shinigami-sama no matter what you throw at me I'll never give in!

My body feels really light. Am I dead yet?

I can't sense Kyuubi anymore. I wonder where he went.

I open my eyes slowly, the sky is really bright. So maybe I didn't go to hell.

… Heaven looks similar to where I died.

Am I still alive? No, I can't be.

It looks like there was a battle here a while ago. It's raining so I can't tell when it was. I put my hand out to feel the rain. It goes straight through my hand. Somehow I am not worried. Weird you'd think that having things go straight through me would freak me out.

I am oddly calm; I look down to see a chain coming out of my chest. It's broken off at the end and I know that as soon as it is gone I will become something that is horrible. I don't know how I know this; maybe it has something to do with Kyuubi.

It's been a week. One week and the chain is slowly shortening but I keep waiting. I don't know what I'm waiting for but I know that if I move I will miss it.

It's been calming. I've watched what has happened around me. There is a rabbit hole nearby. Kyuubi would have wanted me to eat it when I was alive.

Kyuubi still has not talked to me. I can sense him now. He's nearby, but I cannot speak to him.

I continue to wait as I watch the forest around me. I think I have at most two weeks before the chain eats itself.

Two days left. There are four links of the chain left. I only have two days.

It's my last day. I am not worried. What I have waited for is close…

The rabbit has three babies. They're so small. I am worried about them; I have seen a fox nearby a few times. I hope that they stay safe.

The smallest of the bunnies is a light brown colour. It is the most adventurous. Yesterday it came up close to me. I could see its little nose twitching. It reminds me of Kiba. One of the others is like Shikamaru, and the last one keeps eating just like Chouji.

I miss all of my friends. I have a feeling that I will not see them again.

I am down to the last chain link. As it starts to eat itself I feel the one I have been waiting for walk up to me. I turn around and smile. The person is wearing strange clothing. A black yukata or something…

"Ohayo!" He's loud, he reminds me very much of my mask, just not as hyper. "My name is Urahara Kisuke; I will be your guide to Seiretei!" He finally looks at me. He sees my chain and he starts to blink and mumble to himself. "Okay, normally I'm expected to give you a long and boring speech about the after life yadda, yadda, yadda. However, because you only have one link left I have to send you to soul society now." I shake my head, acknowledging what he has told me.

He pulls out his zanpakuto, "Alright I'll see you on the other side, I'll send a warning to someone and they should fetch you soon enough."

The end of his zanpakuto touches my forehead just as my chain finally breaks apart. All I know is pain as the world goes dark, the calmness is still upon me and I cannot find it in myself to react to the pain. I wonder if Kyuubi is still tagging along…


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