This is only the teaser per say, setting things up for what really happens. The actual meat of the story will come in the next installment, I promise.
238 words

" Alfred, you are a big boy, so I'm going to trust you can stay home alone while I run up to the store real quick."

"Yah!" the young boy jumped up and down, clapping his hands. Arthur had never trusted him to stay home alone before this, and his mind raced with the trouble he could make with the older man out of the way even for a few minutes.

"You know all the same rules apply, no touched the knives, no messing with the stove, don't go into my study, and don't go into the basement…"

"Uh-huh…" the little nation nodded, though he had stopped listening when Arthur said the word 'rules', and his mind went back to the possibilities that were now open. What the older nation had said last caught his attention again though. Grinning happily he nodded, running foreword and hugging his father figure.

"Of course! I won't do anything, promise!" The blonde boy smiled up at him, his blue eyes sparkling happily. Arthur sighed, having a hard time believing that. He was in need of something for an urgent spell though, and he did not need a little country running around and touching everything while out.

" Okay Alfie, be good. I'll be back in a bit." And with a brief hug, Arthur left the young boy alone in the house. What harm could he do right?