"My Daleks fear nothing," Davros said immediately. "Least of all a spineless pacifist like yourself."

"Nothing?" the Doctor grinned. "You don't know them very well then. Did they never admit to you their secret fear? They're terrified of me!"

Davros said nothing, but his face was impassive now. For a long moment he stared at the Doctor. The Doctor stared back with a grin.

"I engineered emotion from them," he said at last, softly. Davros's face grew even more frighteningly cold. "Completely."

"Let's test that, shall we?" the Doctor asked softly. "Call one in here, and ask it to switch off its weaponry, then, let me go and I can talk to it. We'll see if I can scare a Dalek."

Davros seemed to consider this for the longest time. Finally, he nodded, and pressed a control. A moment later, a Dalek glided into the room, ivory with golden spheres, looking straight at the Doctor.

"Dalek," Davros said. "You will obey my commands."

"I will obey!" the Dalek repeated.

"You will deactivate and eject your weaponry," Davros said. A moment later, the Dalek's gun and sucker were both detached, ejected onto the floor. Davros looked at the Doctor, who raised his eyebrows – these Daleks were completely loyal to Davros. Interesting.

Davros pressed another button on his chair, and suddenly, the Doctor was released. He checked himself over, and glanced over at the Dalek. It looked at him. He stepped forwards towards it once. It didn't move. He stepped again. It didn't move.

He stepped a third time.

It moved backwards four feet.

Kirk readied himself. Behind him, McCoy and Daniel tensed.

The Dalek guard entered.

"You have damaged the monitoring system!" it exclaimed. "This is unacceptable! You will now be exterminated!"

Its gun aimed. From behind it, Lancaster, Carrie and the female engineer who had been tasked with the repair of the audio monitoring all attacked the Dalek guard, attempting to push it into a wall. The Dalek gun went off, catching a MSC officer. They pushed it against the wall, where it turned and fired again, this time killing the female engineer. Daniel swore and charged, grappling the gun before it could fire, and pulling it out of the socket, before aiming it at the Dalek's eye. It regarded him, and then the sucker shot out and grabbed his chest.

And it started squeezing…

The Dalek was quivering slightly.

"Tel me, Dalek," the Doctor said. "Do you know how many of your race's finest lie dead thanks to my actions?"

Davros was both appalled by the Dalek's reaction, and intrigued by the bravura attitude to causing death the Doctor was displaying here. It was something to be explored later.

"Eight thousand nine hundred and sixty two," the Dalek replied, an odd note in its voice.

"Exactly," the Doctor said, a feral grin hitting his face. "How does it feel, standing next to me? How does it feel?"

"Daleks do not feel," the creature said. The Doctor laughed, an it backed away three inches more, until it was against the back wall of the cell.

"Don't start. You hate everything," he said. "And admit it. Alone here, with me, unarmed, defenceless, you're afraid. Just a little."

"Daleks do not fear," the Dalek said, although its voice suggested otherwise.

"Daleks do not fear," the Doctor repeated. "Ok. So tell me this," he continued, as he stepped closer to the creature, which was trembling more now. "Why do you stink of fear?"

The Dalek's eye swivelled to Davros.

"Help me!" it called. "Creator! Assist! Assist!"

Davros said nothing, and the Dalek's eye turned back to the Doctor, who grinned at it.

"Why don't I give you a reason to be afraid?" he said. He took one more step closer.

"Emergency! Emergency!" the Dalek called. "Dalek under attack! The Doctor is loose! It is the Doctor! Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!"

The Doctor stepped back as the Dalek started smoking, and then grinned at Davros. He checked his jacket pockets – everything was there. He looked at the Dalek.

"My cue, I think," he said to Davros. "BOO!"

The Dalek exploded. Davros started yelling, and in the confusion, the Doctor escaped.

The Doctor had used a clever ruse to convince Davros to let him go, the Kaled scientist realised. He had destroyed the Dalek using base emotions that Davros had believed gone from their makeup. It was a flaw he would have to correct.

That the Doctor had boasted so easily about the destruction of Daleks and the carnage he had wrought surprised Davros greatly; this was not as the scientist remembered the Time Lord. Obviously this was something that would have to be investigated later.

"All Daleks," he communicated to his underlings. "The Doctor has escaped. He is to be stunned and returned to me here." He thought for a long moment. "The Marine Space Corps crew and the Doctor's companions are no longer necessary. Exterminate them."