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Warning: I think they're might be a tiny bit of SLASH. (Or a lotta bit.)

Honestly, if someone had asked Randy what he thought being kissed by a guy-used-to-be-puppy would feel like, he probably would've contemplated actually punting that someone in the skull. Because Randy hated stupid, completely pointless questions. And he especially hated the stupid questions that stupid people asked. The questions that made. Absolutely. No. Sense.

Kinda like the strange occurrence that had just happened.

Cody—the aforementioned puppy—had said something about rape, hard-ons, John, and... Had he called Randy a whore? Yup, he'd called him a whore. And not only did that make absolutely no sense (seriously, how is he a whore?), Cody had then proceeded to KISS Randy.

And by "kiss" he really meant mouth rape. The pup had crawled forward without so much as a warning, and curled his lips around Randy's own. He'd felt Cody's hot tongue run slickly along the contours of his mouth, and he could vaguely recall—amidst all the stupefaction—that he found the sensation insanely arousing. And, of course, there was the taste. His dream had been nearly accurate in that the flavor was somewhere in between Starbursts and Skittles, which was understandable seeing as how Cody was addicted to the stuff.

No, that wasn't what was causing his mind to reel, and his heart—among other organs—to throb. The one thing he hadn't expected, was how irresistibly good Cody tasted. How exquisite the sweet mix of candy and damp heat and something else that was just plain Cody could be when it exploded in your mouth like a little firework of enticing seduction. He remembered his upper lip being sucked at ever so gently, Cody's tongue grazing his bottom teeth, and he remembered fighting down the urge to respond with a lick of his own.

And then as abruptly as it had come, it was gone, the heat of a mouth vanishing, leaving Randy feeling needy and irritated.

A glance over and Cody was grinning at him, those disarmingly gorgeous blue eyes shining. At the sight of the young pup, Randy was jolted back to reality. A reality that didn't involve him enjoying making out with an innocently naive brunette.

That was, at least, until Cody said, looking triumphant, "Mm. Yup, Randy tastes the best!"

And, okay really. That comment should not have made Randy's stomach flip the way it did.


The best? Out of who? How many people had he even tasted? Who in the hell was kissing his Cody? Randy inwardly growled at the thought of someone else touching the young pup, kissing him, tasting him.

Experiencing the addictive sensation that was Cody against his lips had made Randy unconsciously possessive. He was greedy and he didn't want to share the electrifying feeling of having Cody's lips for himself.

God, if that was what kissing Cody was like, Randy couldn't even imagine how fucking hot sex would be.

The images that instantly filled his head at the invasive thought were enough to rip him back out of reality, heat rising underneath his skin like a radiator, as the most obscenely pornographic sights colored the whole of his psyche. Sights that would melt you into a puddle of goo where you stood, and then solidify you back, just so you could melt again before spontaneously combusting into a trillion horny, hot as fuck, pieces on the hotel floor.

Yeah. That bad.

In fact Randy was so completely mentally distracted that he didn't even notice when Cody suddenly burst out.

"Hey! Randy's got a hard-on like John!"

Randy wasn't cognizant at all until he felt something warm suddenly graze against the sensitive skin of his lower tummy. Causing his abs to quiver in surprise. But that wasn't what had instantly wrenched Randy from his sexual reverie.

Not only was there soft warm somethings brushing his stomach, but there was a slight tug and pull on the top of his pants. As if someone was trying to undo the button and failing at it. What really got his attention was how excruciatingly close they were to the boner he was currently sporting, their touch feeling like a sizzling poker that sent his sex drive into a state of thrumming fire.

With a sharp intake of breath, Randy immediately ripped himself away, the surge of cool air against the lower part of his now-bare navel made him shiver slightly and he quickly made to rebutton his pants.

Huge, frantic, confused gray eyes darted around to land on Cody who was pouting and looking somewhat disappointed, his hands still hanging midair. But before he could freak out like a teenage girl, and demand Cody tell him why he was trying to literally get into his pants, Ted exploded into a fit of laughter.

The blonde sat up to hold his sides, as he doubled over himself, face reddening with the lack of oxygen, stomach hurting with the force of his boisterous laughter.

Randy scowled at him, his cheeks still flushed with the heat of arousal and his heart still pounding from shock and slight hysteria. What the fuck was he laughing at?

With a none too pleased grunt, Randy's gaze gradually slid over to Cody, whom he regarded with apprehension—forcing down the abrupt wave of desire that burned in his gut. Cody was glaring knives at Ted, a cute little pucker in his brow as the blonde on the opposite bed tried to reign in his laughter, barely managing to suppress it into low chuckles.

"What are you laughing at? I just wanted to see it! John wouldn't let me," Cody grumbled, seemingly unaware of Randy's eyes on him.

Ted ignored the pup to cast an all knowing smirk in the taller man's direction. "Need to take a cold shower, Randy?" he asked, his tone light and his blue eyes glinting.

Randy shot the blonde a withering look. God, Ted was such a dickhead.

"Shower? What's a shower?"

Apparently Cody's curious mind got the better of his frustration and he glanced over at Ted with big eyes.

Ted, in response, gestured with a tilt of his head towards Randy. "Randy'll explain," another smirk, "won't you, Randy?"

Randy had never wanted to kill someone so bad before. Cody cocked his head over at the other man, blinking and Randy quickly looked away.

"Um, it's when you get, er, naked and wash yourself in the bathroom," he pointed at said room, "in the tub. Like when you were first turned into a human. Remember?"

Cody's eyes grew brighter with every word Randy said and a sudden grin was on his face, adorable dimples forming with the movement. "Yeah, I remember! The water was really warm, it felt nice..." Cody trailed off, seeming to drift back to the memory for just a second. And then he suddenly perked up. "Can I take one?"

Randy hesitated, already knowing the answer to his next question but wishing he was wrong. "Take one what?"

Cody smiled, and again his dimples showed. "A shower! I wanna take a shower in the tub with the warm water!" Cody was bouncing slightly, anticipation practically glowing on his face.

Oh fuck.

Randy felt his throat constrict, and he swallowed in an attempt to clear it.

No way. No way in fucking hell. He would not give Cody a shower. Not if his life depended on it. God knows if he came anywhere near a stark-naked Cody with steaming water rolling down his creamy skin...

Randy could only imagine the outcome. No matter how hard he tried not to.

"Can I?" Cody asked again, his voice sounding hopeful as he glanced back and forth from Ted to Randy, having shifted to the balls of his feet in his excitement.

"Why do you wanna take a shower so bad? It isn't that fun," Ted wondered, from where he lay on his right side, hand supporting his head and brow quirking.

"Because I don't like clothes," Cody stated, as if it were the most obvious thing. "And Randy says you don't have to wear any. I like water too!"

Randy shifted uncomfortably. He really needed to talk Cody out of this. Or better, find a way around having to wash Cody...

Suddenly a smirk worked its way onto Randy's face. "Sure, you can take a shower Cody," the older man relented, his gray eyes sliding from the brunette over to Ted. "Ted will teach you how, won't you Teddy?"

The smile that had seemed permanently stuck on the DiBiase's face instantly fell. "What?"

But before Randy could happily reiterate, Cody was launching himself onto the dubious blonde, practically beaming. "Thank you, Teddy! I forgive you for not believing I was a puppy!" he exclaimed, straddling the man, his arms wound around his neck as he nuzzled his hair appreciatively.

"I fucking hate you, Orton," Ted hissed, trying in vain to extricate Cody from his body. "And you, quit snuggling me!"

Cody hesitated in his ministrations, raising his head so that he and Ted were mere centimeters apart. "But I wanna snuggle you..." he whimpered, lower lip trembling slightly.

Ted avoided the smaller man's kicked puppy stare, squashing the bit of guilt that bubbled in his chest. "Stop lookin' at me like that, you brat," he muttered, moving to sit up, bringing Cody up with him, the brunette's arms still wrapped around his neck. "Now get the hell off me or you're not getting that shower."

Almost immediately Cody rolled to the other side of the bed, eyes glowing eagerly. Ted shot him an approving look, before glaring daggers at Randy.

"What? You're the one who made me explain it, so you get to do it," Randy informed, appearing quite pleased with his reasoning. Ted rolled his eyes as he made to get off the bed.

"Well, I was under the impression you wanted to give Cody a shower," he said offhandedly, heading in the direction of the bathroom, the young pup in hot pursuit.

Randy tried his hardest to look apathetic, he was pretty sure he failed. "Well, I don't."

A smug grin slid across Ted's face. "That's not what the thing in your pants says."

Because if he couldn't physically torture Randy, then he'd just have to settle for verbally fucking with his head.

Randy's cheeks heated, whether in anger or embarrassment, it was hard to tell. "Sh—shut the hell up, Ted."

Ted merely shrugged at the older man, before grabbing Cody—who'd been watching their exchange absently—and pushing him into the bathroom.

"All right, Pup. Strip it."

The sound of running water and the heat of steam poured from the open bathroom door, as Randy perched at the edge of the bed, trying his utmost hardest to stare at the wall adjacent to him. Trying not to look through the doorway, where a naked Cody would be learning how to take a shower.

Over the roar of the water, he could hear Ted's voice. "Stop squirming!" Then Cody's little puppy whine, "Mm! But it TICKLES!" And then the sound of flailing and a series of whimpers and grunts.

"How the hell am I supposed scrub all the dirt off if you keep wiggling?"

"But Teddy! When you touch me there it makes me giggle!"

A sigh. "Suck it up and take it like a man!"

"Aah! STOP it, Teddy! Get away!"

"Come HERE!"


Randy cringed as a sudden crash rung out, and he fought the urge to dart off the bed and make sure the two were alright. He had to sit there. Quietly. Lest he inadvertently rape a defenseless Cody.

In the bathroom, spread out in the tub, were Cody and Ted. Cody was rubbing the side of his head with a groan, from where he lay on his back, the spray of the water running down his face in clear rivulets.

Ted was blinking hard, grumbling a few jumbled expletives. He seemed unaware of the fact that he was sprawled on top of Cody, his cheek against the brunette's bare chest, forehead pressing somewhat into his sternum.

"Ugh, Teddy you're heavy..." Cody groused, attempting to shift underneath the bigger man so that he could get his face out of the hot water.

Ted mumbled something against Cody's skin, but it was lost in the din of the running shower. Cody held up his hands to protect his face from the water so that he could open his eyes and get a better view of the blonde lying on him.

"What?" he asked, still wriggling, but less aggressively than before, the pooling of heat just below his stomach causing him to hesitate.

Ted groaned, and raised his head slowly. "I said I think I broke my spleen!" he reiterated, shaking his head—much like a puppy—water sprinkling everywhere. Cody huffed a breath, hands still working as a shield.

"I don't care 'bout your spleen! I don't even know what that is! Now get off me, you're crushing my organs!" Cody exclaimed, blue eyes blinking rapidly at the little drops of water that dabbled them.

Ted quirked an eyebrow, squinting slightly. "How do you know what organs are, but not a spleen? It's an organ!" he professed, shifting to place his hands on either side of the tub they were still lying in, the action inadvertently causing their bodies to twist together in the most obscene sense of the word.

He didn't miss the small "eep!" Cody let out at the movement, the young pup's face reddening.

Ted hesitated, frowning. "...Cody?"

Through the thin sheen of water, the blonde could see Cody swallow hard, his blue eyes darting around as if he were avoiding Ted's gaze.

"D-don't move like that," he muttered. And Ted noticed for the first time that every thick muscle in the smaller man's torso was tensed, each chord jumping from beneath the thin layer of skin.

Ted's brow furrowed. "Why? Did you get hurt?" he questioned, trying to shift his weight onto his hands in order to take some of the pressure off of the younger man.

Cody did a sharp intake of breath at Ted's actions and he frantically shook his head, eyes squinted shut. He could feel his nerves sizzling with every twitch of movement, and he bit his lip to fight down the rising fire that ignited somewhere down below.

Ted could see Cody's usually lightly tanned skin, flushing scarlet from the tips of his ears down to his chest. It would have been kind of extremely adorable, if Ted actually liked him or knew what the hell was wrong with him.

"Well then what is it?" This time the DiBiase held as still as possible, so as not to set Cody off again. The boy was already as taut as a violin string, stretching him any farther might cause him to pass out...

He saw Cody swallow thickly once again, could hear the action over the sound of the falling shower water and—eyes still squeezed shut—he pointed with a slightly shaking finger down where both their bodies were still squished together.

Where Ted's sweatpants covered thigh met Cody's groin.

Where Ted's thigh met Cody's naked groin.

Ted blinked.

And suddenly that thing poking hard against the inside of his left thigh—the thing he'd assumed was a bottle of shampoo—had a whole new meaning.

Ted presumed he should be completely disgusted by the situation. But at the horribly uncomfortably red face of the young pup beneath him, Ted could only chuckle with a sort of triumphant smirk.

Hah, that little brat was so full it! All he'd been whining about the past half hour was how much he didn't like Ted and how mean he was and how much he liked Randy more. Who was getting a boner for who now, hmm?

"Well, well. What do we have here, Cody?" Ted smirked, as he moved to sit up, placing his hands on either side if the brunette's head, blocking the falling water with his back. "I believe you're familiar with the term 'hard-on'?" Ted loomed over the young pup, finding amusement in the way he squirmed underneath him.

"Teddy! You're making it worse!" Cody exclaimed, his breathing slightly labored, as his hands flew up to shove at the blonde's wet, bare chest.

Ted ignored his struggles, smirk only seeming to grow bigger with every passing second. "You know if you get a hard-on for someone, it means you really," Ted leaned forward, so that his lips were ghosting over the shell of Cody's ear, "really like them." His voice was a low purr, the kind of tone he reserved especially for getting what he wanted.

At his words, his hot breath, his hard body pressing down on him, his throaty whisper, Cody's entire face burst into a heated frenzy, his heart pounding a mile a minute, his teeth grinding.

But before Ted could further antagonize the younger man he was interrupted.

"RANDY! RANDY, RANDY, RANDY! RANDY! RANDY!" Cody wailed at the top of his lungs, his hands and his feet flailing and kicking at the blonde above him.

Nearly instantly, Randy was flinging the bathroom door open with enough force to tear it off its hinges. His gray eyes immediately found the two younger men, sprawled on top of each other in the tub, steaming water spraying over them and rolling off their bodies in little rivers.

Ted had Cody's wrists in his hands, pinning them to the bottom of the tub and his legs were on either side of the defenseless pup's hips, straddling him as he held him down. Cody's face was as red as a fire hydrant, his eyes shut tight as he thrashed back and forth, legs struggling to throw Ted off of him.

What. The. Fuck.

Randy grit his teeth, having never been so positively livid.

Jaw setting so hard, he heard the crick of the bone, the Orton stomped over and wrapped his hands around Ted's shoulders, fingers digging in as deep as they would go without piercing skin. He was only slightly satisfied by the surprised yelp of pain the blonde gave out, as he violently wrenched him off, throwing him with all his strength against the opposite wall. He hit the plaster with a harsh smack, before he fell to the tiled flooring, looking positively terrified as Randy stared him down, fists clenched.

Once he was sure Ted wasn't going to retaliate, he turned to Cody, who had sat up in the tub, watching their exchange with huge blue eyes. "Cody?" he said quietly, kneeling down so that he was nearly eye level with the brunette. "Are you okay? What happened?" His voice was a growl.

Cody slowly tore his gaze away from Ted, to see Randy his eyes still big. "Teddy was teasing me," he murmured, glancing down at the water pooling beneath him, "about my... my um..."

Randy quirked an eyebrow. Cody hardly ever hesitated this way. It made him extremely suspicious. "About what?"

Cody avoided Randy's piercing gaze, looking everywhere but. "He was teasin' me about..." he took a deep breath, "about my—my hard-on."

Randy's face suddenly ignited red, and he couldn't help how his eyes darted down almost instantly. At the movement, Cody immediately flailed to cover himself, splashing water onto the bathroom floor.

"Don't look! If you tease me, I'll—I'll tell Shawn!" he exclaimed, cheeks flushed, looking frantic.

He was absolutely adorable.

Randy averted his eyes, trying to fight down the urge to pull Cody forward and smother him in cuddles. Which was strange, because Randy really wasn't much for cuddling. Damn, Cody was good.

No wonder Ted had attempted to take advantage of the boy.

The thought made Randy want to punch Ted in the teeth, and curl himself around Cody like an over protective mother. But he didn't get to do either, as Ted stammered to his feet.

"Ow..." he groused, rubbing his shoulder and shooting a decidedly pissed glare at the back of Randy's head. "Cody still needs to get his hair washed. YOU can do that to compensate for dislocating my fucking shoulder."

With that, Ted spun around and exited the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. Cody watched him exit, the blush fading slightly from his cheeks.

"I think Teddy's mad," he informed indifferently. Randy glanced uninterestedly at the closed door behind him.

"He's just being a prick, it's fine..." what I'm more worried about is being stuck in an enclosed space with you in nothing but your own skin. But of course, Randy didn't say that last part out loud.

He cleared his throat, and returned his gaze to Cody, being sure to keep his eyes above the collar the brunette had insisted on keeping around his neck. "We should hurry before the hot water runs out, and the hotel starts charging us," Randy said, hating the way his voice threatened to waver.

Cody nodded obligingly, and grabbed a bottle from the bottom of the tub. "Here. Ted says this is what we're supposed to use."

Randy took a deep breath, and rolled his shoulders before promptly taking the proffered object. He could do this. He could definitely do this. Keeping a wary gaze on the liquid gel that oozed into his palm as he squeezed the bottle, Randy repeated this short mantra of sorts, he could do this, he could do this. It at least calmed his nerves a little.

Once his palm was practically dripping with the shampoo, he set the bottle on the tiled floor, and shifted his position so that he was on his knees, gaining half a foot on the brunette sitting, cross-legged, in the tub. "Okay, Cody. This shouldn't be so bad, all I have to do is rub this in your hair and then wash it out…" Randy murmured, more to himself than Cody. "You should probably turn around."

Cody did as he was told, using his hands to maneuver himself around, moving so that he was facing the porcelain wall of the shower. Randy—slightly relieved to find that he could concentrate better when the brunette wasn't staring up at him—leaned forward to gently run his fingers through Cody's short hair. He knew he should have expected how silky soft it was beneath his skin, but he didn't and he felt a grin force its way onto his face, as he swirled his fingers in circles against Cody's scalp.

"Whoa… that feels good," Cody sighed, tilting his head back into Randy's hands, eyes closing in delight. His words made Randy squirm slightly, and the older man had to struggle to return his train of thoughts to the fluffiness of Cody's hair, rather than the sexual provocations of his voice. Although, it did give Randy a sort of flip in the stomach. The prospect of him being the cause of Cody's current pleasure.

Quietly, Randy focused on properly suddsing up Cody's hair, ignoring the occasional moan the little pup gave out when his fingers grazed a particularly sensitive spot. Once he was properly shampooed, Randy reluctantly retracted his hands and held them under the spray of the hot water to wash off the soapy bubbles.

"Alright, now all you have to do is close your eyes, while I wash it all off," Randy instructed, hesitantly placing his hands on Cody's shoulders so that he could direct him towards the spray of the water, suppressing the urge to run his fingers along the younger's exposed collar bones. Did that make him a pervert?

"Wait, but why are we washing it all off? Didn't you just put it on?" Cody questioned, his eyes squinted shut as he followed Randy's guidance.

Randy raised his eyebrows at Cody's words. "That's just what you do. Don't question the ways of humans," he muttered, not quite in the mood to describe the workings behind shampoo to the puppy, as he shifted him over and underneath the hot shower water. He felt Cody shiver slightly at the sudden temperature change, and quickly raised his hand to tilt the younger's head up. "Keep your eyes closed."

Cody, once again, did exactly as he was told, and couldn't help but grin at the ticklish feeling of Randy's hands working meticulously to scrub out all the sudsy bubbles, his fingers constantly running over and over Cody's scalp. Cody was pretty sure if he was a cat he would have been a purring like a fire engine.

Randy tried to disregard the young pup's blissful expression, instead—once again—reveling in the down-feather like softness of the brunette's short hair, now squeaky clean and slightly soap scented. Soon, all that remained of the shampoo had been thoroughly scoured out, running like foamy entrails towards the drain.

"There, done," Randy rumbled, shaking the water from his hands and shifting his weight to stand to his feet. "You're all washed, now get up so we can dry you off…" He glanced around the small bathroom in search of the rack that held all the fresh towels, thankful for the distraction, as Cody obediently hopped up, his hands flying up to feel his hair.

"Wow, it's really soft now!" he exclaimed, a huge grin on his face. Randy chuckled, pulling down two white towels and heading back over to the brunette, already steeling himself for the sight that would undoubtedly meet his eyes.

Cody was standing underneath the steaming flow of water, streams rolling down his body, tracing the lines of his hard muscles and coating his chest and abs with a slick sheen. God, Randy had never wanted to lick something so bad before.

As he leaned over to shut off the water, Randy couldn't help the way his gray eyes roved over the younger man's torso, stopping momentarily at the delicious hiplines, practically begging him to ghost his lips across them. Swallowing thickly, he hurriedly closed his eyes before they could travel any lower. "Um, here, wrap this around your waist," he said, thrusting one of the towels in Cody's direction.

Cody grabbed the fluffy white cloth, and held it up, tilting his head curiously. With a skeptical frown, the brunette wound it around his hips, and stood there for a moment. Pouting, he looked over at Randy, "Randy! How do you make it stay?" he whimpered, eyes big.

Randy fought the urge to groan. Of course. Life would have been too easy, if the boy could put on his own towel. "Hold still," he ordered, standing up straight and throwing the second towel over Cody's head, the latter yelping in surprise. "Dry your hair while I do this. Don't move around a bunch." Randy kept his words quip and perfunctory. He didn't think he could talk much more with how parched his throat felt.

Cody waited for Randy to take hold of the towel around his waist, before raising his hands to dry his hair. Randy's tongue slid out to wet his lips, as he felt the soft skin of Cody's lower tummy against his knuckles. He gently tugged the towel around so that he could ever so carefully tuck it in, the deep indent of the hipline he'd been eying ran along his index finger as he did so, and he let out a shaky breath, biting his lower lip.

He saw Cody's stomach quiver, as the brunette giggled quietly at the tickling sensation, and hurriedly made sure the towel was snug around Cody's hips, before pulling away. "Okay… you're good. How's your hair?" Randy asked, just as Cody's face popped up from underneath the cloth, a grin across his lips.

"Good!" he chirped tugging the towel off his head with one hand and fluffing his hair with the other. "Soft!" Randy nodded understandingly, and took the damp towel from the younger man.

"Alright then, go ahead and get out of the tub. Be careful, 'cause it's really slippery," Randy instructed, taking a step back towards the door. Cody nodded and resolutely raised his foot, placing it to the cool tile. He shivered.

"It's cold, Randy," he stated, pouting up at the older man as if it was his fault for not warning him. Randy shrugged menially, pushing the bathroom door open and glancing the bedroom over to see Ted poking at his bruised shoulder irritably. Randy had to fight down a slightly morbid smirk, finding pleasure in the DiBiase's pain. Because he deserved it for trying to touch Cody.

"The faster you get to carpet, the faster your feet'll warm," Randy informed offhandedly, pretending to be preoccupied with glaring at Ted, so that he wouldn't have to look at the young pup and fight down the urge to jump his bones.

Unfortunately, in looking elsewhere, Randy didn't realize that his words had caused Cody to hurry—the brunette wanting nothing more than to get away from the chilly floor—and in his quick, frantic movements he undoubtedly lost his footing. The momentum of his short lived mad dash sent him careening into an oblivious Randy, who about had a heart attack as they both went crashing down onto the floor of the hotel room.

Ted flinched in surprise, jumping to his feet and rushing over to get a good look at the heap that was Cody and Randy. The latter was groaning, his hand messaging the back of his head, seemingly unaware of the young pup who laid out on his torso, white towel rumpled and nearly slipping. Ted raised a blonde brow.

"Is this the part where I pick you up and throw your shoulder into the wall?" He questioned, malice practically oozing through his words as he narrowed his eyes, arms crossing.

Cody grumbled something incoherent, before moving his hands to Randy's naked chest in order to push himself up into a vertical position, straddling the older man. "Ow… Stupid water," he grunted glaring at the slick bathroom tile. Turning back, he noticed Randy's pained expression. "Randy? Are you okay?" He asked quietly, his hands lightly pushing against the other man from where they still rested on his pectorals.

Randy shifted underneath him before gradually cracking open his gray eyes, still rubbing the part of his head where he was pretty sure his brain had smacked into his skull. His fuzzy gaze landed on the blurred outline of what must have been the weight over his lower stomach. Squinting his eyes, Randy was finally able to make out the bright blue eyes staring down at him worriedly. The same eyes he'd been trying his utmost best not to succumb to the entire night. Cody's eyes.

Randy froze.

And suddenly the entire image, the situation, the fire in the pit of his stomach came into focus. Cody—the very same Cody he was constantly fighting not to take advantage of—was sitting on top of him, his knees on either side of Randy's waist, his white towel threatening to slide from around his hips, his soft, bare hands pressing into the older man's bare chest. His little bottom perched right on top of Randy's groin.

If God wasn't trying to screw with him, then this was some sort of personal Hell.

Cody cocked his head to the side. "Randy?" He let his arms fall slack, the action causing his hands to slide from Randy's chest and down the top of his abs before hanging absently at Cody's sides.

Randy's chest rose very slowly, the trail of tingling fire left behind by the younger man's fingers threatening to quicken his breaths. "I'm… I'm fine, Cody," he finally answered, his voice low and deep and his eyes transfixed on the brunette on top of him.

Cody grinned, teeth gleaming. "Oh good! When I fell I thought I got you hurt, even though you told me to be careful…" he trailed off, looking sheepish. To his right, Ted snorted.

"Should've known it would be your fault," he commented with a little smirk. Cody immediately rounded on him, glare firmly in place.

"Shuddup Teddy! You're mean!"

Both Cody and Ted were unaware of the small twist Cody's hips had done when he'd turned to the blonde. It seemed like an insignificant little shift in weight.

That is unless the boy was sitting directly on top of your ever increasing boner, and that little shift in weight was enough to set the blood flowing downwards at an alarming speed. Randy bit his lip to suppress the groan that threatened to break free, and his hands immediately flung up of their accord to grip Cody's hips.

At the sudden jerk of movement, Cody jumped slightly, which only made everything that much worse and Randy's fingers unwillingly dug deeper into the smooth skin beneath them, wishing only to hold the damn boy still.

Cody winced as Randy's thumbs pressed hard into the long indents of his hiplines and he tried not to whimper, his hands hurriedly grabbing at Randy's. "Randy stop it!" he whined, tugging at the death grip on his waist, and wriggling in an attempt to escape.

Almost instantly, Randy let out a loud moan, his entire body tensing—every muscle and tendon abruptly tautening. Oh fuck…

Cody blinked at the sound, momentarily distracted from the grasp on his hips. With an overly curious glow in his blue eyes, he experimentally squirmed his bottom against Randy's groin, finding that the motion elicited a ragged breath, followed by another positively needy groan.

Cody grinned. He liked the sound.

Randy grit his teeth. What kind of hellish torture was this?

Squinting his eyes shut tight, the older man used all his mental and physical strength to restrain himself as he dumped a surprised Cody off of him and made a frantic—almost frightened—dash for the bed farthest from the brunette. He dived onto it, burying himself underneath the thick comforters like a burrowing animal and thoroughly extricated his body from sight.

Ted and Cody could only stare at the telltale lump on the bed with shocked eyes.

DiBiase was the first to regain his composure, having been taking pleasure in Randy's internal struggle earlier, and now finding himself slightly confused. "Um, Randy? What are you doing?" He saw the mound of blankets shake back and forth, as if Randy were shaking his head. Refusing to answer.

Cody, who had fallen on his butt when the oldest man had jumped to his feet, pulled himself into a standing position, grabbing at his towel to keep the material from slipping off. He looked from the bundle that was Randy to Ted. "What's wrong with Randy?"

The blonde shrugged, a skeptical furrow in his brow. "I dunno. But I suspect it has something to do with you sexually molesting him." Cody tilted his head to the right.

"'Sexually molesting him'? What's that mean?"

Ted cast the brunette a sideways glance. "It means you're so hot you were making Randy hot."

Cody frowned. "But I don't feel that hot. Actually it's kinda cold." The older of the two merely nodded.


Cody scratched his head, not at all sure what in the heck Ted was going on about. John had been so much better at this 'explaining' thing.

"Anyway," Ted continued, blue eyes looking Cody up and down in all his half-naked glory. "I think we should be more worried about getting you dressed."

His words instantly brought a frown to the younger man's face. "I don't wanna…" he muttered, petulant glare directed at nothing in particular. Ted rolled his eyes.

"I thought we were passed the 'Naked Stage'."

Cody shook his head. "No! I like being naked!" he proclaimed. "I hate clothes, they're… heavy."

"Yeah? Well, too bad. Streaking's illegal." Cody opened his mouth to protest, but Ted continued. "However, I do have an idea. If regular clothes are too heavy, you can wear some sweatpants. Like the ones Randy and I are wearing," he pointed to his black pants, "I'm sure he's got another pair."

Cody looked skeptical, and he crouched down beside Ted's legs in order to examine the material of his bottoms. He poked at it, and pinched it until the blonde batted him away. "Focus, Codes. Hey! Randy! You got another pair of sweatpants?"

The ball on the bed didn't move for a moment, and Ted nearly thought the Orton had gone to sleep, until a long, tattooed arm slid out from underneath the blankets. His hand formed into the shape of a mouth, and he shook it back and forth. Randy sign language for "No".

Ted cocked an eyebrow. "Are you just saying that so you don't have to talk to us?"

The hand shook again.

Cody stood up, and leaned over to whisper in Ted's ear, "Why isn't Randy talking to us?"

Ted gestured with his finger for Cody to offer his own ear, and whispered back—just as secretively, "Like I said, you're too hot for him." The brunette's brow furrowed, after he finished giggling at the feeling of Ted's breath tickling his ear canal.

"Randy! I promise to get colder if you come out!" Cody said, blue eyes big.

Randy's hand frantically flailed back and forth, like a little hand seizure.

Ted suppressed a chuckle. "That's a no."

Cody growled in the back of his throat and without warning ran forward and leapt over the first bed before coming to a halt an inch away from the pile of blankets that the Orton curled under. "Is no all you can say?" He exclaimed, grabbing Randy's hand and flinging it back and forth. Ted thought if Randy's hand had actually been a person it definitely would have gotten whiplash.

They heard a tiny "eep" suddenly and Randy instantly ripped his hand back under the comforter and out of Cody's hold.

"I think you've just lost us our only way of communication," Ted informed with a sigh, trailing his fingers through his blonde hair absently. "And you still need a pair of sweatpants… Randy? The only pair you got is on your ass, right?"

A low grunt of confirmation was the only reply.

Ted paused for an instant, before a smirk slowly spread across his face. Dark and sinister. "Cody, come here." The brunette was glaring at the Randy-heap.


"Just get over here."

Cody begrudgingly crawled onto the empty bed, and shifted towards the DiBiase, who was still looking frighteningly conniving. "What?"

Ted bent down, so that he could whisper against Cody's ear. As he spoke, the young pup's eyes seemed to grow wider with every passing second.

When finally the blonde pulled away, Cody was staring at him, his jaw slack. "Really?" The amount of excitement that bled into his words, made Ted grin and he nodded. Cody jumped to his feet, the abrupt movement shaking the bed he stood on. "Okay! Let's do it!"

"Good boy," Ted praised, gesturing for Cody to crouch down so that he could pet his hair like a puppy. Cody made a noise somewhere between a groan of pleasure and a whine as the older man retracted his hand. "Now do what I just told you," he ordered, and the brunette nodded obediently, creeping away.

Ted, grin still firmly in place, headed over to the Randy-heap, and prodded it. "Hey, Randy. Cody needs your sweatpants," he stated plaintively. It was quiet. And then Randy inched away from Ted, taking the blankets with him. "You can just change into a pair of jeans."

Randy said nothing.

"Is that a no?" Ted questioned, grin only getting bigger. "Because we can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way. Which is it?"

Again Randy didn't answer. Although, Ted had a feeling the Orton was beginning to get irritated with him.

"Okay. Have it your way. But don't say I didn't warn ya," Ted said with a sympathetic shake of his head. He glanced up at Cody, who was now decked out in a pair of the blonde's boxers, poised on the balls of his feet. He returned Ted's eyes with an eager grin, looking as if he could barely contain himself, waiting for the signal. "You sure we can't have the pants Randy?"

Ted heard a faint, indignant "hmph".

He smiled. That was definitely a "no". With one last regretful sigh, Ted waved his hand in Cody's direction. The signal.

Cody comprehended immediately.

And pounced.

Poor oblivious Randy never saw it coming.

Cody landed on the jumble of blankets, and heard a sudden yelp of surprise from underneath him, as he began to claw at the comforters, pulling them back in an attempt to locate the older man. Randy instantly started kicking and squirming in a desperate endeavor to escape, as Cody dug into the sheets. Ted watched the two roll around and fight at each other, with a contented expression, thinking that maybe he didn't dislike the young pup as much as he originally had.

The moment Cody felt warm skin beneath his fingertips, he gripped hard, his hands wrapping around Randy's right side and holding him tight. "I got him!" He shouted to Ted, who hurriedly jumped into action, aiding Cody in peeling the blankets off of Randy's tall form, exposing the Orton as he writhed in the brunette's hold.

"Lemme go!" he hissed like a trapped animal, struggling so hard against Cody that he almost ripped free from the pup's hold. Ted shot Cody an alarmed look, as he grabbed onto Randy's kicking legs.

"Get on top of him!"

The DiBiase ordered the words Randy wanted to hear the least. And unfortunately Cody obliged. Diligently.

With a low growl, the brunette shoved the oldest man to his stomach and leaped over him, pinning his arms to his sides with his knees and pressing his stomach flush against Randy's bare back. "You good?" Ted questioned, still gripping Randy's ankles tight.

"Yeah, I'm good!" Cody replied, his breath ghosting across the back of Randy's neck and causing the bigger man to shiver involuntarily.

"I'm gonna kill you guys…" he muttered into the sheets, his voice slightly muffled and desensitized by the damp warmth tickling his skin. Ted merely quirked his lips, and shifted to grab the ends of Randy's sweatpants.

"I warned you, but no, you had to be difficult," the DiBiase said without pity, chuckling in amusement when the older man's feet tried to jerk away from him as he began to tug on the pant-legs, the waistband inching down to expose Randy's boxers.

Cody glanced over his shoulder to check progress, Ted pulling the sweatpants by the ends down Randy's irritatingly long legs. "Randy's boxers look like mine," he informed, as if he were pleased with this fact, the Orton's underwear now completely visible.

"…This is so wrong…" the oldest of the three mumbled, "I feel like you're gonna rape me at any moment." He felt Cody's breath again, as the brunette opened his mouth to speak, leaning over Randy's shoulder so that he could talk against his ear.

"Don't worry Randy. I promise not to let Ted… rape you," he whispered reassuringly, unawares to the affect his extremely close proximity had on the man beneath him.

Randy groaned, half in irritation and half in something else. "It's not him I'm worried about." But before Cody could ask what that was supposed to mean, Ted spoke, holding a pair of sweatpants in his hands.

"I've got your new sweatpants, Cody. And they're still warm," the blonde informed with a grin. Cody smiled and rolled off of Randy, crawling his way over to Ted. As he did so, Randy quickly made to the farthest side of the bed, taking all the blankets with him and pooling them at his waist, covering his lower half self-consciously.

"Go ahead and put these on, I'll get you a shirt, and Randy some jeans." Ted handed the pants over to Cody who took them almost guiltily, as Randy glared daggers at the both of them. "Because even though the man parades around in front of millions of people in his panties, the moment you steal his pants and leave him in his boxers he gets all embarrassed and angry."

Ted didn't seem bothered by the "I'm gonna kill you in your sleep" look he received for his comment, as he headed over to Randy's duffel back and dug around for the aforementioned articles of clothing. Cody, meanwhile, had hopped off the bed in order to put Ted's earlier lesson to the test, balancing on his left foot as he slid his right into the pant leg.

"Cody's gonna barrow one of your shirts too, Randy. Hope you don't mind," the blonde said bluntly, tugging out a gray Affliction shirt, a pair of faded jeans already thrown over his shoulder. Standing to his feet, Ted caught the intensified glare of his older friend, and tried to look innocent. "What? I would've thought seeing Cody in your clothes would have gotten you all… you know, hot and bothered."

But before Randy could full on tackle the DiBiase—as he was sure to have done—Cody suddenly piped up. "AHA! I DID IT!" he proclaimed triumphantly, indicating with his fingers to his waist where the sweatpants were hanging loosely and exposing an inch or two of his boxers. Randy and Ted eyed him, slightly thrown by his sudden outburst.

"Kinda loose…" Randy murmured, reluctant to say anything, since he'd made an internal vow not to speak to either of them for the rest of the night—or was it morning?

"Well, if you weren't so fat…" Ted said to Randy, smirking as he made his way over to the still proud looking Cody. "Here, I'll tighten it. Hold this." He plopped the shirt and jeans into the brunette's arms, and grabbed the waistband of his pants, turning it outwards to find the black drawstrings. After pulling them as taut as they would go, he tied them into a knot and tucked them back into the pants.

"There, you're all set," Ted assured, deciding to ignore how incredibly long Randy's sweatpants were on Cody, as they bunched up and over his feet. "Oh, and that's a shirt. I trust you know how to put it on?" When Cody nodded, Ted plucked the jeans out of the younger man's hold and tossed them to Randy, moving to settle on the unoccupied bed while the other two finished dressing themselves.

"Is this good?" Cody asked after he was done, picking at the thin material of the shirt curiously. Randy and Ted glanced over at him, and they were both slightly surprised by how… human he looked. How perfectly normal he seemed in a pair of sweatpants, that were a bit too big for him, and a brand name t-shirt, that had obviously been thrown on loosely, his expression inquisitive and innocent.

This was good.

The more Cody blended in with regular people, the better.

Of course, there would always be the brunette's little nuances that kept him apart from everyone else. The way he held himself, confident in his abilities to get what he wanted. Light on his feet, like any canine would be, and keen on taking in everything around him, as if he were a curious child. And those looks. God, his face would be enough of an attention grabber despite his puppy-like tendencies. He'd stand out in any crowd.

Which was a problem.

"I think if you weren't so pretty, Randy and the others wouldn't have to worry so much about you drawing unwanted attention to yourself," Ted observed, stretching out on the white sheets of the bed, his lack of sleep slowly catching up with him. Cody blinked at his words.

"John said that too… am I really that nice to look at?" he questioned, glancing down at himself and spinning around to peer over his shoulder at his back. Randy and Ted watched him with amused expressions.

"Oh yes, very nice," the blonde's tone was only slightly sarcastic. "That's why Randy likes you so much."

Instantly, the aforementioned Orton jerked his head in Ted's direction, face red and eyes narrowed. Ted merely shrugged. "It's true."

Cody's eyes were bright, and a smile was suddenly dancing across his face. "Randy likes me?" He asked, childish excitement blatant in his voice, glancing back and forth between the two older men. Ted cast Randy a sideways glance out of his peripherals, noted that he was still glowering at him, and then decided that had no qualms with further irritating the man. It was revenge for jumping him about the after shave.

"Yeah, Randy likes you a lot. Especially when you snuggle him," the DiBiase informed seeming quite pleased with himself. Randy didn't even have time to deny anything, because Cody was grinning from ear to ear. And preparing to leap.

In the blink of an eye, Cody had dived onto the unsuspecting man, winding his arms around Randy's waist and cuddling his cheek against his bare stomach. "I like snuggling Randy too!" Cody exclaimed, looking incensed. "He's soft and he smells good."

Randy had never been so red before. Ted swore he was blushing from the tips of his ears all the way down to his bellybutton.

Cody lifted his gaze to gauge the Orton's expression, still nestling himself comfortably between his legs. Randy was biting his lower lip so hard, he was surprised he didn't taste blood, and his entire body was tensed. Cody's brows pulled together worriedly, and he retracted his arms from around Randy's hips, in order to place his hands on the other man's thighs. He lifted himself up so that he was eye-level with Randy, their faces only a hair's breadth apart.

"Randy? What's wrong?"

And maybe it was their proximity, their closeness, the heat of his breath over his face, the ghosting hint of a sweet taste that danced in it, the enticing blue of his eyes, the pressure so very near his boxers, the adorably naïve frown. But it was probably all the tension that had been building up over the past couple hours. Every single touch, every light brush of skin, waft of scent, feel of lips, sight of hard muscle, had set Randy's nerves on fire. Constantly having to suppress unwanted urges, and lack of sleep, had thoroughly exhausted him, and now he didn't even have the strength—or desire—to fight it anymore.

Abruptly and without warning, Randy closed the gap between his lips and Cody's. He felt, rather than heard, the sharp gasp the younger man gave at the sudden movement, but he didn't care and—as if on its own accord—Randy's hand rose to hold Cody's chin, keeping him still.

The taste was just as delicious as before. Maybe even more so, now that Randy was acting of his own volition. He allowed his tongue to snake out and press hard against the brunette's lower lip, before slipping into the salacious heat that was Cody's mouth. He couldn't help the groan that escaped his throat at the insanely addictive flavor, as his tongue explored every part it could, his other hand moving to Cody's back and pressing the smaller man closer. The instant their chests pushed together, he felt a low moan rumble his lips, and it took him a second to realize it was Cody who'd made the sound.

God. He tasted so delectable and felt so damn hot against him. Randy shifted to wind both his arms around Cody, squeezing him hard against his chest, their mouths still attached. But before Randy could roll them over, and thoroughly ravage the ever loving fuck out of the younger man, Cody was suddenly—violently—wrenched from his hold.

Immediately, Randy opened his eyes—he didn't even remember closing them—and he was instantly met with the sight of Ted, the blonde's arms around Cody's chest, the younger man sprawled uncomfortably across Ted's lap from where they currently sat on the carpet, looking as if they'd fallen.

"Ted you fucking cockblocker—" Randy began, sounding murderous.

"Wait, wait! Before you fly into a psychotic rage, just stop and think for a second. If you had fucked Cody, what would Shawn have done to you?" Ted hurriedly prompted, the flushed Cody in his hold looking very confused.

Randy tilted his head at the blonde's words—much like Cody usually did—scowl still firmly in place, as he seemed to process what Ted had said very slowly.

The DiBiase could easily watch Randy's expressions change. First he looked extremely pissed, then confused, from that to wonder, then to realization, and lastly to horrified dread.

"Oh, fuck…" he whispered, biting his knuckles to keep from screaming profanities and slamming his head into the nearest wall at his own stupidity. How in the hell could he have forgotten about Shawn? Surely, the older man would make his spine go from internal to external in seconds. And that was if Shawn was restraining himself.

Ted nodded understandingly. "It's okay Randy. Let's just be happy you didn't try to rape the poor kid," he said, glancing down at the young pup in his arms. "You okay, Codes?"

Cody blinked slowly. "Yeah… Mm' face just feels really hot…" he murmured, his fingers raising to brush his cheek. Ted looked concerned.

"I think you drugged him Randy."

Randy only grunted in response, trying to ignore the pride that bubbled up in his gut at the thought of him having that kind of effect on the younger man. To distract himself, Randy glanced over his shoulder at the alarm clock beside his bed. 7:49.

His two hours with Cody would be up in a little over ten minutes. But, of course, their flight didn't leave until eleven. So, he wondered, was he supposed to deliver Cody back at eight or keep him until they met up for the flight in the lobby? He had to admit the latter was much more appealing.

Ted followed his gaze. "Maybe we should get some sleep. God knows, this one must be exhausted since—" he broke off when he glanced down to find that Cody had curled up in his lap, his eyes closed and his breathing already growing even. "Oh… never mind."

Randy chuckled quietly. "I guess that means it's bedtime." Ted smiled.

"Yeah. Here, just help me get him into a bed," the blonde gestured to the brunette napping comfortably against his chest.


Together the two of them gently lifted Cody up towards Randy's bed, the young brunette sleeping soundly as they did so. The moment he hit the mattress, Cody moaned happily and snuggled into the mass of blankets, burrowing cozily into the warmth.

"So… should I sleep with him or what?" Ted questioned in low voice, scratching his head absently as they both stared down at the unconscious boy smiling into his pillow. Randy hesitated.

"Yeah, I think that would be better. God knows, I probably wouldn't get any sleep, anyway," he muttered reluctantly, falling back onto the vacant bed behind him.

"At least if I sleep with him, we don't have to worry about him getting raped in the middle of the night, right?" Ted offered helpfully, skirting the bed that Cody currently curled up in and separating the individual blankets that had all been clumped together because of Randy.

At his words the older man immediately raised his head to shoot Ted a warning glare.
"Don't you dare try anything," he hissed, flopping over onto his stomach and pulling himself up to the big fluffy pillows.

"Hey! I'd never do anything to a defenseless boy," Ted stated indignantly, taking one of the blankets and spreading it out over Cody who subconsciously pulled it tight around his shoulders, burying his face into the pillow.

"Right, and what do you call what you were doing to Cody in the shower when he started screaming for me, huh?" Randy questioned, icy gray eyes showing that he still had yet to forgive Ted for that, as he pulled his own comforter up to his shoulders.

The blonde's cheeks instantly flushed, and he avoided Randy's gaze. "I—I was just messing with him. It was… it was payback for licking my mouth. Yeah, he licked me twice. And you wouldn't let me kill him, I figured making him squirm would have to suffice."

Randy eyed him suspiciously. Almost completely positive Ted had just made that excuse up.

"Whatever. Just don't touch him," the older of the two grumbled, rolling onto his side and facing the other direction. "And turn off the lights before you go to bed!"

Ted scowled. "What am I, your slave?" Randy huddled comfortably in his bedding, feeling exhaustion wash over him pleasantly as he closed his eyes.

"Of course you are," he said quietly, as if it were the most obvious thing. "Good night, slave."

Ted looked irked as he made his way back around the bed to flick the two bedside lamps off, swathing the room in darkness, the only source of light being the dim city lights shining in through the window. He glanced over his shoulder at Randy, and had to resist the urge to drop the alarm clock on his unsuspecting head.

With a slightly disgruntled sigh, he carefully picked his way over the sleeping Cody, making sure not to accidentally shake the bed too much, as he hurriedly tuck and rolled onto the unoccupied side of the bed. Cody only grunted at the movement, with a slight frown on his face.

Ted grinned, pleased at his ninja-like skills, as he slipped underneath the covers beside the incessantly warm puppy-used-to-be. He subconsciously rolled onto his right side, mostly due to habit, and found himself face to face with Cody, the younger man's breath sliding past slightly parted lips and washing over Ted's chin.

The blonde had to admit, Cody really was a pretty little kid when he wasn't being extremely annoying, or licking random things. Or drooling on his pillow. As he was doing currently.

Ted begrudgingly lifted the corner of the blanket Cody was nestled under to wipe at the spit in the corner of his mouth, feeling absently like a mother as he did so. The action caused Cody to immediately close his mouth, before turning his head to nuzzle his nose into his pillow, shying away from Ted's hand with a whimper.

Ted couldn't help but smile as he gradually closed his eyes, inwardly wondering if Shawn, Randy, John, and the rest would ever be able to totally make Cody human. He supposed if the young pup were actually in puppy form right now, he'd probably be snuggling him to his chest like a little boy at Christmas. Unfortunately, Cody was still a full grown male, and despite him still being pretty cute, Ted felt disinclined to snuggle a whole person. Especially one that kind of smelled like Randy.

The blonde pulled his comforter up to his chin, blinking and sending Cody one last glance. But the moment his gaze caught sight of the younger man, he saw a pair of bright blue eyes watching him drowsily. He nearly jumped in surprise.

"…Cody?" he whispered hesitantly, shifting his head a little closer to the other man so that he could be sure he wasn't seeing things.

Cody blinked slowly up at him. "Teddy…?" he murmured, sounding just as sleepy as he looked, and a little confused.

"Why are you awake?" Ted spoke as softly as he could. Cody frowned.

"Dunno… Mm cold," he whined quietly, pulling his blanket closer around himself. Ted resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and—with a discreet glance over at Randy—moved to put an arm around the smaller man's shoulders.

"The closer you are to someone else, the warmer it is," Ted informed almost inaudibly. Cody squeezed his eyes shut tight, before opening them again and offering a small smile.

"'Kay, Teddy…" he whispered, and leaned forward to nuzzle his nose against Ted's neck, the soft fuzz of his hair brushing the older man's cheek. Despite himself, Ted wrapped Cody up in his hold, basking in the unending warmth the younger man seemed to constantly emit. He had no idea how the heck Cody was cold.

"Oh, and when you're about to go to sleep, Cody, you say 'Good night'," Ted murmured, his breath rustling Cody's hair slightly. The younger man grunted his reply, snuggling close to Ted.

"Good night, Teddy!" he repeated, sounding much happier than he had when he'd first woken up. Ted stifled a snort, scooting his head back almost imperceptibly so that Cody could share his pillow.

"Good night, Cody."

The loud banging on the door, abruptly brought Randy from his comfortable sleep. And he groaned, throwing onto his side in a desperate attempt to escape the raucous. Unfortunately, he threw himself too hard and went tumbling off the bed.

"…Fuck," he grumbled, rolling off of his sore hip and messaging it miserably. The frantic knocking on the hotel door continued, and Randy muttered a nice long string of curse words under his breath, as he lethargically sat up into a vertical position.

The sun was shimmering in through the thin white curtains over the window, and he rubbed his eyes, in irritation. "Hold on, I'm coming!" He shouted to whoever the hell was outside his room, using the bed as leverage to pull himself to his feet. The banging stopped, and he headed to the door, twisting the lock and tugging it open.

Shawn was standing there, scowling. "Do you know what time is?"

Randy rubbed the back of his head, blinking tiredly. "No?" Shawn's scowl deepened.

"It's nine-thirty, dammit. You've had Cody for three and half hours," he said, looking most displeased. Randy, despite the obvious ire in Shawn's voice, couldn't bring himself to feel anything other than really sleepy. If it was nine-thirty then he'd had less than two hours. He yawned.

"Mm… sorry about that," he mumbled sounding very insincere as he scratched his stomach absently. "I didn't get any sleep last night at all. We finally decided to hit the sack at around eight."

Shawn's expression didn't change. "Yeah? I didn't sleep either, now where's Cody?" And if Randy squinted, he could see small purple smudges under Shawn's eyes from lack of sleep. It seemed he wasn't the only one who'd had trouble catching some Z's.

"Sleeping, I think," he said in answer to Shawn's question, glancing over his shoulder at the bed where Ted and Cody were supposed to be. And just as predicted, two telltale lumps were obvious underneath the heap of blankets. "Look… we're not supposed to meet up in the lobby until ten, right? So how about I get Cody up and at 'em, and then hand him back over then?"

The older man looked very unrelenting. "Why can't you just give him to me now?" He questioned, low voice laced with obvious exhaustion. Randy could use this to his advantage.

"Because it's early… and I can tell you're tired. If I keep Cody, then that'll give you an extra thirty minutes of sleep," Randy explained, his eyes closed from having blinked and been too tired to lift his eyelids back up. It was quiet for a moment, as Shawn seemed to mull this over.

"…Well, you are the most trustworthy of the lot..." he murmured more to himself, before sighing. "Alright, fine. But I swear if you don't show up with him in the lobby, I'm going to kill you. Painfully."

Randy nodded. "Yessir," he said, and then moved to shut the door.

Yawning again, he slowly made his way over to the bed where Cody and Ted were curled up together, and glanced them over, fighting to keep from swaying back and forth slightly. The two of them had their heads bowed together like a couple of children, and Ted had a protective arm thrown over Cody's shoulders, pulling him close, they both had small smiles across their faces, sleeping peacefully.

Randy wondered if he should be worried about how comfortable they looked together.

"Hey, Ted. Get up," the oldest man ordered, stepping forward to lightly shove the DiBiase's foot. Ted merely groaned, a frown suddenly on his face, as he quickly tugged his foot out of Randy's reach, curling even more around Cody's unconscious form. This only made Randy's already worn patience even thinner, and he narrowed his eyes, leaning forward to shove Ted's knee as hard as he could. Ted, once again, grunted in irritation, and opened his eyes just long enough to shoot Randy a deadly stare, before going back to sleep.

Seeing the two boys slumbering so cozily, made Randy even more tired than he already was, and he glanced over at the clock. Shawn was right, he really did have a whole thirty minutes until they had to head to the airport. Thirty. Whole. Minutes.

So much sleep could be gained in those thirty minutes.

Randy smirked. Oh yeah, he was gonna do it.

With another yawn, Randy crawled onto the bed, pushing Ted to the edge of the mattress in order to make enough room for himself. Ted grumbled under his breath, but otherwise remained incognizant, as Randy slipped underneath the covers, turning onto his side to face Cody.

A small glower had formed on the younger man's face from all the movement happening beside him, but the moment Randy settled in under the blankets, his grimace disappeared to be replaced by a content smile as he nestled himself close to the Orton's side, cuddling his face into Randy's collarbone, the spot he had loved so much in his puppy form. Randy grinned, allowing the younger man to snuggle against him, burying his nose into Cody's ever fluffy hair, eyes closing as he slowly drifted into sleep.

The last two things he remembered thinking before completely losing consciousness:

Shawn is going to slaughter him. And Cody is really soft.

Lots and lots of Candy! Mm. I love Candy.

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