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The Fallen Episode one- Eyes

Zoe Orimoto , age 19. Blonde hair and Emerald eyes. She recently started working at a bar. And luckily, her bar mates are all her childhood friends. Koichi , 19 , Jun Pei, 20 , Tommy, 15 And her 2 favourite friends Kouji Minamoto, 19 , and Takuya Kanbara, 19. She had a crush on Takuya ever since they met. Just like love at first sight. The bar was called Frontier Zone. It was a big bar with a Dance floor and sitting tables. Just Your average bar. There was also a dead end alley next to it. Our story begins One fatefull day as Zoe Orimoto wakes up to go to work.



Zoe opened her eyes as she screamed to the sudden ringing, only fall out of bed. She rubbed her back as She sat up on the floor then turned to the alarm clock, which had stopped.

" I hate you............"

She gets up and the gets back down again. She screamed again at the time! She was late.

"AIIi!!!! OMG, Omg! I am gonna be late!!!!!"

She kept screaming Omg as she ran to the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. She ran back in to the bed room with a comb in the middle of brushing her hair. Then she jumps on one foot out into the dining room as she tries to put on a jeans and a pink striped shirt on at the same time. She puts her Clothes on and Grabs a bread and puts it into the toaster, which in response doesn't work.

" huh?/ WHYYYYYY!!!!!!"

She starts banging the toaster with a loaf of bread and it works! She then runs over to the mirror and brushes her hair with one hand and puts a little lip gloss on. Then she runs back and catches the toast in mid air and puts it into her mouth before running out. The mail man greets her as she returns the hi and runs to her car.

She gets inside as she finishes the toast and turns the key.......Turns the key again....................and again........


She keeps trying with her foot down into the accelerator. Suddenly the car jumps to life and rams into her garage. She curses as she rears her Porsche carrera back and into the street.

After a little while she reaches her destination, The Frontier Zone. It was a bar and a night club, but in the morning, It was a nice place to get a drink and talk. She parked it and ran out of the almost tripped on her heels as she ran in to the bar. her friends looked at her as she ran into the V.I.P room. Takuya then asked her.

" Hey Zoe... Soooo, Whats the hurry"

" Are you kidding!! I am late!!! please don't fire me!"

"Are you kidding!?? Why should we fire you! This is a bar not an office! You could have come in the afternoon, and we wouldn't have minded."

"O_o *eye twitches* Well then........"

********************15 hours later*************************

"Hey Kouji, whats up!"

Takuya walks up to Kouji, who looks like he is waiting for someone. "huh? Oh nothing"

"Yeah right I know that look! Now tell me.. Whats her name??? huh? huh? *nudges Kouji* Is She your Girl friend??? huh? Huh???"

"Butt out will ya ? She will be here at 12:30 am. Its 12:00 am now."

"yeah, and the night is pretty dark. Hey Zoe!"

Takuya caught a glimpse of His friend Zoe as she went by with an empty glass. "Yeah?"

"Would you mind taking out the trash? A few guys are coming over, So i am busy."

"Sure, no prob. Dumpster is in the alley right?"


Zoe went down to the garbage bin and grabbed the bag of trash. She went out the back door into the alley and Dumped the trash into the dumpster quietly. But as she was going to go back, She stopped dead in her eyes widened and her breath got caught in her throat. At the end of the alley, she sees a dark shadowy figure. The figure is hovering over a lifeless body, the person's blood dripping into the pavement.. As the figure pulls back, more blood drips, revealing him to be feeding on his prey. Horrified, Zoe slowly backs away, hoping that he has not seen her. However, she accidentally kicks a can, alerting the figure of her presence. Two glowing red eyes look up at her and seem to bore into her very soul. Zoe immediately turns around to run, only to come face to face with the same red, bloodthirsty eyes....

" TAK-- agh!"

She tries to make a futile scream to call Takuya, but the figure grabs her by the neck and pulls her off the ground. She weakly tries to loosen his strong grip to allow her to breath, but in vain. The person's crimson eyes turn thin as he looks evilly at her and speaks in a low, hissing voice.

"It isn't polite to interrupt someone while they are feeding."

Zoe lets out a weak whimper as she feels her throat getting crushed. The man squeezes harder as he smiles at her pain. Suddenly The door opens and Takuya comes out. Only to see Zoe fall to the ground as if she was floating.


Zoe finally wakes up as She sits up from the sofa.

"wow Zoe. What happened to you, its 2:00 am! You were out for 2 hours."

Zoe explained everything she saw.

".......... And he had Red glowing eyes. His skin was really pale and he had Long spiky Dark blue hair down to the middle of his waist. He was tall and had fangs in his mouth..."

"There there Zoe.. He won't get you anymore. You should go wash your face."

Zoe nodded and walked off into the empty restroom. She washed her face and looked at her reflection. Out of the 10 lights in her room, the one behind her to the left flickered. And in its moment of darkness, Zoe saw a glimpse of the same guy. She turned with her heart racing, but Nothing was there. When she turned again, she saw the reflection right behind her. This time, the guy Grabbed Her head and rammed her head into a wall. His hand kept her head on the wall as she heard him lean his face close to her ear.

" I will get you. No matter what."

He gave her a teasing lick at her ear before he let go. She quickly turned but as suddenly as he had come, he went. She went out of the restroom with utter shock. She sat next to Takuya and Broke into a cry. Takuya heard the story from her and ran into the restroom, alone. He looked all round and noone was there. As soon as he turned to leave, He bumped into a tall person. He looked up and saw 2 scarlet eyes staring into his soul. He suddenly felt as if he was falling and darkness started to blind his vision. He saw in horror as darkness engulfed his vision and he could see nothing except himself, falling into nothingness.

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