Cloud sighed as he sat on the edge of the rock, staring out in front of him. He was in some world that he didn't recognize and it was just begging to be gazed at. The valley below him was ripe with green and different colored flowers. There were only a few white, puffy clouds in the sky with the sun brightly shining.

While staring off into space, he remembered what he said to that one overly happy kid – Sora was it? – About how he was searching for his light. Everyone assumed that he wanted to kill Sephiroth in order to get rid of his darkness, but that wasn't the "light" he had in mind.

He glanced over his shoulder to take another view of his Buster Sword which was leaning against the rock. Though, the sword wasn't his. Cloud's eyes gazed in remembrance.

"Don't worry Spike; I'll take care of you."

"Uh-oh, looks like we have intruders, you stay here … Don't worry! I'll promise to come back."

"What do you think we should do, Cloud? ... That's a great idea! We can be mercenaries! Doing the odd jobs and troublesome jobs… we'll make a killing!"

Cloud reached for the hilt of the sword, it was he who took care of Cloud in his Mako Addiction. He caressed the hilt, thinking of his precious friend.

"You're a country boy too? Where you from?"

"Neiblheim? Haha, I'm from Gongaga!"

It was the first time he met him… the days when he could actually smile and laugh along with his friend. Cloud raised his hand to his face and shook his head. It wasn't the time to reminisce and get all teary for him… after all, he had to find him.

Cloud picked up the Buster Sword and swooped down from the rock. He began walking forward, with the sword in front of him. He looked up to the sky and whispered to himself…

"It's going to rain, Zack."

There wasn't a single storm cloud in the sky.